Working As A Nanny

Working As A Nanny Episode 23

“โคWORKING ๐Ÿ˜˜
A ๐Ÿ”ฅ

๐Ÿ˜ป(The Ice Queen )๐Ÿ’ฅ

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter twenty Three ๐Ÿ–๏ธ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

You play dirty.” Jayden complains as he walk to me as I raise an eyebrow.

“I could feel your ego hurt from here.” I tease as we walk to the receptionist. “Hey, I’m Jada and this is my fiancรฉ Jayden.

We had an appointment with Jade Cloud.” I say making Jayden choke on air. I move towards him knowing why he reacted this way.

“Are you okay sweetie?” I ask innocently as the lady looks at him worriedly before her eyes widen.

“Oh My God! You are Jayden Williams!” She squeal as Jayden mutters an Oh No! “My best friend is your number one fan.

She has watched all your games and has your stickers.” She says with a grin.

“I see you missed your time with her but she’ll let you in when she sees who you are.

Maybe even have a private yoga lesson.” She says and I raise an eyebrow at her. She looks at me with the same smile. “I didn’t mean it that way. She doesn’t mix business with pleasure.” She adds.

She picks up the telephone. “Jade, you won’t believe who is in need of your services.” She says unprofessionally but enthusiastically making me grin.

“Wow! Do you get this reaction everywhere?” I ask a bored Jayden.

“I wish they were like hers. I get worse.” He says and I grin.

“Sucks to be you.” My grin continues and he smiles at me.
“I love how care free you are these days. You’re not as uptight as you were when I met you. Your eyes don’t look as dead too.”

He says making me shut up. I walk towards the lady who’s badge is written on Skylar.

“She’s ready to see you. Her office is down the hall fifth door on your right.” She says and I nod then start walking as per her directions.

I see Jade’s name written on the door and I knock twice. I hear a come in and just as I place my hand on the knob Jayden also places his making me look at him in question.

“I’m not sorry for what I said because it was true. You should learn to appreciate when you are complimented.” He talks looking into my eyes and I look away.

“I don’t need anyone’s compliments and you’re not my dad to tell me what to do or how to react.”

I say just as the door opens and a woman with dyed white hair and some red streaks appears with a smile.
“I heard a knock minutes ago and I told you to enter but…”

“Hi Jade. I’m Jada and this is my fiance Jayden…”

Jayden Williams.” She completes looking at Jayden in awe. Jayden just says a weird hello slightly moving closer to me.

“Can we come in?” I ask and she breaks from whatever trance she’s in and moves aside. I get in with Jayden close to me as she gestures to two seats. Jayden sits on one as I stand and look around her office.

Most things are about yoga apart from a basketball placed on a shelf.

“So, what do I owe this pleasure from the Jayden Williams and his fiance?” I roll my eyes when she inserts ‘the’.

“We’ll get straight to the point here Jade Cloud. We’ve been informed that you balanced books for the Spider a year ago before you retired. I’d really like to make this short for both you and I if you just cooperate with us.”

I say placing a hand on Jayden’s shoulder making her look between us in shock.

“I… I.. D” she starts. “Who the hell are the spiders?” She asks after composing herself.
“As I said, cooperate with us and we’ll make this short.

And we’ll be done here. And don’t think about lying to us.” I say my voice cold and lower. I move towards her desk.

“I have no obligation to tell you anything. You better leave or I’m calling the police.” She says standing going for the telephone on her desk but I hold her hand.

“The hard way it is then.” I announce as Jayden gets up and walks to the door and locks it making Jade freeze.

“Who are you guys?” I smirk.
“I thought just now you were looking at him like you want to kiss his feet and the path he walks in.”

I say and her wide eyes move to Jayden for a second before coming back to me. “Now, I’ll ask for the very last time and you better answer this time Jade.”

I say releasing her arm.
“Tell us about the Spiders and how they operate.” I ask my voice void any emotions and I’m sure my eyes are the same. The Jada that Jayden should know and get used to.
“I don’t know…” I take out a knife from my pocket and start toying with it as Jade suddenly whimpers.

“Why did you quit?” Jayden asks and Jade looks at him with a pleading look. I continue toying with my knife. She doesn’t say anything and so I stand and walk towards her.

“I have this darkness inside of me.” I say abruptly as I continue toying with the knife.
“I enjoy hearing these cries of pain. The more the cry, the more my satisfaction is. I really feel pissed off right now…” I get out another knife.

“I didn’t know who they were. I thought they were this people. My friend introduced them to me.” Jade says frantically and Jayden takes his previous seat.

“I did their work for almost three months and that’s when I realized things weren’t adding up. I told them that I wanted to quit. I wouldn’t do their dirty work anymore and that’s when they threatened me.

They told me if I work for six more months they would let me go as long as I changed my line of work.” She starts sobbing. “They threatened my daughter and mother and so I had to do as they said.”

“They always came to my office and I never knew what they did or where they worked from. But what I can tell you is that they are doing so many illegal activities and one of them is money laundering.” She says and I can see the fear for those people in her eyes.

“Anything else?” I ask and she shakes her head negatively.

“No. That’s all I know. They took everything linking to there work and so I can’t give anything to you.

They even burnt down my office.” She says her face full of tears. I gesture for Jayden to get up so that we can leave.

“You can’t just leave after forcing me to tell you about them.” She says and making me stop in my tracks.

“Give me your phone. If you feel you’re not safe any time of the day, I’ll make sure to help you. I’m going to put you under FBI’s protection.”

I say and she looks at me with wide eyes as I add my phone number to her contacts.
“FBI? No. What have I done? I was never to get any police involved.” She mutters.

“I’m not in the FBI. I have connections and the spiders won’t know that they’ll help you.” I say and she nods unsurely. Jayden and I get out and walk to our bikes ignoring Skylar.

We ride to my apartment and Jayden walks to the kitchen as I walk to my room and change into comfortable shorts and a tee. I walk to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of red wine and walk to the living room where Jayden is watching a basketball game.

We watch in silence. “You miss it don’t you?” I ask and he doesn’t say anything for almost two minutes.

“Yeah. But when I went back, I didn’t get the thrill anymore as I used to.” He says his eyes on the game. I don’t ask anything else understanding what he meant.

“What you said back there about your darkness, was it true or just one of your tactics?” He ask and I gulp down the wine.

“I need some more wine.” I announce getting up but he beats me to it.

“Me too. I’ll bring a glass and the bottle.” He says and I sit back down. He comes back minutes later with a the half bottle of wine and his own glass. We sit in silence watching the game.

“Yeah. I enjoy torturing. It gives me a certain thrill. And no I don’t mean sexual torture. I’m what you call a monster.” I say looking down at the glass.
“When did it start?” Jayden asks.
“Four years ago. Some people did me wrong and I was so broken that when I got my strength, I promised to make them pay for what they did to me. I enjoyed their cries.

Their pain. It made me satisfied. Doing it to other people makes me feel that I’m getting my revenge over and over and over again. And I get satisfied doing that.” I say a drop of tear rolls down my cheek.

“I really I’m a monster.” I say before letting myself cry. I feel Jayden’s arms wrap around me and I let myself cry in his arms.

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