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Working As A Nanny Episode 21-22

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😻(The Ice Queen )πŸ’₯

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter twenty oneπŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

“Jada. I’ve checked. Twice. But there’s nothing in there.” Cole says and I let out a long breath.

“Do you think that Jacob or his wife destroyed the chip before they died?” Cole asks a question that has been bugging me.

“We can’t know for sure and so we just have to search for it.

The killers seem too sure that it’s somewhere and so I won’t give up. Anything else?” I ask as I take the bag containing Linda’s headphones that Cole hands to me.

“Noel Scott lives in Jacaranda street 401.” He says typing in something rapidly in his computer.

A picture of a mansion shows and he prints it out. “That house to be precise.” It’s stated that Jacob and Lilian Williams bought the mansion and decided to gift it to him. It might seem like an act of kindness but it screams ‘suspicious’.”

He sings the suspicious part. I take the photo.
“Can you send me every information about the house?” I ask as I look at the beautiful mansion.

“Sure. I have it somewhere here saved.” I nod and thank him before living.

I get on my bike and drive to the mafia headquarters where I know Jayden is expecting me.

Twenty minutes later I give out my information as usual by the gate before getting in. I walk to Sydney’s office and ask where Jayden is but he only tells me that he’s looking around.

I call Jayden and tells me he’s near the gym where we the mafia members practice and perfect our skills.

I walk to the familiar place and find Jayden is alone and is using the treadmill. I walk up to him and stand beside him.

“I think this is the perfect time to know your fighting skill before I can teach you anything.”

I say as he continues his running. He does this for a solid minute and stops then stands in front of me eyeing my outfit from head to toe as he pants. I concentrate on the sweat that makes him look so much hotter.

“Okay. Go and change as I warm up.” He says and I smirk.

“Don’t worry, I can fight in anything and this leather, is no exception. Now hurry up and let me kick your sorry ass.” This time round he smirks before walking to the mats.

“How do I start?” He asks innocently and I let out a breath. Is he this hopeless?

“Okay. You can start by punching me.” I say standing straight and his I see his hands form a perfect fist.

Great. I nod and gesture for him to come and hit me using my two fingers and he comes hesitantly and tries throwing a weak punch and I laugh.

“You are so hopeless. Not even a punch Williams?” I chuckle. He smiles at me then exhales.

“Okay, I lied. I can hold myself well in a fight.” I smirk raising an eyebrow.

“Says the guy who can’t punch?” I taunt.
“Let’s start all over.” He says and gets into position but I continue standing.

He charges at me and and throws a strong punch towards my face and I block it just in time as I gasp in surprise.

He smirks at me while looking at me in my eyes. I unzip my jacket and throw it aside. Game on.

He charges at me this time with a kick and to my face but I duck it and punch his left side of the chest but he blocks it. We continue doing this for a long time but none of us are ready to give up.

Jayden pants as he continues fighting. Why did he lie about not knowing how to?

He throws a kick towards my right side and I use this opportunity to hold his heavy leg stopping it as I kick his left side with as much force as I can releasing my frustration.

How could he lie to me? Jayden falls to his right and since I’m holding his leg I follow him and land on top of him. I move aside and lay beside him as we pant trying to catch out breath.

“Why did you lie?” I ask still panting. I hear clap just aside us and I raise my head to see a grinning Sydney and excited Isabella.

“That was one hell of a performance. Your ST is really thick.” Isabella says as she walks towards us.

“ST?” I ask looking at her confused. Jayden gets up and offers me a hand to gets up as well but I don’t take it and stand too. Gosh! I need water.

“Yeah. Sexual Tension.” She says and starts laughing and Sydney grins beside her. I look towards Jayden and find he’s looking away as he puts on a tee but I’m sure he can hear.

“There’s no any kind of tension here. I’m just angry he lied to me about not knowing how fight.” I defend but Isabella purses her lips together pretending to zip it up.

I know you lie
‘Cause your lips are moving
Tell me do you think I’m dumb?

I might be young, but I ain’t stupid
Talking around in circles with your tongue
I gave you bass, you gave me sweet talk
Saying how I’m your number one
But I know you lie
‘Cause your lips are moving
Baby don’t you know I’m done

Isabella starts singing Lips are movin by Meghan Trainor as we walk out making me to start laughing.

“Sydney, your wife needs help. Maybe a punch to the head might align everything as it should be.” I say and Isabella pouts.

“Hey, I have my uncles wedding to attend to in two days and I want to look perfect. You both should come too.” She says and I smile. She walks to me and hugs me.

“You stopped visiting me and the kids. And here I called you my friend.” She says and I look at her giving her a small smile in guilt.

“At least Sydney asked me to go clubbing with you for this case you’re doing.” She says and my eyes dart to boss who’s talking to Jayden.

“No honey, I didn’t ask you to. You forced me to let you go.” He says glancing at us and I smile.

“You’re both adorable.” I state. I look at my phone when I hear it ring but Isabella picks hers up and receives it. Oh, okay.

“Sydney. Calla’s throwing another tantrum. We need to leave.” She says immediately the call ends. Calla is one of the two year old twins. We say our goodbyes and they leave in a hurry. Jayden walks to me cautiously and stands in front of me.

“We cool?” He asks.
“Not to make it a big deal but why would you lie? You are so damn good. I’ve never fought anyone that long.” I say waiting for an explanation.

“I needed you to fight me.” He says his face straight. “I couldn’t just say, ‘hey Jada, let’s fight.'” I look at him in confusion.

“Why would you want us to fight?” I ask and he smirks.

“It was either that or let me fu**k you.” He says his voice low as he comes nearer to me as I step back.

“Yeah. I need to get you out of my system. Mrs Kings was right about the sexual tension. It’s really killing me.” He says just as his lips are on mine aggressively.

He kisses me and just as he’s about to pull away, I snake my hand around his shoulders and kiss him back with the same passion.

Our shared breath lessens until he pulls away from my lips and attacks my neck.

This goes on for a minute until he kisses at my spot making me moan and at the same time making me come to my senses and I pull away.

“Did it help you? The fight?” I ask panting.
“No, infact it did the opposite.” He says his voice raspy and his eyes darker. I want to give in but I stop myself.

“We can’t.” I say but he only nods and starts heading towards the large doors. We don’t say anything as I follow him to my bike and we ride home silently.

We arrive at my apartment and he immediately heads to his room.

I walk to the kitchen and take a glass of water as I cool myself down. I take out a pan and start cooking some pasta but Jayden gets out of his room dressed up.

“I understand Jada and it was wrong of me to say that. I just need to step out. I’ll see you in the morning.” He says and gets out. I turn off the fire and walk to my room not in the mood to eat anymore.

I understand what he’s feeling. I can feel it too but I made a promise to myself almost seven years ago.

I’d never sleep with any male. Ash was the only man I would ever love and having sex with another male would feel like betraying him.

The theory might seem dumb but it makes sense to me.


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A πŸ”₯

😻(The Ice Queen )πŸ’₯

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter twenty twoπŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

We’re going to a couple’s yoga class. Get ready.”

I said as soon as Jayden got into the apartment.

I was sitting in the love seat with a glass of wine as I read Ryan’s letter. He stopped in his track and turned to me.

“When?” He asks looking at his phone.
“It starts at two. There’s spaghetti in the microwave.”

I say before taking a sip of the red goodness. Jayden didn’t return since he left and it’s now midday.

I had just been informed that a Yoga instructor, Jade Cloud, seems to work for the spiders. She was a CPA but retired a month after she was contacted by a mysterious group of people.

Jayden states making me look up to find him in the same spot. I smirk.

“Yeah. Where I’ll be wearing these pants that make my ass look bigger and bend slowl…”

“Okay stop. Whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working. Standing right here is a Jada free Jayden.” He says and I laugh as I stand and walk towards him.

“Why? Because you got yourself wasted and had sex with a number of girls?” I ask moving closer to him.

“No. I realized that maybe I wanted you because I spent so much time with you.” I raise my eyebrows.

“And yeah. I had sex with this crazy girl. And I don’t mean crazy in a bad way. She’s carefree and spontaneous. She’s cool.”

He says.
“So you mean if I do this,” I start placing my hand on his chest. “you won’t feel anything?” My hand starts moving to his torso.

“Nope.” He says his face straight. I move my hand to his left side above his heart and rest it there.

Then why is your heartbeat this fast?” I ask my voice low near his ear. He opens his mouth to say something but I move away from him and walk to where I placed my wine.

“Hurry up. We need to leave in twenty.” I say gulping down the last of it then walk to my room. I walk to my closet and take out a pair of yoga pants and matching sports bra.

I look for my white trainers and start getting ready. Lastly I take out a matching coat and walk out to my room.

I walk to the mirror and start combing through my black hair then place it into a ponytail. I check the time to see I have ten more minutes.

I walk out of my room and head to the kitchen and fill a glass of water and start drinking. Jayden comes out in nothing but a towel and water dripping down his six packs.

“You are staring Jada.” He says with a smirk and I immediately notice this has become a game to him. Payback for what I just did to him.

“You’re supposed to get ready. We’re leaving in five minutes. I say looking at his face.

I can see his body in my peripheral view and so I don’t move my eyes anywhere else.

Isabella was right, the sexual tension is so high and it’s suffocating.

I know no matter what Jayden says, he’s affected just as I am because I can see his eyes trailing down my body.

“Water.” He says moving closer to the fridge and takes out a bottle.

He gulps down the water as a drop spills and I watch it move down his jaw.

I stand and walk up to him and then take the bottle from him. I throw it behind me when I notice it’s empty not caring where it lands and push him to the wall a few inches behind him before planting my lips to his in a punishing kiss.

He takes a second before he kisses me back with the same passion trying to gain control of the kiss.

We both fight for dominance as I feel him move my back hitting the island making me gasp and his tongue slip into my mouth tasting me.

His hands roam all over my body making me moan out loud as his lips move away from mine and attack my jaw down to my neck until it reaches a spot that makes me release another louder moan.

“Let me have you Jada. I need you.” He says his voice husky.

I feel his hands on my butts and I jump encircling his waist with my legs bringing my heated core to his hard on.

I let out a moan at the same time he lets out a sexy groan as he thrust his hips to mine.

Everything escapes my mind as the same time as his lips move along with mine.

“Let me have you Jada. Let me worship your body like I’ve wanted to since I met you.

“He says his lips closer to mine and I just nod forgetting about the promise I made six years ago. I feel my back move away from the island.

He continues kissing me and the next thing I feel being placed on a comfy place. His lips separate from mine making me groan.

He opens the jacket I have and takes it off leaving me in my sports bra.

He moves to my neck and places a kiss as I feel him unclasping my bra at once then gets it of leaving my breasts uncovered.

He moves away and his dark blue eyes turn even darker at my sight making me almost cover up but I don’t.

I’m sexy and I’m comfortable with my body but the way he’s looking at me… I look at his body and notice he doesn’t have his towel on. Must have fallen off.

You are perfect.” He whispers as he moves closer to me and starts kissing my lips again as his hand moves to my sensitive right breast making me let out a moan.

His mouth moves to my left breast licking the nipple and slightly biting it. The heat in my core intensifies.

“Jayden. I can’t wait any longer.” I moan out making him move away. He takes off my shoes then my pants and panties at once.

“F**uk. You are so beautiful.” He says his voice husky.

He walks to a drawer and takes out his wallet. He takes out a wrapper that I identify as a condom. He opens it at once and puts it on in his impressive d**ick.

“Jayden.” I call him to hurry up. He walks to me and leans over me and starts kissing me as I feel his fingers moving down my stomach to my hot core.

“You’re so fu**king wet.” He groans as his fingers are replaced by the tip of his dick. I thrust my hips to his in need.

I need him inside of me. He groans as I moan and the next second he thrusts into me at once making me moan in pain.

I haven’t been penetrated for six years and it almost feels like the first time.

“Are you okay baby?” He asks and I nod since the pain is now replaced by pleasure.

He starts moving at a slow pace as he slowly increases it. I try matching his pace as I look into his eyes.

He looks straight at me too as his pace increases every second and I moan at how he keeps hitting my spot.

I push him away and make us change positions as I’m the one on the top.

I place my hands on his neck then start riding him as fast as I can still looking into his eyes as I do so.

I feel the familiar tightening in my stomach as he holds me in one place as starts thrusting me as fast as he can as I moan as the tightening continues.

I move my finger to my clit and start rubbing it as he groans.

“Come for me Jada.” With that I let go with a scream, my eyes shut.

I can hear Jayden’s groans too as he takes over rubbing my clit prolonging my orgasm.

I lay on Jayden’s chest my body stiff having the after shocks of the orgasms.

“I would have never guessed you are a squirter.” Jayden’s raspy voice says. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m not.” I say before my eyes opening wide. I had s*ex with a man! I shoot up from his chest and look down to him.

“You are a man!” I say dumbly and Jayden laughs but I see his eyes hold an uncertainty.

“I loved this and I needed it.” I start as I lay back on his chest. “But we can’t do this again. It was a one time thing.” I say and he rubs one of my butts.

“Yeah, I know. I asked to have you this once and as much I wouldn’t mind another mind blowing sex with you, I understand.

As I said, I needed to get you out of my system.” He says and I nod and let out a breath.

Now that we’re on the same page, we still had someone to see.” I say remembering the yoga class.

“Oh my gosh! We’re late.” I say jumping up. I look down at my body and groan. “I need a bath.

Five minutes and we’re leaving. For real this time.” I say and Jayden chuckles looking at me his eyes dark again.

He gets up as I leave. “This was the first and last time.” I say again just to be clear and he nods.

“Crystal clear.” He says throwing away the used condom.

I rush to my room and get into the bathroom as tears start trailing down my cheeks. “Oh Ash. I’ve done it.

I’ve betrayed you.” I cry as I try washing my body as fast as I can.

Minutes later, I get out and walk to my bed where I placed my clothes. I wear them as fast as I can before noticing I don’t have my shoes. ‘Must have left it in Jayden’s room.’

I think as I pick up my phone to see we’re an hour late and four missed calls from Cole. Must be wondering where we are.

“Hey Jayden, I left my shoes i…” I’m cut off by Jayden as he shows me my trainers in his hand as he comes out from his room.

I take them with a thanks before putting them on.
“Let’s go. We’re so late.” I say turning towards the door.

“I thought this would be awkward but I was wrong.” Jayden says making me nod.

“See, can be carefree and spontaneous too.” I state just as I get on my bike and him on his.

“Really? Then how about we see who arrives there first?” He asks and I smirk. Game on.

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