The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 35


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“Insolent, ungrateful, rude, idio-tic, hypo-critic jerk” I cursed as I paced around the room heedah had given to me in anger, why did I even go in there, I swallowed my pride just to actually apologize to him and this is what I get?

Arrrgh!!, I can strangle the life out of him with my bare hands and I won’t regret it.

Does he thinks I like him because I went to see him?, no I went there because I was so f*cking bored.

I jumped on the bed tiredly, mum must be worried about me, Heedah said she called her and explained we were having a girls night out so she won’t be worried, I was relieved when Heedah told me that, I didn’t want to give mum high blood pressure, she already had a lot on her mind and I didn’t want to be one of her problems…

I let out a sigh, a very heavy one, so it turns out Heedah was right all along, I wasn’t human, heck, I don’t even know what exactly I am

But it’s weird, it’s all weird, does that mean mom is also a wolf or maybe it’s dad, I really did not spend much time with Dad before he left us. But certainly, mum could have an idea, I’d ask her when I get back.

I know Karl said I shouldn’t worry about what happened last night in the woods but it was strange, why were those fireflies protecting me? why did j obey those women in white? I tried to resist it but the force to do whatever they ordered me was strong and why did Karl sing that song?
It sounded quite familiar but can’t recollect where I heard it before.

I feel like there are so many unsolved mysteries hovering around my life right now and I needed to sort it out.

” What are u doing here?” I heard Karl’s loud and angry voice from downstairs as he screamed at someone but who? could it be heedah?.

I ran downstairs to see what was going on but stop in my tracks when seeing an unfamiliar face, faces actually, two people, one looked like his in his late forties and the other looked like he was around the same age as Karl, just maybe two years older.

“That’s not the way to speak to your lovely uncle, Karl” the older man laughed clutching the briefcase in his hand tighter.

Uncle? Was that Karl’s uncle? what’s going on? Heedah was still holding the door, she looks speechless, she looked just as shocked as Karl was, if not more shocked.


“I asked a question, what are you doing here?”. Although I was injured, I felt like spilling blood, not just any blood, uncle Bernard’s blood, the younger brother to my father, he has always been hungry for power that it come else matters to him.

” well,” he clears his throat ” well I’d presume you haven’t heard the news yet.”

“What news” I cock my brow at him and he smirks before motioning for jake, his son, and of course, my so-called cousin to show me.

Immediately, Heedah checked her phone and closed her mouth shut immediately, what type of news were they referring to, if it can’t bring out much emotion from Heedah’s, then it’s must be really bad.

Jake walked closer to me with a smile on his face and stretch forth a newspaper before me, I hesitate not to break eye contact with him, Jake has always been an idiot, he carries out his father’s evil deeds with simply no remorse.

I took the paper and stared at it, I could feel my heart pump loud as I read the context of the newspaper, it was my dad, not only my dad, heedah, Daniel and Jasper’s too, they had an accident on their way back from Los Angeles, they crashed and all are in a coma, no one is sure of their survival or they will ever be the same if they ever survive, my hands were shaking but I tried to keep it intact.

“So you saw this as an opportunity to be your flirty self in my pack! what for?” I screamed at him, I screamed so loud that Heedah rushed to my side and hold my hand.

” mind your tone while you are speaking to my dad” Jake stepped forward in an attempt to protect his f*cked up dad from me.

“No” I scoffed, ” mind your tone while speaking to the alpha of this pack!” I glared at him, I could feel my wounds going deeper and the blood coming out with more energy than before.

” I am trying to help you Karl” Bernard scoffed.

“I don’t recall asking you and your banana head of a son for help”

” well even if you don’t need us, your father who’s my brother, who is in a coma needs my help and that’s why he signed these documents…” He stretched out his hand towards his son and Jake places some paper on it.

” these are signed documents of him telling me to take care of the pack and the school to he’s back” he handed me the paper and I took a look at them angrily, Heedah does too, she stares at me as if asking us at our next move is.

“This,” I looked at him. “Is trash” with that I tore the papers to shreds, he just stared at the pieces that fell to the ground.

” that’s just the photocopy, it isn’t a big deal that really think I will bring the original copy to you?”

“You killed them didn’t you?”

“You wouldn’t believe if I said I didn’t” he chuckled ” you have to step down as been the alpha and your duties, beside, you are heavily wounded.” His eyes scan through my shirt that was soaked with blood.

“Treat yourself and rest, let’s the elder do this”. With that, he turned and left.



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