Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 26

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Sorry it short
Chapter twenty Six.

Sarah felt really scared running fast, she felt her heart beating fast, No she needs to run for her life! She can’t continue living in that dirty cage for years,

She is ready to die but she won’t die in that monster hand! He has always treated her like a trash and she needs to run away.

She needs to go far away from that monster she call her husband! The cruel Man that as always derive joy in hurting her all because she is cage.

She regretted everything she did all because of her greadiness but that won’t stop her from running away from the beast she once choose.

Her leg was hurting her but she dare not stop, she can’t risk getting catch! She is really sure there are after her,there would surely do everything to make sure she was find, she knows there won’t relent but she would kill herself than going back to that monster husband.

Sarah blink back her tears remembering she once choose Donald over Manuel, she regretted every decision she make, She vow to Manuel and left without fulfilling her promise.

Donald promise her to bring heaven down for only her not knowing he was just using her as a bait to get what he wants.

Who could have think donald is just after Manuel downfall!

“Get her!”She heard and she scream running fast.

“Ahhh”She shouted her heart beating fast.

She tried Crossing the road fast but a car stop and commanded,

“Get in”The driver commanded and Sarah felt happy and scared.

“Who sent you?”She ask feeling scared.

“It Ace king ma”The driver said and Sarah felt happy.

The ambulance took Naomi to the hospital and Don felt scared entering her hospital ward.

“So how is she now?
he ask staring at the unconscious Naomi

“She was poison”The doctor said.

“What!! How ? You are joking right”Don yell angrily.

“I am serious she was poison and she might not wake up anytime soon the poison is really deadly”

“Ok thanks”Don muttered tiredly.

Don felt really angry and guilty staring at the unconscious Naomi, who could have poison her,

“Could it be she drank it because she was frustrated?”He ask confuse.

He is not use to being worried about anyone but she is really taking after his heart which is really frustrating.

He was born and brought up to be strong no feeling attach but how is heart beat for Naomi is frustrating!

He regretted lieing to her, He would wait till she wake up before finding out the culprit because right now he is also not in his right mind.

Xavier phone vibrated and he checked to see a strange number calling.

“Who are you?He ask rudely.

“You should try to stop being rude it Kira”Kira said smiling.

“Yes how may I help you?”xavier ask with a smirk.

“I need your help but I can’t discuss it now I would forward the address to you thanks have a nice day”Kira said hanging.

“That bitch I know she would surely call”Ace said angrily.

“Wow she has sent the address she said we should meet tonight”Xavier said smiling.

“Wow do fast that girl is nothing but a bitch want to have the taste of Xavier long dick”Lucas said.

“Am not going to anywhere tonight I need to visit my girlfriend Xavier said frowning.

“And what are you trying to say?”Ace ask coldly.

“That I can’t visit that bitch only one condition”Xavier said with a mischievous smirk.

“And what the condition?”Lucas ask laughing.

“I need to know who as the longest d**k, Could it be Ace, Lucas or me, so I bought a measuring tape and everyone of you would strip after that I want Ace to twerk for me and you would be naked so I can see how good you are in twerking”Xavier said blinking his eyes innocently.

“Wtf!!”Lucas and Ace shouted shock.

“So Ace how many inches is your d**k?”Xavier ask with a smirk.

How many inches is Ace dick😹🤔
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