Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 41

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter forty one
Ace groan holding his phone , How to bake a cake he type staring at his phone.

“Gosh I don’t even know name of ingredients how the hell am I gonna get it”He said frustrated.

He took his phone and call His sister.

“Big brother”Jessica said happily.

“I need your help I would text you an address right now I want you to leave your school and come straight to there”Ace said tiredly.

“Ok big brother”Jessica said hanging up.

Ace sent the address to Jessica and he entered the kitchen to check how the kitchen look like.

“What the hell are you guys doing here!?”Ace shouted at his maids who stand beside the door.

“Erm sir the new erm”There all shivered in fear.

“You are cooking?”He said more like a question.

“No am baking I would be done in less than an hour”Alisa said without looking up.

“Every one of you should leave here right now!”Ace yell Coldly

“You don’t have to tell them to leave there might want to also learn”Alisa said.

“You should have allow me bake it”Ace whispered hugging her and she felt hot.

“So you can burn everywhere down” Alisa tease smiling.

“What you mean I can’t cook?”Ace whispered licking her ear.

“Yes am sure”Alisa said closing the oven,

“How about i explain how to bake a Chocolate cake?”Ace said pinning her to the wall.

“W h a t a r e y o u d o i n g”Alisa sluter her heart beating fast.

“This”Ace said slamming his lips on her.

“Mmm Ace”Alisa moan.

“Touch me as you want”Ace whispered sucking her on her lower lip.

Ace raise her skirt up and finger her pussy and she felt different emotions driving her crazy.

Ace bit her lower lip and she moan crazily there were interrupted by the sound of the door


Alisa look back and She felt shock.

*Hmm hmm,*Jessica said smiling and clearing her throat and Alisa felt shock.

“You can leave I don’t need your help again”Ace said staring at Jessica angrily.

“But you are the one that beg me to come so why are you yelling at me ?”Jessica said faking fake tears

“What the f**k is Wrong with you I said get out right now!”Ace Shouted angrily and Alisa shivered in fear.

Ace notice Alisa shivering and he sigh in frustration.

“Am sorry Sunshine I swear she was the one that got me angry”Ace pleaded staring at Alisa with his best puppy eyes.

“So Almighty Ace can Beg”Ace heard a voice said and he felt he is doom.

“Sir a young lady was seen with young master but we have not known who she is”Old grandpa king Spy said.

“What!! Are you serious like a young lady”Grandma sera said happily.

“Yes ma I think there are really close,there slept in same room”He said and grandma sera shouted.

“Like you mean my Ace king slept in same room with a young lady? Oh my gosh! If this is a dream I won’t want to wake up from this beautiful dream”Grandma sera scream more dancing crazily.

“Ok you can leave I would send your payment”Old grandpa king said coldly.

Old grandpa King felt really happy his grandson is finally becoming less cold hearted.

Who would have believe he would ever be seen with a woman?

Right from childhood he has always distance himself from girls only Jessica is lucky enough and it all because there are blood.

Grandma sera took her phone and call her Son and his wife, explaining everything the spy said to Them and there also felt shock and happy.

“So my Son would finally make me happy I can’t wait to see his wife”Ace mom gush happily.

“I wish you guys could see me to see how happy I felt for today my cold hearted Grandson is finally changing”Grandma sera shouted happily.
Ronald, Donald,Mia,Kira, Miguel and his wife stare at everywhere.

There felt really eager to know who the so called Boss that dare lock them up in a dark room.

Kira cried regretting everything she did,She won’t have ever think she would be lock up in same room with Her adopted parents,

She already plan with Donald that he would abduct them and make them sign the document but she end up in same room with the both donald and them,

She felt Ashamed and scared of herself thinking who the so called Boss would be.

What hurt her more is that after everything she did to make sure she has a night stand with Ace it was not possible!

She never knew she was just wasting her time.

Ronald and donald stare at each other with pure hatred, the Two of them won’t mind Killing each other all because of the so call document.

Ronald believe he can still Kill Donald while Donald also think same.
“Boss her delivery date is tomorrow”one of Jason boy said.

“Nice one everyone should get ready for this battle alot of blood would be shed”Jason said smiling evilly.
Who entered the kitchen 🙄
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