Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 33-35

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter thirty three
“Hey you stand up quick!”A fierce tattooed man yelled staring at mia who initially stood up lazily.

“How dare you shout at me like that!”Mia yell angrily.

“You should know that in this place you shouldn’t sleep much else you won’t know how you would die”the man said facing mia and she chuckle.

“Are you sick or what ?for what you just said I would make sure My fiance sack you you dare yell at me!”mia shouted in rage.

“What is happening here”mia heard a voice shouted and she turned back and felt shock and happy”

“Master I told her to…” the tattooed man tried saying but mia cut her off.

“Sweetheart can you believe that this fool here dare slap me I want you to sack him right now!”mia said faking fake tears.

“What how dare you slap my heartbeat!”xavier said walking towards mia and mia felt very happy seeing him angry.

Pah! Pah pah pah mia felt hot slap hitting her face in pain.

Lucas laugh whole heatedly staring at mia who was screaming in pain,Ace stare at their two coldly.

Xavier push Mia away angrily and she groan in pain.

“What did I do?” Mia ask in tears.

“Keep your mouth shut!”Ace said and mia could feel her heart beating fast.

“For now lock her up and don’t you dare give her water or food in the next twenty four hours”Ace said walking out of the room.

“You are too ugly for my liking you think I would fall in love with someone as poor as you, no monkey I don’t do that , you are really lucky I slap you but the way i would torture you you would regret everything you did!”Xavier whispered in to her ear and she felt shock.

“I don’t understand you mean you were just pretending?”Mia yell in tears.

“Yes and too sad you fell for it” Xavier said with an evil smirk.

“So you are nothing but a shameless…”Mia tried saying and before she could finish her words Xavier hit her hard on her stomach.

“Don’t you dare say any single words if not I would kill you” xavier stare Coldly at her and walk away.

Don held Naomi hands and draw her closer to himself, Naomi stare at him shyly.

“Look at me”He whispered in to her ear and she bit her lip trying to stop herself from moaning out.

“I already apologize I am sorry, you can get mad at me but please don’t ignore me”Don beg staring deeply in to her.

“I already forgive you”Naomi said in a whisper.

“Are you serious you forgive me?”Don ask shock and happy.

“Yes sir I already forgive you from the bottom of my heart sir”Naomi said.

Don cupped Naomi face and slam his lips on her, Naomi felt shock this is her first kiss he is stealing away, she felt happy knowing she finally lost her first kiss.

He roamed his hand on her body and he found himself not getting enough of the kiss. He tried to unzip her cloth but Naomi push him angrily.

“Am sorry sir but we shouldn’t be doing this am sorry for losing control sir I promise you it would never happen again”Naomi promise in tears.

She ran away feeling scared and her heart beating fast, she entered her room and lock the door.

She sat down on her bed and what happened minutes ago replay on her head.

She stands up and sat down on the floor confuse what if Don end up revealing to everyone that he was just playing pranks on her?

How would she cope If she find out he is just playing with her emotions?

Alisa entered the biggest mall at Newyork and she smile happily.

“This place is really beautiful don’t you think we should go for a cheaper one?” Alisa ask worriedly.

“No your new boss wants you to buy the best things so I took you to the best of all” Kaleb said with a smirk.

“Ok thanks so much for everything.”Alisa said smiling happily
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(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter thirty four
Kira felt her heart beating fast entering her father personal room, She search through everywhere and finally found the key she smiles happily opening the secret door.

She finally found the document and smile happily knowing she is finally gonna be wealthy once and for all.

“Tell them to come now I already get the document”Kira said hanging up.

She is having two things to herself tonight,The document and Snatching Ace King tonight to herself.

All thanks to her suggestions she would have lose Ace to that bitch that called herself Alisa,

Right from childhood she as always envy Alisa, Always despise her so much, She as always believe she should be the one that would be treated like a princess she is.

That why she as always lie on her, what hurt her most is that after everything there would still smile at Alisa.

Kira check carefully to be sure none of the maids or security are watching she came out of the room smiling happily unknown to her Kaleb as sneak in to the room.

“Boss done”Kaleb said in a whispered hanging up.

“I know I don’t worth someone as innocent as you but I just want you to know that I will do everything to make you happy just say anything you want and consider it done”Don whispered staring at naomi.

“I want to go home”Naomi whispered scared and don chuckle staring at her.

“Don’t you dare say that again”Don yell , if not I won’t mind Killing you right now”Don threaten,a little bit colder.

Ronald smirk smiling evilly,who would have believe he would reap everything he has sow for years.

He felt really happy knowing everyone of them is dying tonight, he would kill all his boys and also donald and his boy’s.

Tonight he must surely get the document from donald because the spy already confirm that Kira as found it.

“Gosh let me take a little rest before the operation start tonight” Ronald said smoking and sleeping off.

“Boss done”Kaleb whispered into the phone.

He use a very long rope to tie Ronald body tightly and zack entered smiling mischeviously.

“Help me with that let me pour it all over his body so he could sleep for hours”Kaleb said pointing.

Zack watch how kaleb Ronald was tie and he chuckled.

“Get us more drinks”Donald said happily.

“Thank you boss”his boys said bowing.

“You should stop calling me your boss I am your lord right now,if I dare hear boss in anyone mouth I would sluter the stupid brat!”Donald yell drunkingly.

His boys hold him tightly and tie his neck and he scream in pain.

“Boss done”Kaleb whispered entering the sitting room.

Ace felt really happy knowing Kira, Donald, And Ronald would finally be an history he felt really scared of how he would approach Alisa.

He won’t deny he is scared,Scared of getting hurt, but even if he is scared or not he would visit her tonight.

He needs to stop keeping the truth away from her.

He won’t want the idea of being separated from his family.

Though it was not his plan to impregnate her but he just found out it is Her ex best friend mia that gave the barman to add it.

He once said he would make everyone of them confess and go to jail before telling her the truth but nope! He can’t hold it any longer.

He as fallen in love with her right from the first night there made love, even if he was drunk he can still remember how he ride her crazily is still on his brain.

She is his only weakness and for now he needs to hide her from the wicked world.

“No matter what it takes I am confessing tonight”Ace said smiling.

“It is not any of my business if that girl stole your document or anything I just want you to provide my daughter is that too much to ask for!”Alisa mom yell in tears.

“Honey you don’t understand our daughter took the document where did you want me to find her!”Miguel ask frustrated.

“To hell with that girl you call my daughter I am talking about Alisa my biological daughter!”She shouted angrily.

“Why are you shouting woman we should look for the document first you know without that document everything is gone!”He yell angrily.

“I don’t care all I know is I want my daughter.

“Ma,sir this man is here to see you”Their maid said bowing.

“Ok you can leave”Miguel said sweating.

The two felt their heart beating fast seeing Kaleb, Ace right hand man and there have not still found Alisa.

What could he be here for?

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(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter thirty five
“Why is everyone busy?”Alisa ask one of the maid.

“The boss is coming back home tonight and we need to make sure Every where is set before his arrival”The Maid said arranging the kitchen.

“Wow so he would be back tonight?”Alisa ask surprised.

“Yes bring out all the utensils at that side we need to wash everything”The head maid said entering.

“Ok ma”Alisa said bowing.

“No miss Alisa you should go to your room now and rest I would call you later so you can arrange the young master bedroom”The headmaid said smiling.

“Ok ma”Alisa said bowing.

“Ma why is she resting when we are all working?”One of the maid ask angrily and the headmaid chuckle.

“You would know why soon”The headmaid said smiling.
Alisa entered her room and felt really happy, she does not know why but she is so eager to see the young master everyone is talking about.

She lie down on her bed yawning tiredly, She frown noticing that right since when she start this her new work she as always been free,no stress or could it be The young master want to come home to see her before she would start work.

Alisa yawn closing her eyes and sleeping up.

Kira check herself in the mirror and smile staring at her image.

She dial Xavier number and he pick immediately.

“He is on his way just sit down when you reach there I already ordered the drink for the two of you just drink yours and when he reach the bar he would order for drink, the barman would also add Same thing he added into your drink”Xavier explain.

Kira laugh happily hanging up, She as always love to be call mrs king and now her dream have finally come to past.

She already hire reporters that would be outside the room and by tomorrow there would be flashes of light,the reporters would be asking both her and Ace question and she would use that as an opportunity to make the world know she is Ace fiancee.

She entered her car and smile more.

“Please drive fast I am late”she commanded her driver and he felt shock.

“You said what ma?the driver ask.

“I said you should please drive fast sir”Kira said in a polite tone and the driver conclude His madam is up to something evil,

He has been working for the min for the past ten years and he has known everything about everyone of them.

“I just pray any evil thing she is up to won’t be successful”The driver prayed silently while driving.
Jessica laugh wholeheartedly holding her tummy tightly, xavier as been narrating his childhood memories and she laugh happily.

“It okay my stomach hurts alot”she said holding her tummy.

“So what else should I tell you”Xavier ask staring at her.

“Can you tell me the real reason you turn into a playboy because I am sure you are not born as a playboy who turned you into it?”Jessica ask giving xavier her best puppy eyes which she is sure he can not resist.

“Her name is Aria”Xavier said his voice becoming more cold.

“Ok”Jessica said.

“Barbie am not in the mood to narrate this story tonight because it brings back sad memories I am trying to bury”xavier said in a more colder voice

Jessica conclude it would be a very sad story but she wish to know what happened she needs to find out because her mind has not been at rest since that night he told her it was never his wish to be a playboy.
Ace felt his heart beating fast how would he approach her tonight, Kaleb already told the headmaid that he would call her to tell Alisa to start arranging His bedroom.

He felt really scared,who would have believe Ace king the most feared and powerful Trillionaire would be scared of a female.

He chuckled silently knowing how cold hearted he is but now he has got a weakness,a special being,

If anyone ever tell him that he would ever as a weakness he would have laugh wholeheartedly and teach the person a lesson he or she would never forget in his or her life

But now he has got one the one that continue troubling his poor heart, always thinking about that soul no matter what it is,

He is scared of losing her, today would be the second time there are meeting and he knows he has got alot of enemies after his life and there would surely be after her

Ronald, donald Kira, mia are actually after her life those four are actually after her father property.

Wait he is missing something where could Jason Alisa ex be?

He needs to find him as fast as possible he is sure he would surely regret cheating on her and he might also want Alisa back.

“Kaleb I want you to find Jason Alisa ex as fast as possible”Ace said Coldly.

Ace entered his mansion and all the maids line up in a straight line to welcome him home.

He nod his head and hurriedly walk in to his Master bedroom with his heart beating fast.

He entered his room and meet the most beautiful creature he has ever seen, only staring at her back alone Ace know she is really beautiful, he felt the urge to hold her tight but he hold himself. He clear his throat and Alisa turn back to see the master everyone is talking about.

There stare at each other and there could feel their heart beating fast.

“Good evening sir”Alisa greeted breaking the eye contact.

“How are you love?”Ace ask staring at her and she could feel his stare piercing into her.

“Am fine sir”She said staring at the floor.

“….Love look at me.”

No sir i can’t!!

He sighed moving closer to her.

“What wrong love?”

“Am not your love!! Am your maid.

No you are not my maid!! you are mine, you are my love.You are my missing rib

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