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Working As A Nanny Episode 28

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BY: Worthy stories

Chapter twenty eight πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

Hey Cole. I have one more favor to ask.”

“My long lost Jada contacted me months later just to ask for a favor? I’m hurt.” He says making me roll my eyes.

“Julia and Julian Holmes. I need you to look them up and send the details.”

“Like old times. Told you, you’ll always need me.” He says and I crack a smile but when my eyes shift to Jayden, the smile disappears.
“I’ll wait for the info in an hour.” I say.

“Or maybe less.” He adds and I cut the call.
“As we wait, can you tell me what you did to make Ian talk?” I ask making him sigh.

“We weren’t supposed to dig into each other’s lives. Remember?” He says looking into my eyes a smirk gracing his lips.

“You cut his foot with a chainsaw. How I’m I supposed to look past that?” I ask moving closer to where he’s sitting.

“Everyone has their moments Jada. People call you Candice at the base. I look past that. You also tortured that man, I watched the look on your face. You enjoyed it.

But I’m not asking anything. You don’t want to tell me anything about yourself but here I tell you things about myself.” He shouts by the time he’s done. I don’t flinch or react.

“So you want me to trade a secret for yours?” I ask shaking my head and he shrugs.

“You could.” He only states nonchalantly. I immediately think of something to tell him.
“I changed my name because I needed a new life.

The Mafia recognizes me as Candice Martins because I joined them as Candice Martins but to the outside world, I’m Jada Costa.” I say and he nods. He stands from the armchair and walks to me. He places his hands on my hips.

“I figured that much. The question is why would you change your identity?” He whispers his mint breath fanning my face. I look away from his intense blue eyes.

“You can’t do that. I already told you a secret. Now it’s your turn.” I say not moving from the position. I don’t want to make him think he intimidates me. He lets out a laugh.

“You play dirty. My kind of game.” He whispers near my ear before he releases me and walks to his kitchen.

He pours himself a glass of Bourbon. “When I was fifteen, my brother got involved with some bad guys.

They would give him drugs and he would deliver them. We weren’t rich at that time and my dad had debts.”

“I would wonder where he got the money and when I asked him, he would never tell me. One day, I saw him wrap lot’s of cash into a bag and placed it in mum’s bag thinking nobody saw him and so I decided to follow him.

If the money was rightfully earned, he wouldn’t sneak around with it.” He chugs down the liquid and pours another one.

“I followed him to downtown and I saw these men give Jake an envelope.

They talked and when they were done, he walked into a club. I couldn’t go inside and so I looked for some other way in and I found a back door.

I got in and saw my brother handing another man the envelope.

They took out some white substance that I now know it was cocaine and sniffed it but immediately got out their guns.”

“I reacted. My brother was going to get killed and I couldn’t watch.

He caught me before I got to any of them and told them that he was babysitting me that night and thought I was asleep before getting out.

The men made a deal with Jake. They wouldn’t touch me if I worked for them too.” He says and stops.
I realize I was too engrossed in the story. Imagining a fifteen year old Jayden and a seventeen year old Jacob.

“There is when I first killed. I was sixteen then. We had to get out. We wanted out and the only way was to kill them. Jake brought them together at a place saying he had very important information and they all had to be there. We blew up the place but one escaped.

He went after Jake and when he almost killed him, I hit his head with a rock until it was unnoticeable.”

I look at Jayden. He has a faraway look. He then starts laughing. I look at him confused as he mutters something. “What?” I ask and he faces me.

“He still died. He was still murdered by some gang. He was murdered by Julian Holmes.” His jaw tenses as he gulps the remaining drink before aggressively throwing the glass against the wall. I cautiously move towards him.



“I SAID LEAVE!” He roars and for the first time I flinch. I walk towards his door and before I get out I look at his direction to see his shoulders shaking.

My eyes widen at the display but I say nothing and just get out and walk to my apartment.

‘Is Jayden blaming himself for not protecting his brother?’ I ask myself.

I walk to my room and get rid of the leather boots and pants. I take off the jacket too as I walk to my closet and find a pair of black sweatpants that I put on.

I walk to my kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine as I think about Jayden. He seemed so broken and it’s been years since I comforted anyone or found comfort in anyone. I don’t even know how to do that anymore.

Should I just hug him as my mum and dad always did? My sister Elisa, preferred to be left alone and my brother Aaron drank into oblivion.

Ash… He would prefer to be alone but I would tease him or seduce him. My phone pings making me look to my side for it.

I see Cole’s name appear and some attached documents. I open the documents immediately.

Julia and Julian Holmes died in a car crush when they were eighteen. I look at their photos and I see Shawn Bullocks and Alexis. They both have brown hair here.

Shawn dyed his to blonde but Alexis never changed anything about herself. Confident much?

They lived in Florida for five years before they moved to Las Vegas and stayed there until they turned eighteen. I pick up my phone and call Cole.

“Could you please track Alexis for me?” I say immediately and he tells me he’ll tell me in a few minutes. I check the time and see it’s eleven a.m. I have to meet Rosa at noon.

I take in a deep breath. Why would Ashton’s sister want to meet me after almost seven years?

I get up and start preparing myself. I’ll know when I get there. By the time I’m done, I hear a ping from my phone and I smile. Always believe in Cole as he always says.

I get out of my apartment and walk to my neighbor’s and knock. A disheveled Jayden appears seconds later.

“Here’s Alexis position currently speaking. Get to her and you’ll have Julian.” He eyes my phone and I notice he’s drunk.

“Of course you’re drunk.” I scoff. “Julia won’t sit around and wait for you to get sober Jayden.

Get your act together.” I say and turn around and start walking to my car.

When I get in, I send the address to Jayden’s phone before driving.

Let’s see what Rosa has in store for me.


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