Pregnant For A Stranger

Pregnant For A Stranger Episode 9


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Hannah couldn’t watch the scene anymore. She decided to go and call someone, whom she believed will separate them. As she made to leave, Diana block her.

” Give me the knife.” She said.

” Go to hell bitch!!” Hannah said and pushed her out of her way, causing her to hit one of her friends who was standing by.

” Ugh!” The girl winced.

” Sorry.” Diana apologized. ” You will surely pay for this.” She added, referring to Hannah. ” It’s good that you’re with the knife.”

” What do you intend to do?” One of her friends asked.

” What else than to say that she brought the knife. We are many here. We can do it.” Replied Diana. ” She doesn’t have anyone here, except.” She glanced at Desmond who’s still exchanging words with Maxwell. While grabbing each other’s neck.

” Desmond. We will defeat them.” Diana concluded.

” Oh my…..I forgot.” One of the her friends exclaimed and made to walk away.

” Where are you going?” Diana asked.

” Matthew said I should meet him after lectures, i totally forgot. I’ll be back.” She said and ran off.

“Hmmm.” Diana said with a sigh and shook her head. ” Lovers.”

” I dream to have one. I’m really jealous of her.” One of them said and laughed a bit.

” Oh!” Everyone screamed as Maxwell carried Desmond and drop him hard on the floor.

” Ouch!” Desmond groaned and tried to move his body. Maxwell walked towards him.

” Hey! Hannah wait.” Screamed a girl. ” Hannah!” She called and Hannah turned to her swiftly. When she saw that it was one of Diana’s friend. She began to walk again.

” Listen, I have important thing to tell you. You have to listen to me. It’s for your own good.” The lady said, still running towards her.

” I don’t talk to my enemies.” Hannah blurt out.

” I might be in the group of your enemies, but I’m not stupid.” Said the girl. ” I’m not against you reporting the situation, but please.” She pleaded, finally walking side by side with Hannah.

” Put the knife away. They’ve execute some plans already, and you know they’ve many witnesses. No one will believe you.” She concluded.

” Why are you telling me all these?” Hannah asked.

” Because I care.” Said the girl. “You didn’t do wrong either, she started the fight.” She added.

” Thanks for your advice.” Said Hannah. ” What’s your name?” She asked.

” I’m Helena.” Replied the girl.

” Wow! Thank you Helena. I really appreciate.” Hannah said to the girl.

” You’re welcome. You have to hurry up, Desmond is in danger.” Helena urged.

” Yeah.” Hannah said and was about to walk away, when she remembered the knife.

” Where will I keep it?” She asked.

” Hide it anywhere. But don’t allow it to be with you after reporting.” Helena advised.

” Okay.” Hannah said and walked away, while Helena returned to the restroom.

Hey! Raymond.” Hannah called has she sighted him.

” Hannah!” Raymond replied and began to walk towards her. ” How are you doing?” He asked as he approached her.

” Please keep this knife for me. I want to give a report.” Hannah said.

” A knife!” Raymond widen his eyes. ” Why did you bring a knife to school?” He asked.

” I didn’t bring the knife. I’ll explain to you later, your brother is in danger.” Said Hannah.

” My brother!” Raymond’s heart slipped. ” Where’s he? And what happened?” He asked.

” In the restroom.” Replied Hannah. ” Can you keep this knife for me first?” Hannah asked, but he didn’t answer. He quickly rushed away and head to the restroom. Leaving Hannah in disappointment.

” Hey! Hannah. What took you so long, I’ve been waiting for you.” Alex said. ” What happened to your face?” He said in surprise staring at her face.

” Thank God you’re here Alex. Can you help me hide this.” Hannah said and showed him the knife, which was in her bag.

” A knife?” Alex exclaimed in surprise.

” Shh…..!!!” Hannah cautioned. ” Please.” She added and glanced around.

” Why did you bring a knife to school?” He asked.

” I didn’t bring the knife, Maxwell did. He wanted to kill me with it but Desmond intervene.” Hannah said and Alex gasped in shock.

” Why will he…..” Alex wanted to say something, but Hannah interrupted.

” Can you hide it for me? I need to report them.” Hannah pleaded.

” Why don’t you go with the knife, it will make sense.” Alex advised.

” No, I don’t think it will. They’ve many witness, but I have none. They can turn everything against me.

I don’t want that to happen.” Hannah said.

” Then…..” Alex drawled. ” What should I do with it?” He asked.

” Just keep it. I take it from you later.” She replied. Alex took the knife and she ran off.

” Hmmm. Ridiculous!” Said Alex. ” Why will he try to kill her with knife? That guy is evil.” He added.

” I think you should leave the school premises, just in case they want to search. It’s important.” Hannah said as she ran back to him.

She ran off again, leaving Alex in surprise. ” Wow! Something I had no business with, now concerns me. Hmmm.” He muttered and walked away, heading to the gate.

” How could you do this Maxwell? What has he done to you?” Raymond asked, staring at his brother who’s lying helpless on the floor. With blood stains on his shirt.

” Tell him to always mind his business.” Diana said and rolled her eyes.

” He caused himself. I didn’t call him over.” Maxwell said. ” Right?” He glanced at others.

” That’s right.” Diana and her friends replied.

” You should be happy that I didn’t kill him. Son of a bitch!” Maxwell added.

” What the hell is going on here?” The lecturer whom Hannah called said in surprise as he arrived with Hannah.

Everyone turned to him. ” After what you did, you went ahead to report. You’re a fool.” Diana said.

” I can explain everything Sir. I was here from the beginning.” One of Diana’s friend said. She continued “This girl beside you……

” Don’t you dare point a finger at me!” Hannah yelled.

” Hold your peace young lady.” Said the lecturer. ” I’ve heard your own side of the story, let me hear from them.” He added.

” She threaten me with a knife. And when my brother saw it, he decided to intervene.” Diana said.

” A knife?” The lecturer said and glanced at Hannah.

” That’s not true sir, I didn’t come with a knife. How can I bring a knife to school? For what?” Hannah said.

” After all these witness, you still have the guts lie?” Diana widened her eyes.

” You’re the one that is lying. Where did you see me with a knife? You must be dreaming.” Hannah fired back.

” Sir, Diana is right. Tell her to bring her bag, I’m sure the knife is there.” One of Diana’s friend said.

” If she didn’t start this fight, this wouldn’t have happen.” Helena said.

” I swear Sir, it’s not true.” Hannah said.

” Can I see your bag?” The lecturer asked.

” Here.” Hannah said and opened her bag. They search, but they didn’t see the knife.

” Where did you keep the knife?” Diana asked.

” What are you talking about?” Hannah said. ” I think you’ve finally gone insane.” She added.

” Where’s the knife?” Maxwell asked.

” You think you’re smart huh!” Said Diana.

” Sir I think we should search. I’m sure she hide it somewhere.” One of Diana’s friend said.

” That’s a lie.” Desmond said. ” I didn’t see anyone with a knife when I came in. I saw you strangling her. You’re a devil.” He added.

” You must be blind then.” Diana spat.

” He wasn’t here from the beginning Sir. We saw everything.” One of Diana’s friend said.

” Stop cooking all these lies, it won’t help you. To tell the truth is better.” Desmond said.

” He is her friend Sir, he will say anything to save her. You have to believe us.” One of Diana’s friend said.

” Aren’t you her friend?” Hannah fired back. ” Evil people.” She added.

” This is a serious case and I won’t take it lightly.” Said the lecturer. He brought out his cell phone and made a call.

” She should be arrested. She’s a dangerous person.” Diana said.

” Keep quiet!” The lecturer yelled in anger.” Hello sir……” He said placing the phone on his ear.


Who did the lecturer call? And what will happen next??

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