Pregnant For A Stranger

Pregnant For A Stranger Episode 7


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Everyone were sitting peacefully when Diana walked into the class with a deep frown on her face. The moment she sighted Hannah, she quickly hurried to her.

” Hey! Bitch. Get up” she ordered, slamming the desk. Everybody turned to their direction in astonishment.

” I chose to sit here today, so get up.” Diana said.

” Are you talking to me?” Hannah furrowed her brows after glancing at Alex, who’s sitting beside her.

” Are you dumb or something?” Said Diana angrily.

” I think you’re the disable person here. You are actually blind.” Hannah fired back. ” If you’ve lost your way, you better ask for direction.

As for this seat, I’m not getting up. You can do your worse, or probably go to hell.” Hannah concluded and everybody gasped in shock. They covered their mouth as Diana glanced at them and returned to their books.

Diana was very furious. She raised her hand quickly and hit Hannah’s head. ” Ugh!” Winced Hannah raising her hand as well to retaliate, but the lecturer walked in.

” What’s going on here?” Said the man staring at the two ladies.

” Erm…. Nothing actually, we were just….” Hannah drawled. ” Nothing serious. Good morning Sir.” She added.

The lecturer turned to Diana who was still with a hard face. ” Good morning Sir.” She managed to greet and walked away, heading to her seat.

” Alright.” Said the man, adjusting his eyeglass.

” That was a great job. Well done.” One of Diana’s friend said to her as she sat down.

” It’s just the beginning. It’s high time I show her what I’m made of.” Diana muttered.

“I love that.” Muttered the girl.

” How many class do we have here?” Asked the look lecturer staring at Diana’s direction.

” One class Sir!” Everyone responded.

” Why are you trying to divide my class Diana?” The man asked.

” I’m sorry Sir.” She apologized shifting on the chair, though she didn’t feel like doing so. ” What’s wrong with this nude?” She said within, staring at the man angrily.

” So as I said……” The lecturer was about to continue when Maxwell walked into the class.

” Good morning bro.” He waved at the lecturer. ” Hey student!” He raised his two hands in the air and head to his seat.

Everyone began to murmur. ” That’s enough!” The lecturer ordered.

” Let’s proceed.” He said as the noise subsided and continued. ” The abdominal aorta is the final section of the aorta…….”


After lectures, Hannah went to the restroom to ease herself before going home.

She entered the restroom and came out few minutes later. But the moment she stepped out, a slap land on her face.

” What!” Screamed Hannah touching her face.

” Next time, don’t try to disobey me.” Diana said and her friends burst out in laughter as they saw the look on Hannah’s face.

Diana had hit her so hard that her face turned red.

” F#oll!” Diana added and turned to leave but Hannah grabbed her hair immediately and turn her around.

” You wanna fight me?” Said Diana raising her hands.

Hannah didn’t waste much time. She landed a blow on her nose and she went sprawling on the floor.

While Diana was trying to recover herself, Hannah moved closer to her and began to hit her mercilessly. “How dare you do that to me?

Are you insane? Whenever you see me, run away.” Hannah kept saying as she gave it to her.

” Let go of me! You’re dead, I’m gonna report. You’re a monster! Idiot! Let go!” Diana kept saying, trying to free herself and fight back.

” This is getting out of hand.” One of Diana’s friend screamed. But they dare not go close. They don’t want to get involve.

” What the hell is happening here?” Maxwell said as he saw the scene. But Hannah didn’t send him.

” Your sister!
She’s beating her! Please help.” Diana’s friend told him.

” My sister?” Maxwell widened his eyes in shock.

” Please help me! Help me Maxwell!” Diana screamed on hearing his voice.

Maxwell quickly rushed to them and yank Hannah off. Out of anger, Hannah hit his face.

” What the f#ck!” Said Maxwell touching his face. Hannah made to hit him again, but he’s quick to grab her hand. ” How dare you bitch!” Said Maxwell pushing Hannah to a wall.

” Let go of me now!” Screamed Hannah.

” Not yet. Not after what you did to my sister. I warned you of this, but it seems like you’re a stubborn person.” Maxwell said.

” Let go!” Hannah said and tried to free her hands.

” I need to teach you some lessons.” Maxwell said and brought out a knife.

” Huh!” Hannah widened her eyes in shock. Her heart skipped. ” What are you-what are you…….”


Hmmm ? Maxwell took knife to school?? Hey!! Hannah oh! What does he want to do now???

Good morning Lovers ♥️?
I love you all ??

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