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Working As A Nanny Episode 27

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BY: Worthy stories

Chapter twenty seven πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

It’s been two hours and Ian is a tough nut to crack, I’d give him that.

“This is getting boring.” I say placing the bloody knife inside the bucket full of saline water. Ian’s eyes follow my movements as I walk to the other devices. I pick out a screwdriver and walk slowly to him.

His body is covered with cuts enough to bring discomfort. I haven’t brought very serious harm to him yet. You could conclude that I’m like a cat: I play with my prey first.

“So this is a screwdriver.” I say looking at it. “It can bring very serious damage. You know, like taking eyes out?

I’m sure you know how to use it. So tell me again, who do you work for? Who’s the spider? ”

I say and he starts laughing. I stand and walk to him and stab his thigh with the screwdriver making him let out a cry.

“I’ll tell you no shit, bitch.” He says and spits on my leg. I kick his jaw with the same leg and he grunts.

I turn towards the two men who carried him. Pour the saline water on him. I’ll be back in the morning to end this.

They nod and move to where the buckets of saline water are but I see a shadow of a man not moving. I walk to him and realize it’s Jayden.

“What are you doing here?” I ask but he only shrugs.

“Watching.” He says and starts getting out of the door as I follow him. “When will you be back to continue?”

He asks and I look at him.
“At five a.m. Why?” I ask and he only shrugs again.

“This is a new side of you I hadn’t seen. I just want to see how it all ends.”

He says making me pause in my steps. He continues walking without looking back and I walk to him.

“What are you trying to do? You’re trying to figure me out?” I ask anger slightly rising inside of me.

“You are most closed up person I know. Everyday, I learn something about you.” He says and I stop in front of him.

“Don’t. I’m warning you. Stop.” I say glaring at him. He looks at me in shock because of my tone. He doesn’t say anything but moves past me bumping my shoulder against his.

“Jayden.” I call and he stops but doesn’t turn. “Don’t go digging into things that don’t concern you.

Don’t make me hate you.” This makes him partly turn towards me making me look at his profile before he walks to wherever he was going.

I walk to Sydney’s office to find Isabella with her three kids and another boy with blonde hair. He seems to be the same age as her twins.
“Hey, Candice.

Could you pass me that glass.” She asks pointing towards it. I take it and walk towards her. “Oliver needed water.”

She says and I assume the boy is Oliver. I give it to him and he drinks it so fast.

“Slow down Olly.” I say softly and he does so.
“Harry should be here anytime to take him.” Isabella says and I nod. Oliver’s resemblance to Harry is obvious. I nod.
“I’ll be leaving now.”

“You have one of your cars in the basement, right?” She asks and I nod. “Before I forget, mum said you should come for dinner.

It’ll be her, her husband, me, Syd, the kids, Uncle JJ and his husband.” She lists and I notice it’s only her family. Her best friend, Harry, won’t even be there.

“I’ll be busy.” I say and she raises an eyebrow.

“I didn’t even say when. It’s Sunday. Be there and no excuses. Four pm.” She says before I say anything. I give her a curt not and walk out of the office wondering why I even went there.

I like Isabella and her mum but I really don’t want to be anywhere near a family dinner or lunch. Too much memories.

With the Williams, it was different. I was there for work. But with Carolina and Isabella, its personal.

I walk to my black Audi RS V8 and drive to my apartment. Jayden had moved out to next door making him my immediate neighbor.

I check everything as always and when I find the apartment safe, I walk to my room and start stripping. I throw away the dress with blood and walk naked to my bathroom.

I wake up. The room is still dark. I look at my bedside alarm to find that I have a minute before the alarm that I set to go off.

I walk to my closet and take out my red leather pants and a black tank top.

I put on some black leather boots and I get out of my room after taking everything I need. I walk to the kitchen and drink a glass of water before taking keys to my bike.

I walk out of my apartment as I put on my black leather jacket just as noise on my right makes me alert.

I notice Jayden with blood on his clothes. He walks to his apartment before I ask anything. The urge to follow him overpowers the urge to go torture Ian and so I walk to his door but stop before I knock.

‘Keeping him out of my business should be vice versa.’ With that, I turn and go to my bike.
I arrive at the base and walk straight to the torture cells and I find the door opened.

I get in as fast as I can to find Paul lifting up a dead Ian. No, no, no. This can’t happen.

“Who killed him?” I roar making Paul release the body. It has no foot.

“He said you sent him to finish the job.” He says and I furrow my eyebrows “Who?”

“The man you were with yesterday.” He says and lifts up the body once again. I notice Ian’s foot on the side.

“What happened here?”

“Never seen anything like that. Wouldn’t want to cross that man.”

He says as he puts the foot inside the bag too and leaves. I stand there for ten minutes in shock.

Jayden accuses me of having different sides but he has them too. And way dangerous. Who are you Jayden Williams? And what are you hiding Williams?

I jog back to my bike and drive to my apartment. Well, my neighbor’s, Jayden Williams.

I knock twice but he doesn’t open. I do it again until an unamused Jayden appears. “Not now Jada.” He says as he moves to shut the door but I place my foot and push against it.

“We’re doing this now Jayden. What was that about?” He sighs frustrated and moves aside allowing me to get in.

“Shawn’s the spider.” He announces.
“Shawn?” He nods and I see a tear drop. Why is he crying?

“I can’t believe I let him near Leonardo.” He says and I gasp.

“Shawn Bullock? That’s who you’re talking about? Leo’s teacher?” He nods and my heart drops.

“Ian said when the Spider is done, he’ll be after you. He talked about it being personal.” He says making me think. I’ve never met him before. Or heard of him.

“How did you meet him?” I ask as Jayden moves to seat on an armchair.

“Alexis. She recommended him.” And I nod in realization.

“Have you ever noticed something about Alexis, Shawn and I?” I ask and he looks at me in puzzle.

“No?” He says unsure.
“Our eyes.” I say looking at him making him look into my eyes. “I know them.” I gasp.
“My dad’s sister was cut off from the family when she chose a gangster over them.

She had just realized she was pregnant and she was too in love. Dad tried talking to her to come back for a year but she refused.

Dad said she had twins. Julia and Julian Holmes and something we all shared, was the striking blue green eyes.”


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