Married To The Billionaire

Married To The Billionaire Episode 14


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By, Mha Rhy

Chapter 14

“Sky… Please don’t do this to me” Bluey begged crying loudly

“Almighty Bluey Cruise is begging? What a fun scene to behold, sky chuckle

“In as much as you look pitiful right now,I can’t help but to be happy that

The big guy climbed the bed and raise Bluey’s

“No you can’t do this to me” she begged in tears as the huge guy spread her legs apart

She can’t bear to watch the sinful act especially the fact that it wasn’t Silver taking her virginity

He positioned himself at her entrance but before he could thrust in, Bluey passed out

“Tsk, Soft” he shook his head

“F**k her till she bleeds” he ordered the guy

The guy reposition himself and was about to dive in, when the door was kicked open revealing Sky

“What the hell??. Sky cursed in shock but his eyes widened as they landed on the furious Silver

“Sil….Sil…. Silver” he stuttered

Silver stared at Sky with nothing but pure hatred,he darted his eyes towards the bed and anger surged through his body and soul as he saw

” You bastard! He growled and in a blink, his fist made a contact with Sky’s face

Sky went down at once,he winced holding his hurting jaw

“How dare you lay, your f**kin hands on my wife”he manourved over Sky and started punching his face

“You tried to Rape my wife! You idiot of a bastard! He ranted as he kept punching him

“Mr Silver please calm down” the police

” Let go of my hand, let me kill this animal” he screamed trying to wiggle out of the officers hold

” Don’t take the law into your hand, let us do our job, the police head said and signal

“Handcuff him,he ordered and his men did at once

“Trust me you will spend the rest of your life in jail and no one,I repeat no one not even your parents will be able to save you” Silver said to the lifeless Sky

He loosen the rope which was used in tying her before covering her naked body with the duvet.

He carried her up in bridal style and left the room but not without glaring hatefully at Sky

Silver dropped Bluey at the back seat

He stared at her face with two different feelings, that of love and hatred

Love at the sense that she is lovable

Hatred because of the fact that she is his parents murderer daughter


Silver stare at the video trying hard not to be affected

In as much he hate to admit this,he can’t bear to see any other man touching his property,

He wants to be the only to hurt her, break her and make love to her.

He sprang up immediately and pick his car keys

He brought out his phone from the pocket and dialed a number

? You are at Bluey’s location right?he asked

?Yes boss, the caller replied

? Inform the police, I’ll be there in few minutes

?Ok boss.


“Am sorry wifey,I never meant all this” he muttered and kissed her forehead before closing the car door

He boarded his car and drives out Immediately


Silver walk into his living room with unconscious Bluey in his hands,to his disdain he met BLUEY’S parents waiting impatiently

“What happened to my daughter Silver?” Is she okay?? Bluey’s mom asked rushing to him

“Sky abducted her and tried to Rape her” he replied

” That bastard! How dare him?? Bluey’s dad shouted in anger and Silver almost scoff

“So where is he now? He asked facing Silver

“He has been arrested together with his men, and I made sure that no one will be able to bail him” Silver replied

“Thank you son in law,I never made a mistake in allowing my daughter to marry you” he said

“If only you know that it is the biggest mistake of your life” Silver thought

” Take Bluey to her room, I’ll help in taking care of her” she said and Silver nodded before climbing the stairs to his room


Bluey moaned as she tried to open her eyes but the bright sunlight couldn’t allow her

She squinted her eyes repeatedly trying to adjust to the blinding sunlight

She was able to open her eyes and

Memories of last night rushed into her head and

“They did it? She cried

Just then the bathroom door open revealing Silver who was fully clothed

His eyes widened seeing Bluey awake

” Bluey you are awake? He asked rushing to her but he was shock to her in tears

“Bluey are you okay? He asked in concern

” They did it right? She asked slowly in tears

“No they did not,I got there before they could get a chance,

“Don’t lie to me” she cried loudly

” No am not,if I am lying to you then you will be feeling pains in your body

It was then Bluey realized that he was saying the truth

” Thank goodness, she breathe out in relief sniffing back her tears

“Relax wifey,he said holding her hand

” No one will ever hurt you as long as I am with you,he hug her

“Thanks, she whisper hugging him tightly

” Silver, she called as he Pat her hair

“Huh” he replied

” I love you, she said after a long silence

His hand freeze in the air and his heart skip a beat

“Wh…. Wh… What did you say?? He stuttered

Bluey disengage from the hug and stared at Silver eyes directly

” I love you Silver Cruise, am f**kin in love with you” she replied

T. B. C

Finally ?

Nighty Night Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams ??

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