Pregnant For A Stranger

Pregnant For A Stranger Episode 6


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Hannah’s mother was surprised as she woke up to see Tony on a sitting position, sleeping.

She shook her head vigorously and head to the bathroom. Few minutes later, she came out and went straight to were he lay.

” Sir! Sir!” Called Hannah’s mother, shaking him gently.

” Huh! What?” Said Tony trying to open his eyes. ” Oh! Ma’am.” He exclaimed.

” I’m so sorry dear, we took over your bed. Look at were you’re sleeping.” Hannah’s mother said.

” No ma’am. I’m okay here, don’t bother about it.” Said Tony.

” Why were you sitting? Is that your sleeping position?” Asked Hannah’s mother.

” No ma’am, I was just…..” He drawled. Searching for the right words to use.

” I understand you my dear, but we are not here to disrupt you from your normal life.

We will manage the mat while you sleep on the b…..” She’s interrupted.

” That’s not the reason ma’am.” Said Tony. ” I was just thinking about school stuffs. We have an assignment and it’s very disturbing.

I was thinking about the solution, I didn’t know when I slept off.” He concluded.

” Oh!” Said Hannah’s mother. ” Hannah did that once, I had to caution her. It’s not right.” She added.

” Thank you ma’am.” Said Tony.

” My pleasure.” Said Hannah’s mother with smile. ” I’m sorry for waking you up. I didn’t feel good seeing you like that.” She added.

” It’s okay ma’am.” Said Tony. ” You did the right thing. It’s morning already.” He added and stood up.

” Good morning Mom!” Hannah greeted her mother as she walked in. “Good morning Ton!” She said to Tony.

” Morning Hannah.” Replied her mother.

” What did you just call me?” Asked Tony.

” What?” Hannah asked.

” You said, good morning… added something.” Tony said.

” Oh! Ton” said Hannah.

” Ton? What’s that, is that my new name?” He asked.

” Maybe it is, don’t you like it?” Asked Hannah.

” I don’t think I do.” Replied Tony.

” Really?” Hannah raised her brow.

” You two should prepare for school. You can talk about it later.” Said Hannah’s mother. Turning to Tony, she said. ” She’s fond of argument. If you follow her, you’ll miss your lectures.”

” Mother!” Screamed Hannah as Tony chuckled. He left the two ladies and head to the bathroom.

” Let’s go and prepare breakfast.” Said her mother heading to the kitchen. Hannah followed.

” But it’s not right mother, how could you say that?” Hannah asked.

” But it’s true.” Said her mother.

” It’s not. You’re trying to paint me as a bad person.” Said Hannah.

” Why will I do that?” Her mother said and glanced at her.

” I think you hate me.” Said Hannah.

” Hate you?” Her mother raised her brow. ” I think you’re sick.” She added and Hannah laughed.

” Don’t take it serious mother, I’m just joking.” Hannah said with a broad smile.

After eating their breakfast, she head out to school with Tony.


” You don’t look happy Diana, what’s wrong?” Her mother asked as she saw her leaning on the car with a frown on her face.

” Something is wrong mother. I don’t know why father gave that silly girl a scholarship. I mean…..” She’s interrupted.

” Which girl are you talking about?” Her mother asked in surprise.

” The new girl in school. I can’t bear it anymore. She’s so arrogant. Hannah here, Hannah there. People barely notice us.

Now they’ve started to mock us, calling us all sorts of names. Can you imagine that? In my father’s school.” Diana replied.

” They paid for the services Diana. They’re not schooling there for free.” Her mother said.

” They were respectful. They always obey us, but since this senseless girl came in. She turned their heart away.” Said Diana.

” So what do you intend to do?” Her mother asked.

” I want her to be remove. I can’t concentrate with my studies anymore because of her. Something should be done mother. Talk to father.” Said Diana.

” Hmmm.” The woman groaned.

” I’ve told you not to worry Diana. I can handle this.” Said Maxwell stepping outside. ” Good morning Mom.” He kissed her cheek.

” Hope you’re not planning to kill someone again. The last time you did, you were freed because of me.

If you try it again, your father won’t do anything. He’s a man of his words and I respect him for that.” Her mother said.

” I’m not planning to kill anyone. I’m only going to inflict some pains. I’m just like my father, a man of my words. Trust me mother.” Said Maxwell.

” Some pains Maxwell. What’s wrong with you?” The woman yelled and Maxwell rolled his eyes and glanced at Diana.

” Mother please, can you just stay out of this?” Diana said.

” Stay out of what exactly Diana? Your brother is planning to inflict pains on someone, do you know what the pains will cause?

What if the person dies at the process. I’m not in support of that. No matter what they did to you, try to avoid them.” The woman said.

” That’s not possible mother. I don’t want anybody to disrespect me. Whosoever does that, must pay for it.” He told her mother. Turning to Diana, he said. ” Get into the car Diana.”

They went into the car, but their mother was still yelling at them. Maxwell paid deaf ears and drove out.

” What kind of children did I gave birth to?” The woman asked herself as she watched the gateman locking the gate.


Abeg how Hannah take disturb Diana’s studies? Cause me I don’t understand.?

Tony said he’s thinking about assignment.? It is well ???

Good morning Lovers ♥️?
I love you all ??

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