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Chapter twenty nine πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

πŸ”₯Seven years ago πŸ”₯

I hear something ring disturbing my sleep. “Get it Ash. Make it stop.”

I mumble trying to sleep again. The ringing doesn’t stop making me raise my head towards Ashton’s side of the bed but there’s no one.

I look at my bedside table to find my phone ringing. “Mum. It’s so early. What do you want?” I ask immediately I pick up and I hear laughter on the other side.

“Happy birthday Princess.” I hear my dad’s voice.

“Its eleven and she’s still in bed?” I hear my mum’s voice scolding.

“It’s her birthday. Let her sleep as long as she wants.” I hear my dad say making me smile. They always banter.

“Hey dad, hi mummy. Did you call so that you can speak to each other?” I ask as I let out a laugh in amusement. I feel the bed dip as Ashton comes behind me and embraces me.

He kisses my neck and whispers a ‘happy birthday’ to me.

“Morning Mr Martins, morning Mrs Martins.” Ashton says into the phone and my mum greets him back happily.

“Did you sleep on the same bed?” My dad asks his voice low and I roll my eyes as Ash lets out a nervous breath. Dad always does this.

We talk for another five minutes until Aston receives a call and excuses himself. My parents hang up a minute later saying they had to prepare for work.

I stand then walk to the bathroom after picking out my clothes for the day. I had an afternoon class but I had a morning shift at the mall. I work in a teenagers’ clothes store.

The pay has been better than the last store I worked in. I’ve always loved clothes. Designing has always been my passion.

I bathe as fast as I can and prepare myself. I walk to the kitchen where I find different types of food laid out but no Ashton. I walk around the house and find Ash talking to someone on the phone. He runs his hand through his hair severally in frustration making me worry.

‘Who is he talking to?’

Don’t worry, I’ll take the first flight and be there.” He says pacing around but stops when he sees me. He looks at me in shock but plays it off a second later and I point to him towards the kitchen.

‘I’ll be in the kitchen.’ I mouth and he nods and smiles at me. I walk towards the kitchen and start taking out the plates and glasses that we’ll need for breakfast. I make Ashton’s cup of coffee just the way he likes as I try not to think about his call.

‘He’ll tell me everything like he always does.’ I say in my mind. But he said he’s leaving. I take in a deep breath as I pour the coffee in a cup. I feel his chest on my back as he kisses my neck and I smile.

“Hey there. I feel like I haven’t seen you today.” I mumble as his kiss rises to my jaw making his way to my lips. He turns me around and kisses me making me snake my arm around his neck.

“I love you.” He says when he parts from me and I smile he kisses my cheek then kneels to my flat tummy. “And I love you too.” He kisses my stomach then rises. “Let’s eat breakfast.” He says and I smile.

“I love you too.” I say as we walk to the set table. “And I love this breakfast.” I say excitedly as I sit and start placing the crispy bacon on my plate making Ashton laugh.

“Ruth prepared a party at her house. She just told me yesterday night.” I say after breakfast as we clean up.

“Yeah? At what time?” He asks distracted making me look at him in worry.

“As from seven. Is something bothering you babe?” I ask moving closer to him.

“You remember my friend Gina?” He asks and I nod unsurely. I vaguely remember the name.

“My childhood friend that moved away and we met some months back.” He says making me nod.

“Yeah. What about her?” I ask and he moves closer to me his green eyes looking into mine.1

“She just had a baby and there might be complications. I need to see her.” He says making me furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Why?” I ask.

“She has no one. She told the hospital to call me.” He says but nothing makes sense.

“You still talk to her? She couldn’t just give out your number to the hospital.” I say making him nod. She called me a few months ago saying that the baby’s dad left and her parents hate her. She has no one.

” He says and I suddenly feel bad. I could be in the same predicament she’s in. I’m pregnant and Ashton could decide to just pack and leave. What if my parents could abandon me too?

“Oh my Gosh!” I exclaim. ” I’m so sorry. What complications does she have?” I ask and he tries to think. Okay?

“The hospital said I had to be there before they could disclose anything.” He says and I nod.

“When?” I ask.

“I have to book the first flight I can to Carli.” He says making me pout.

“But it’s my birthday. Why can’t you leave tomorrow morning?” I ask. I slightly feel angry at Gina.

“Baby? I have to go.” He says softly.

“But my birthday. I want to spend it with you.”

“And you will when I come back. Someone’s life is at stake here Candice. Can you stop thinking about yourself for once?” He shouts griping my hand. I freeze at his words.

“I… I have to go to the… I have to go to work. I… I’ll be here when you come b.. back.” I stammer. Ashton is always on edge for some time now and sometimes I forget that. I’ve always known he’s stressed but he never talks about it.

I pick up my purse and school bag since I’ll go straight to campus after my shift.

“Have a nice flight and tell Gina I said congratulations.” I say and walk out not knowing those were the last words I’d tell the love of my life.


I arrive at the familiar house. I check the time. Five minutes to noon.
I look around as different memories of me and Ashton arise. I take in a deep breath and walk to the front door and knock.

The door is opened by a little girl around six or seven. I suck in a deep breath as I look at her eyes. Rosa’s kid?

“Ash, I said no opening the door.” I hear a voice that I recognize as Rosa’s.

“Hey Candice… Jada.” Rosa says smiling at me.
“Jada. Hey Rosa.” I say my face blank. “And Ashley?” I ask and Rosa lets out a sad smile as she nods.

I get into the house and notice it looks different. “It has changed.” I say.

“Yeah. Too many memories but I couldn’t bring myself to sell the place.” Rosa says.

“Who else leaves here?” I ask looking at Ashley.
“Just me. And now Ashley too. Her mother died last week and she left her under my care.” She says.

“And father?” I ask already dreading the question.
“Would you like anything to drink?” Rosa asks making me clench my jaw.
“Who’s child is this?” I ask looking at Rosa.

“I swear I never knew until last week. She called me on her death bed. Her name’s Gina.” She says making me gasp.

Tears of betrayal fill my eyes. I thought I was numb to these emotions. I somehow wished she was my long lost baby but who am I kidding? It was killed.

“Candice. I’m so sorry. Ash, never told anyone anything.” She says and I start laughing.
“I can’t believe this.”

I say in between laughs and I take one look at Ashley before getting up and leaving. I get into my car and drive for some hours. I fill up my gas and drive to the next place I can feel better.

“Jada.” Ryan’s voice calls when he gets into his room and sees me sitting on his bed. He runs to me and hugs me as I release all my pent up tears.
“I missed you so much baby.” I cry as I kiss the crown of his head covered by black hair. He looks at me with his green eyes. I look into them desperately.

They’re green but with light specks of blue. Ashton’s were so green. They reminded me of the the forest.

“I’m here mummy.” He says making me cry even more. Oh, Ryan.


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