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Working As A Nanny Episode 30

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Chapter 30 πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ


“I’ll go take care of somethings and I’ll come for you baby. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday.

Okay?” I talk to Ryan the next day. Ryan smiles at me as he nods.

“As long as you get my present.” He say showing me his pinky finger.

I let out a laugh and lock mine to his and kiss his forehead.

“I’ll be back sooner than you know baby, okay?” Ryan nods. I get up from my position and stand.

I see Abby who only gives me a small smile and looks away.

I look back at Ryan who’s happily eating his chocolate before I kiss his hair and walk out to my car.

I find my phone ringing but I don’t make any effort to pick it up. When it stops, I take it and look at the screen.

Seven missed calls from Jayden, two missed calls from Isabella and two text messages from Jayden.

“Hey, Candice. Jayden called to ask if we’ve seen you since yesterday and so I was checking up on you.” Isabella says immediately when I call her. People you trust the most, betray you the most.

“Next time, tell anyone who looks for me that I’m old enough to take care of myself.” I respond making Isabella go quiet for some time.

“Okay. So about the din…”

“Mrs Kings, with all due respect, I know you’re my boss and all but you can’t force me to do anything.

Tell your mother that I’ll be held up. I won’t make it.” I say making her quiet again.

“Fine. I understand. I hope you know I’m here for you.” She says and I don’t answer.

The statement repeats in my head only in Ashton’s voice. I only grunt in answer not knowing what to say. Isabella is a good woman.

When she hangs up, I start the car and drive to my apartment for fourteen minutes. I park and walk to my door.

I do my everyday routine of checking the house immediately when I arrive. I walk towards my room when I feel a presence behind me.

I walk into my room taking out a knife from it’s holster. I turn around with a kick but the person who I can immediately tell is a man dodges it as if he was expecting it.

I throw the knife aiming between his eyes but I notice its Jayden by the time I’ve released it.

He dodges it but holds the knife between his palms. He looks into my eyes and I into his. He releases the knife and my eyes follow the bloody knife to the ground as I let out a breath.

I walk into my bathroom and take a first aid kit. I find him sitting on my bed. “Help yourself and never sneak on me again.” I say placing the kit next to him.

“I’ve been looking for you.” He states as I take off my jacket before going to my closet and take a fresh pair of clothes.

I take off the tank top and trousers then walk to back to my room where Jayden is almost done wrapping his palm.

“Did you find her?” I ask making him look up. His eyes look at my body clad in only a bra and panties.

“Yeah. I found Julian too. I never thought it would be easy.” He says standing. He starts walking towards me with measured steps.

“I saved him for you.” He says his voice low and reaches where I’m standing and places his hands on both sides of my hips.

“You can deal with him. I don’t think I want to see anyone from my past.” I say looking into his eyes. Saying that makes me think about Ashton and his betrayal.

“Yeah? Who hurt you Jada? I’ll make them pay.” He says and I let out a laugh.

“Make me forget.” I say looking into his eyes. He studies my face. His eyes travel from my eyes down to my lips as his arms move me closer to him.

I place my hand on his neck and pull his lips to mine in a fierce kiss.

His left hand moves to my bu*tt and gives it a little squeeze as his right hand moves up my body to my cheek and pulls me even closer to him.

He bits my lower lip asking for entrance and I grant him.

The hand on my cheek travels to my butt then to my thighs trying to lift me up.

I encircle his waist with my legs and he starts walking towards my bed. He places me on it and stands. I lift myself up going for his belt but he stops me.

“You want to forget, then I’m in control here.” He says his voice husky as he looks down at me.

He takes off his black t-shirt before climbing on the bed hovering over me. He leans and starts kissing my neck as his hand moves to my back and unclasps my bra.

I help him take it off and he throws it somewhere.

His hand moves back to my boobs slightly squeezing as he kisses down my chest to my other boo**b making me let out a moan.

I bring my hand to his hair pressing him against my boob and the action makes him stop.

His lust filled eyes look down at me before taking my arms with his other hand and pinning them above my head.

“Keep ’em there.” He commands huskily making me place my lower lip between my teeth.

That was hot. He groans before leaning and kissing me full of passion and need and I return the same kiss.

His free hand moves down to my panties and starts rubbing me over them making me let out a loud moan.

He moves the lace of my panties to the side and plunges in his finger.

I want to hold him but I realize he’s still holding my hands above my head and I’m pretty much helpless.

He thrusts his finger in and out making me clench around them in pleasure as I moan. “Please, Jayden.”

His hand holding my arms releases them as he kisses down my body and when he reaches above my pant***s, he stops.

“You’re so sex**y Jada.” He whispers before tearing off the lace. His mouth immediately descends to my burning core lic**king my c***lit as I feel my stomach start to tighten.

I bring my hand to his hair pressing myself against his mouth as I feel two fingers thrusted into me.

“Jay… Oh fu***k. Jayden.” I moan making him increase his pace as the tightening in my stomach intensifies.
“I’m gonna c…”

“Don’t. I’ll tell you when.” He says and I start breathing in and out trying to come down but I can’t hold on.

“I can’t Jayden. ” I moan out as I feel his tongue replace his fingers inside me thrashing.

“Come for me baby.” Jayden says as I pull his hair and let go, his name coming out of my mouth as a scream.

He doesn’t stop using his tongue on me and I can already feel another wave of pleasure hit me as I let myself go his name on my lips.

Jayden doesn’t stop until I start breathing in deeply, trying to regain my breathe before getting up and hover***ing me.

He kisses me letting me taste myself on his lips and I moan. My hand moves to his belt but he stops me again.

“We’re not having s***ex. Not today.” He says as he lays beside me.

A few minutes later when I’m from my high, I get up and look over at Jayden to find him watching me.

“Who hurt you Jada?” He asks and I scoff. So much for trying to forget.

“No one.” I say trying to get off the bed. I notice the hard on in his pan**t***s. “Need help?”

I ask pointing towards it but he shakes his head no. I walk to where I dropped my clean clothes.

“Jayden, all I can tell you, is that betrayal hurts. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through it.”

I walk to my bathroom not waiting for any response.



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