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Working As A Nanny Episode 12

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Chapter twelve πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

“Hey Jada. Any news?” Jayden asks immediately when I step into the mansion.

“No. All these have nothing. Cole’s coming in an hour to check your car. Maybe they placed it somewhere in there.”

I say as I hand him a bag with the locket, watch and Sarah’s photo frame.

“We have thirteen hours.” Jayden whispers just as Alexis walks to us.

“What if we give them something… counterfeit. We make a deal. Leo for the chip.” She says looking between us.

“Alexis. I told you, we can’t risk Le…” Jayden starts but I cut him off.

“Jayden, it seems we can’t find it anywhere. Maybe your brother destroyed it or gave it to someone else.

I think we should do what Alexis just said. We have no option.” Alexis nods and Jayden looks so conflicted.

“And furthermore that way I can catch them and they’ll go to jail.”

“No, you can’t.” Alexis says in alarm and I turn to her with an eyebrow raised. “Those men are ruthless.

What if they have everything planned out and they take you instead if they find out you’ve… Betrayed them?” She says but I don’t buy her explanation.

“So you want us to just do the exchange and let everything be?” Jayden asks in shock and frustration. ”

What if they find out what we give them is fake? They’ll come after Leo or me or anyone else.” He shouts and Alexis flinches.

“Don’t shout at me. I was only trying to help.” She storms out of the living room angrily and Jayden moves behind me and we both watch her.

“I don’t know what to think of that.” I say and he hums.

“We should look for something that could fit that description. And I might know
where to find it.” I say when the idea comes immediately.

“Where going somewhere dangerous. Just stay next to me.” I say and Jayden scoffs.

“I don’t need you to protect me.” He mutters under his breath but I catch the words and I smirk.

“I’ll need to go to my apartment first so that we can go. If you’re ready, let’s get going.” I say and he nods and follows me. We walk to my black Tesla model s.

Jayden doesn’t say anything for most of the ride and neither do I. I pull up in my parking spot in the basement parking and Jayden follows me as he looks around.

I open the door and as usual look for anything unusual for about five minutes. “It’s safe, welcome to my humble abode.”

I call out to Jayden who’s standing awkwardly next to the door. “Feel free but don’t touch anything from that corner.”

I say pointing to a corner with books and a desk that I spend many nights working from. He lifts his hands in surrender and I walk to my room.

I take off the blonde wig and brown contact lenses.

After I’m in my normal self, I strip my clothes and remain in my underwear. I walk to my closet and take out leather pants a black tank top and a leather jacket.

I comb my hair and tie it into a ponytail. I take my gun and two of my knives that I haven’t used for long. I go to a corner and dip my hand into a long coat and take out a badge with my name on it. I’m ready.

I walk to the living room and find Jayden reading a book. “Let’s go.” I say my voice monotone. Jayden turns to me and assesses me from head to my black boots.

“Now you made me curious. Where are we going that you had to wear matching clothes as mine?”

He asks and for the first time I notice he’s wearing a black jacket, navy blue shirt and black jeans and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” I say and head to the kitchen for a glass of whiskey. “Do you need anything?” I shout and he says he needs a bottle of water and so I take out two.

I gulp down the whiskey and walk out to find him looking at his phone. “Catch.”

I call out and throw the bottle at him and he catches it easily.

We walk out and I shut the door and we head to my car. “For whatever reason, don’t freak out. Just act normal.” I instruct just as I start driving.

Jayden turns to me with a questioning look. “And please. No questions after this. I’m just doing this to help Leo.” I say and look straight at the road despite feeling Jayden’s gaze on me for a long time.

I turn to a road that I’ve avoided for so long and I see the familiar gates ahead. I gulp and I turn to look at Jayden. He looks ahead probably trying to guess where we are but doesn’t say or ask anything.

We stop in front of the huge black gates and I take out my badge and point it to a screen.

“Good to have you back Candice Martins.” Tony’s voice booms from the speaker.

“Seems you still handle the good ol’ gates I see. We’ll catch up later. I need to meet the boss.” I say and the gates open. I feel Jayden’s intense eyes on me and I turn to him.

“No questions. Remember?” I ask and he doesn’t answer and I let out an exhale and drive to parking lot. “Look, it’s best if you don’t know anything.

Just stay close to me and don’t talk.” I say but he doesn’t answer. I open the door and get out and he does the same.

I walk into the large warehouse and Jayden follows me close-by. I feel a small tug on my jacket and I stop and turn to Jayden.

“You don’t get to do this. I want answers when we go back.” He demands his eyes holding a look.

“What I’ll tell you is that this is a very dangerous place that will help us find your nephew back.” I say and before he says anything, I hear a female voice.

Candice?” I turn to two women who are walking towards us. “When Tony said you’re here I couldn’t believe him.

You remember Amelia right?” She asks with a smile and I glare at the Italian woman next to her.

“Bianca’s sister? How can I?” Amelia looks at me in surprise with the dangerous look that I hold. Jayden holds my shoulder breaking my contact with Amelia.

“I don’t know what Bianca did to you but that’s between the two of you.” Amelia says and I glare at her.

“Candice, Sydney is in his office. We’ll talk later after I pick my kids from my mother’s house.” Isabella Kings says and my eyes soften.

“Say hi to her. I miss her.” I say genuinely and she smiles. Amelia looks away as Isabella takes her hand and they start walking.

“Jada. Please tell me what’s happening. Why do they call you Candice and who is Bianca?”

Jayden asks and I glare at him. I start walking towards Sydney Kings door and I knock just as it opens revealing the man himself.

“Well, well, well. Look who we have here.” He says amused and I slightly smile. Sydney helped me a lot. He saved me from my self and I owe my life to him.

He looks behind me when Jayden moves and his eyes dart back to me in question.

“Hello Mr Kings.” I say with a smile. “This is Jayden Williams . His family is my mission this time.” I say and he nods.

I move aside and Sydney shakes hands with Jayden.

“Wait, you’re Sydney Kings!” He says more if a shock than question. Sydney laughs and he turns to me. “I like him.” He says. I only give a curt nod and we walk to his desk.

“So what does my favorite fighter want? It’s been long Candice.” He says and I nod but he notices my cringe when he says fighter and glances at Jayden.

“We’ll we have a problem that I know you could help us with.” I say and Sydney studies me his playful expression gone to a cold professional one.

“Well you know how I work. There has to be a price.” He says. I saw this coming. I release a long exhale.

“I know. I’ll be available when you need me.” I say and he extends his hand and I do the same and we shake hands.

“Now that that’s settled, what do you want Candice?” He asks.

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