Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 29

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter twenty nine
In a dark alley a shadow could be seen trying to sneak in not to attract anyone knowing,he tried opening a secret door but he find it hard to open the door,

He brought out an hair pin and he successfully open the door.

He entered inside the secret room and planted a tiny camera inside the secret room.

He lock the door fast and left the dark alley without anyone knowing.

“Get in fast”a voice commanded and he felt his heart beating fast.

He entered the car and the driver drive fast .

“Wow congratulations I felt really scared I thought you might get caught you know how smart their boss is.

“Thanks”the guy said removing his mask and it turned out to be Kaleb.

“So what the next plan”The driver ask smiling.

“For now we need to stay low, after some days zack would add another camera on his hair or phone”Kaleb said.

“Ok see you later we need to depart here to avoid attention, we don’t know who is who?”the driver said wearing a mask and coming down.

Kaleb drive straight to his apartment fast, he changed the plate number of his Car to avoid problem.
“In the same dark alley a shadow could be seen yawning tiredly.

“Wow when did I slept up?”He ask yawning lazily.

“Well maybe it because I am tired”He answered himself.

“Zack” he called Coldly.

“Get me a strong drink”He commanded puffing out smoke.

“This is it boss” Zacks said

“Thanks sit”He commanded and zack felt shock.

“We need to come up with a plan because with what am seeing donald is trying to outsmart us I want you to put a spy in his mansion that would be telling us every single thing”He said smoking.

“Thanks so much boss for trusting me to the extent of explaining every single thing to me I promise that the spy would be really smart than you think” Zack said bowing.

“That why you would remain my favorite among everyone of my boys, I promise to reward you handsomely after all this game, what we should be after right now is that document”The man promise.

“Ok boss”Zack said bowing.

“You can leave”The boss said Coldly and zack left immediately.

“You heard that right save everything and transfer it to young master” Zack said disconnecting his earphone.
Don stare at Naomi for the umpteenth time, He won’t deny the feelings anymore.

He as fallen in love with her and the most shocking thing is that for the past two days he has been at the hospital staring at the unconscious Naomi.

He regretted everything he did to her, He is not the cruel type even if others see him as a monster he knows he always have a soft heart which anyone don’t know,

His real reason for treating Naomi like that is because he want her to learn her lesson and treat everyone equally.

He regretted everything he did, seeing the maids abusing her and all he care about is revenge.

Naomi once abuse him in public and he as promised to get back at her but now she has been frustrating his poor heart.

Naomi sneeze and don jump up shock,

“You are awake”Don ask staring at her.

“Water”she whispered.

“Am coming let me call the doctor”Don said running out fast.

“She is fine and she would be discharge soon”The doctor said.

“Thank you so much for waking up”Don said hugging Naomi and she felt confuse.

“Allow Ryan be the spy”Ace said Coldly.

“Ok young master I would inform zack and I would forward their conversation to you” Kaleb said on the other end.

“So how is she doing?”Ace ask coldly.

“She is fine young master she would have slept up in the other room”Kaleb said.

“Watch over her with your life I won’t want her to get hurt or my twins”Ace said disconnecting the call.

“You call yourself boss but I would make you regret ever trying to hurt my love ones I think it time I visit Sarah”Ace said Coldly.

who now know who the so call boss is ?🤷
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