The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 37-38


~By Dolly Writes💅~

🥺EPISODE 37-38🥺



I entered into the car as I watched Karl turn the key unto life, even though he was injured, he’s pretty good at hiding his emotion, how can someone be in so much pain and still has the ability to hide it.

“Am I that handsome?” He smirked as I jerked back to reality.


“You have been admiring for a bit now, so I asked if I was that handsome?” He chuckled.

“Geez!,” I rolled my eyes. “You still have the strength to joke around despite all that’s happening?”

“I’m not a woman, besides, hearing you nag makes me weak, I could even die before getting to the herb shop”

“Karl!” I hit his shoulder hard, he winced in pain making me regret my action almost immediately.

“I’m sorry,” I said smoothing his hand that I had beaten, he packed his car at the corner of the road and turned fully to me.

“Why are we stopping?” My eyes widen.

“Do you think we’d get to our destination fast with you rubbing your hands on me that way?” He stared at me and I dragged my hand back immediately.

“I was just trying to calm the ache” I stammered

“yeah, and by that, you brought other desires.”

“But you’re injured” I stared at his body

“yeah, injured not impotent” he rolled his eyes

” oh…” I gulped

” Don’t touch me if you really want us to get there on time unless you have other plans, I wouldn’t mind”.

“No!.” I screamed, I almost sounded like I was scared, Karl studied my face for a while before turning over, his hands focus on the steering, I could see a smirk on his face, how is he able to laugh in a time like this meanwhile I was trying to hide my red cheeks, I might as well die from embarrassment.

He jerked the car back to life as we continued our journey, Karl is mental, I can swear it.

{Daniel’s pov}

“Untie his mouth” I ordered and Jasper went to our culprit then pulled the white handkerchief from his mouth.

I stared at the picture Karl sent to us before and looked at the man we had captured, they looked alike, just that this one looked more miserable, probably because he had bruises and bloodstains all over.

I mean, at first, Jasper and I asked him to come with us, as politely as we could, but of course, the idiot had to attempt to run away, and of course, we had plan B, and he got injured.

His problem, not mine.

“Okay mister” I sighed throwing my phone back into my pocket after confirming the resemblance.

“I need some information from you, and we’d either do it the easy way or hard way.” I adjusted my trouser and squatted to reach his face where his hand was tied to.

“I don’t know anything… i..i swear, ..i”. He stammered and Jasper rolled his eyes.

“Here we go again” he brought out an electric shocker that we got from heedah’s house and kept it close to the man’s skin, the fear in the reporter’s eyes was undeniable.

“Look, i ain’t no lady, you want it the hard way, imma give you the hard way.”

I stared at jasper and the man as their eyes pierce into each other, Jasper has always had a short temper, if I were that man, I’d speak up immediately.

“Are u going to speak or not? who told you to send those pictures online?” I asked, he was shaking, his heartbeat, everything.

He gulped, hard. “I…I was paid, I was paid to do it, she paid me.”

“She?” Jasper repeated and stared at me before looking back at the miserable and scared man.

“What’s her name?” He glared turning the power of the electricity to life.

{Anna’s pov}

“Thanks, chicha” Karl smiled at the old woman that run the herb shop as she directed us to a room, it seemed like they were old times friends and they were both happy to see each other.

Karl opened the door of the room first and I followed suit, ma’am chicha instructed me to help undress his injury so she’d prepare the herbs that’d help him, although she stated that it could only reduce the pain for some time and not end it.

Karl fell on the bed tiredly and fixed his arm as support for his head.

I stared nervously at him, okay I’d admit it, Karl’s hot, like I mean aside from being an ass–hole and a psychiatric patient, he would have been my type.

“you’re doing it again?” He mumbled.

“Doing what?” My eyes met his, I was still standing not far from the bed.

“Checking me out?” He smirks, if you want my di*k inside that tight p*ssy of yours, all you have to do is say the word and I’m all yours, baby girl.”

“You wish! what the f*ck!” I screamed at him, why do his words affect me so much, like as though I envision everything he says.

“Hmm, so you’d stand there instead of undressing me before the herbs are ready?” He cocked a brow and I take in a deep breath.

“I’ll undress you, only if you promise not to touch me” I warned and his eyes traveled from my head slowly to my toe.

“Mhm..” He mumbled

“Good.” I sigh before waking up to him slowly, we might as well, get this over with.

{Karl’s pov}

“Oh, for the love of God, could you walk faster, I don’t bite.” I rolled my eyes, she was literally crawling, she scoffed and came closer to me, I was on a polo, she helped me pull it off.

The moment her fingers touched my skin, I could feel my d*ck rise,

F*ck?, when last did I even get laid? With all this shit that’d been happening, I’ve not had enough time to have fun.

“Can you turn over? I need to take the bandage off” she asked and climbed on the bed spreading her legs over mine, although she wore a pair of jeans trousers, only the imagination of seeing her naked was getting to me.

“Okay f*ck this!” I cursed as I grabbed her waist and turned her over so she was laying on the bed and I was on top, she stared at me confused.

“What do you think you are doing?” Her eyes pierce through mine and she tries to struggle away but I pin her there.

“I asked you not to touch me ” I twisted my head

” But how else would I take off the bandage if I won’t touch you?.”

“Mmhh,” I mumbled, my eyes went through the black crop top she was wearing, I slid my hand from the bottom slowly, trailing my finger up the direction of her bre*st.

“You promised” she tried to say meanwhile suppressing a moan.

“I can not recall doing that.” And with that, my lips crashed into hers in a rough hot kiss.

My hard d*ck was begging to be released, my hand shifted her bra to a corner and grabbed her bre*st, she moa-ned, she was wet, I could smell her arousal.

“Karl, the herbs are…” Ma’am chicha opened the door. Immediately and cut her sentence short, “oh”.

” God, so sorry ma’am,” Anna screamed and pushed me off her before jerking up to her feet.

I rolled my eyes at her, ” you can I leave it at the table, Anna would rub it on me.” I smiled at her as Anna shakes her head negatively.

“I might irritate the injury, I’ve never done this before.”

Immediately, a call came across my phone, it was Daniel, I picked it up, he filled me up on the current situation and I nodded.

“We are on our way, keep her awake,” I replied and hung up

” ma’am chicha, please rub them on me, Anna and I have somewhere to go” I turned to her and she nodded bringing her herbs closer.

“Did they catch him?” Anna turned to me.

” her, it’s a girl, and yes they caught her, you’d be shocked who it is?”.







~By Dolly Writes💅~




Daniel had sent us the address of the place and Karl followed through, he felt much better after ma’am chicha had put the herbs on the injury, although she explained It was just temporary and would reduce the pain for some days.

“Are you anxious to know who it was?” I asked Karl softly, he kept a straight face all through.

“We are here” He announced in a slow but deep voice and halted the car on the corner of the unfinished building, he rushed out immediately leaving me in the car.

“Rude” I mumbled then followed suit, he was normal just some minutes ago, what’s with the change of attitude now?.

“I’m here, what side are you guys at?” I heard him say over the phone to either Daniel or Jasper, not sure.

In minutes, Jasper came out from one of the closed doors.

“Over here” He waved motioning for us to come, we did

My heartbeat increased, who was it Exactly, if it was a girl then certainly it might be someone we know?

We went into the first room but it was empty, I guess they had to take them to a place no one will hear their screams, scary.

“This room” Jasper notified and stared at Karl, he nodded giving him a go-ahead and Jasper pulled the door open.

“I didn’t expect you could do this ” I heard Winter scream.

“Lydia?” I called out unsure when I saw her tied next to the other man that sat at a corner when Karl and I were at that restaurant that day.
“How could you” I glared at her.

“Winter, Lydia is your best friend, are you going to say you have no hand in this” Karl turned over to winter angrily

“Are you fucking kidding me?, why on earth would I want to hurt Anna?” Winter fired back, I was too stunned to speak, I just watched the drama unfold.

“I know you hate me and all, but this?, why would you do this?, I’ve never done anything bad to you ” I could feel myself trying to fight with the tears that collided in my eyes, I was trying to stop them from falling.

“I did it for winter ” She lowered her head sadly.

“Don’t you dare b!tch!” Winter fired at her a warning glare Immediately, Karl’s entire focus was still on winter like as though trying to read her through her actions.

“I’m sorry winter, I knew how you cared about Karl, and seeing him giving another girl the attention he used to give you, it didn’t sit right with me ” she explained sadly.

“And then you did this? to me?” I screamed at her harshly, she set me up and made me the trending topic of the school for a week.

“I’m sorry Anna!” Tears fell down her cheeks.

“No matter what you say or if Anna forgives you, I, winter will never forgive you, Annabella saved my life, I owe her and now you did this? and I’m your excuse for doing it! can you hear yourself right now? ”

“Everyone leave” Karl ordered in a soft but powerful tone.

Jasper and Daniel obeyed immediately, followed by Heedah, Winter, and I, leaving him alone with Lydia and the magazine man.

“Is he going to hurt them?” I turned to Heedah after we had gone outside to where the cars were packed.

“Honestly, I have no idea but whatever they get, they deserve every bit of it ” She replied and focused on the building.

“Karl” Daniel calls, I turn around to him immediately, he was on the phone with Karl, after some seconds his eyes shifted to mine and he ended the call

“What?” I asked shocked by the way he was looking at me

“Karl asked you to go inside” He instructs but had pure fear on his face

“Me? what for?” My eyes widen, but no one answers, I take in a deep breath and trail towards the building.

Karl, what are you up to?.

(Karl’s POV)

I checked my time, 2 seconds more, immediately she opened the door and entered.

“Just about time” I smirked.

“Daniel said you requested for me?” Her eyes went up and she stared at me and backed at Lydia and the reporter, they both look weak and drained.

“Come closer” I ordered, she hesitated but did it anyway.

“K!ll them both” I brought out a gun from my jeans trousers and pointed the butt of the gun towards her for her to take it, she stared at me like I was insane.

“Are you crazy?” She screamed, stepping backward.

“Mind your words, know who you’re talking to ” I furrowed my brow angrily.
“Besides you said you needed training, step one, k!ll them”

“Yes I needed training, but not this type, not one that involves k!lling ” she screeched staring at the gun in my hand and back at me.

I could hear her heartbeat increase, she was scared, it didn’t concern me in any way.

let’s just say I had softened up a bit and maybe that’s why all these are happening, Lydia’s actions just made me remember the past and how evil people can be.

It made me remember my little sister and how she was brutally k!lled , the revenge, I swore I was going to grant her, it brought back memories.

“Annabella, if I exit this room and you don’t k!ll them, I’ll ru*in you, trust me, I’ll destroy you in a way no one can fix”. My voice was low but filled with anger, lu*st for vengeance.

“Karl” She mumbled staring at the gun and back at them.

“Count of 3 Anna” I screamed and she panicked, she grabbed the gun from me and kept on twisting her hands, has she ever seen a gun before?


“I’m trying!” She screamed.

“1” I crossed my arms and watched her intently.


With that, she pulled the trigger with her eyes closed and the bullet landed on the ceiling.

Her hands dropped the gun immediately.

“You are doom*ed, I’ll make you suffer” I scoffed at her and exited the room.

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