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Working As A Nanny Episode 26

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Chapter twenty six πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

I shoot two of them just as Sydney’s car stops and Isabella gets out pointing two guns at the two remaining men.

Amelia holds one pistol as her husband Harry stands beside her ready to fight.

Yale, the Spider, raises both his hands in a surrender position. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Isabella Kings. I missed you pretty face.” He says with a smirk.

I see Sydney turn to face his wife who looks confused for a few seconds before her mouth forms an ‘o’ in recognition. “Like the hair cut Ian.” She says with a smirk.

“What do you want with them?” She asks still pointing her gun at him.

I look at the other guy who seems to realize that everyone’s attention has shifted to Isabella and the Spider. He takes out his gun discreetly making me raise an eyebrow.

I shoot at him making him fall as all conversation cease and everyone looks at him.
“Let’s get going.”

I say and shoot The Spider’s leg. “Just in case he tries something he shouldn’t. And for being the spider, you have way little men around you.”

I observe as he falls to the ground with a grunt.
“Or maybe he isn’t who he says he is.

I don’t know anything about facing gangsters but with him heading the Spiders, it seemed so easy. Too easy.”

Jayden says as I walk to ‘Ian’ or whatever his name is. I pick him up and drag him to his car.

“Got any rope?” I shout out.
“Will these do?” Harry asks next to me holding a pair of handcuffs. I would ask where he got them but my mind already remembers his kinky lifestyle.

“Thanks.” I say taking them and attach them to Ian’s wrist while the other end attaching it to a pole. I Isabella comes with a rope and starts tying his legs.

“You love tying me down don’t you pretty face?” Ian asks when Isabella is almost done. I look at his wet face full of sweat and use the back of the gun that I have and knock him out.

“Can’t believe I ever dated this man.” Isabella grumbles under her breath as she walks away to her husband.

“Jayden and I will drive this and follow you to the base.” I say and Sydney glares at me.

“I’m the boss here Candice. Jayden and Candice will drive the van and follow us to the base.” He says making Harry and Isabella snicker. I smirk at him as I walk to the driver’s seat but Jayden beats me to it.

“I’ll drive.” He says and gets into the car. I bite my tongue and walk to the other side and get in too. Sydney starts his car as Jayden does the same before following them.

We sit in complete silence for about five minutes before Jayden starts looking for a song. He settles on some country music and starts singing along.

“After all this is over, I’ll be leaving.” I say unexpectedly making Jayden stop singing.
I feel his gaze on me for a few seconds. “And where will you be going?” He asks calmly.

“Somewhere new. I adopted Ryan. I’ll start a new life.” Why am I telling him all these?
“So you’re going to leave everything behind. Just like that.”

He says almost harshly making me turn my head towards him.

“What else do I live for here? Nothing.” I answer myself almost too quickly.

“What about your friends? The Mafia?” He asks slowing down.

“I have no friends. I don’t do friends.” I say looking around as I notice Sydney stopping his car too.

Jayden looks at me accusingly. My phone starts ringing and I look at it. It’s an unknown number.

I pick it up and look at Jayden who has his jaws clenched looking ahead. More like glaring ahead.

Jada. This is Rosa. I.. I think you need to come as soon as you can.” She says. Rosa? Rosa never called me before. She’s Ash’s sister and since his death, we don’t really talk.

“Rosa, is there a problem. I’m in the middle of something important.” I say and she sniffs.

“It’s about Ashton. You… You need to come.” She sniffs again as my heartbeat increases every second.

“What about him?” I ask unsurely. Did he mysteriously survive from the plane crash? No that’s impossible.

“When will you be here? She asks instead. Rosa used to be nice to me and I liked her.
“By tomorrow noon. Where will I meet you?” I ask my hand shaking.

I see Jayden’s attention on me. Studying me. I look away.

“Home.” She says before hanging up the phone. I try cooling down.

I thought listening about Ashton wouldn’t affect me anymore. I feel a hand on mine and I immediately retract mine.

“Sorry. Forgot you don’t need friends.” Jayden says before getting out of the car. He talks to Sydney before coming back to the car.

“Why did we stop?” I ask when he starts the car once again.

“Mrs Kings had a grenade in her pocket.” He says and I burst out laughing before he joins in. One can never have a boring day with Isabella Kings.

We continue the drive to the Mafia base and the usual protocol at the gate stops us.

After we’re let in, we drive to the torture cells where we stop and some men come and take ‘Ian’ with them. If I need to go see Rosa tomorrow, I need to start right now.

I follow the men as Jayden stops and talks to Harry. I watch the trail of blood as we walk thinking about what I told Jayden.

Isabella was with me and has helped me since we first knew each other. She was pregnant at that time with her first son and I admired how she carried herself at that time.

She was everything I wasn’t when I was pregnant and protecting her against the Italians was something I did with my whole heart.

Maybe I am wrong to say that I have no friends here.

And Jayden, we’ve been close since I was assigned to protect Leonardo.

Even after Leo’s death, he still looked for me and stood by me. It might be because we’re searching for Leo’s killers but he has grown on me.

“Wake him up.” I say walking towards the table holding all the torture devices.

I look at the different things my mind traveling to different scenarios I had to use them.

When I asked to do some of the torturing, I found almost half of them were the same ones used on me by the Italians and so I replaced them.

“You won’t get anything out of me. ” I hear Ian’s voice bringing me back to reality. I turn towards him with a smirk. I walk to where he’s tied and and I sit facing him.

“You won’t be saying the same thing when I’ll be done.” I say looking at the simple knife in my hand.

“I’ve done this before.” He says and I snicker.
“Then you didn’t find someone who enjoys doing this as much as I do.”

I get up from the seat and walk the short distance.

I see a flicker of fear in his eyes before he masks it as fast as possible even though it’s late.

“Let’s start, shall we?” I say with a smirk.


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