Married To The Billionaire

Married To The Billionaire Episode 13


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By, Mha Rhy

Chapter 13(Short Chapter Ahead)

Bluey squinted her eyes repeatedly trying to open her eyes

Finally she was able to do so,a growl left her mouth as she felt pains in her hand, she tried to move her hand but couldn’t.

Her eyes became wide open, and it was then she noticed the unfamiliar surrounding she was,

Her hands and feet were tied to a chair

Memories of how she was abducted rushed back and her heart skipped a beat in fear

“Finally the sleeping princess is awake” she heard a deep farmiliar masculine voice from the doorstep

She looked up and her eyes widened in shock as she saw Sky

“Sky? She muttered in surprise

” Hey baby” Sky smile as he walked in fully

“Where am i? She asked aloud

“, you are in my penthouse and for the reason you are here is because I want you here” Sky replied

” Untie my hand and let me go! She snapped and he laughed

“I can’t let you leave here freely Baby, not after what your foolish husband did to me” he seethed his teeth in anger

” You deserved everything Silver did to you! You are just an animal in form of human” she shouted

“How dare you call me an animal! He shouted angrily and slap her

“Arrghhhhhh!! She screamed in pain before looking at him furiously

“You are nothing but an animal! She snorted and he smiled

“You give me no choice then” He snap his finger and some men walked in,they were more than ten but to Bluey’s fear

They were all naked

“How about they show how animal behave? He smirked and Bluey gulped down nothing


“What did you mean you by you couldn’t find my wife??? Silver asked Frank whom he had sent to abduct Bluey

” We have searched everywhere in her workplace, there is no traces of her, Frank replied and Silver frown

“Ok, you can leave” he ordered simply and Frank bowed before walking out

He opened his laptop and pressed something on it,

Then the video of Bluey’s whereabouts came to view

The truth is that Bluey had a necklace which she is always wearing,to know her whereabouts Silver planted a tiny camera on it, and now he could see everything going on Sky penthouse

” Sky” he chuckled softly

He rested his head on the chair and continue staring at ho

A smile crept up on his face as he watch Bluey struggling with the men as they were trying to remove her clothes

“My wife is about to enjoy something she had never done before”

T. B. C

Sorry for the short Chapter,I don’t have vibes to type anything this evening.

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