Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 23

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter twenty three
“There is no document”Manuel cried shivering in fear.

“There is document and I need it now!”a voice said pointing gun at everyone of them.

“No ooooooooooooo”She scream sweating,

“Honey what wrong?”Manuel ask yawning.

“I have a bad dream that Kira pointed a gun at us asking for the document and I heard a familiar voice entered also asking for the document but I can’t remember who the second person is”She narrated in tears.

“It just a silly dream how would your daughter point a gun at us? Try and sleep and stop crying it can never come to past I promise you”Manuel said hugging her.

“Please Manuel I want to see Alisa I miss her”She said in tears.

“I promise you soon you would see her”Manuel promise.

Don ran out feeling scared for the first time in years.

He Ran outside and Carried her into a bridal style running inside his bedroom.

“Treat her now!”He commanded his doctor.

” I would have to pull off everything she is wearing”The doctor said.

“So what are you still waiting for!”He shouted angrily,

“You should have use your maggot brain that she would have to wear another cloth or did you expect her to be naked,Give me one of your Short and shirt”The doctor yell.

Don open his closet and brought out one of his big shirt and short.

“You shouldn’t have allow her stay for long in the rain if you have left her for more minutes she would have died”The doctor said and Don felt shock.

“Why would she have die all because of that little rain?”Don ask.

“I want you to keep quiet right now! that rain you call little is actually what can kill her she is scared of rain and thunder So if you know what good don’t you dare try giving her that kind of punishment all because she mistakenly broke a silly Cup”The doctor yell angrily.

“And what are you trying to say Sua? I can see your silly mouth as start spilling out nonsense it best you keep it shut before I shut it for you”He yell angrily.

“And what would you do beat me or what ?you dare not play with fire because you would get burnt you know you still owe me Barbecue and a very big ice cream”Sua said standing at Don front and holding her waist dramatically.

“Gosh I am dead!I think it high time you need to get transfer back to Korean or what did you think”Don said with a smirk.

“Of course I also think so let me carry all my stuff and I think before middle of the night she would have die or what did you think?”Sua ask blinking her eyes innocently.

“Are you kidding me or what you want her to die”Don yell angrily,

“No you want her to die because if not you won’t allow her stay under the rain and if you dare tell father anything I swear I would do what would hurt you for life You know this girl life is in my hand and I can kill her right now”Naomi threaten with a smirk

“Are you trying to blackmail me? you need to go back to Korean”Don said coldly.

“I know but you shouldn’t be the one remembering me I would go at the right time”Sua said sitting down.

“Fine!I agree”Don said giving up on the discussion.

“That my big boy”Sua said giving up.

“That girl needs to rest for some days she is really weak and she might wake up by tomorrow,she shouldn’t stress herself for now and please try to monitor the kind of food she eat she might have an ulcer soon if care is not taking”Sua advice

“Ok thank so much Doctor sua”Don said coldly eyeing her,

“Welcome I need to go and if you dare call Father I promise I would not finish treating her I would leave her treatment hanging,Sua said walking out of Don sitting room.

“Gosh she is too Crazy”Don muttered,

Don entered his bedroom to see Naomi sleeping peacefully he walk up to the bed and he sat down beside her he stare at her face and he felt the urge to touch it.

“She looks really innocent while sleeping”He said staring at her.

Don found himself staring at her more he never knew she is this beautiful with her long lashes,She has a Kissable lip and he felt the urge to kiss her.

He found himself holding her face he tried Kissing her but her words stop him.

“Please I swear am sorry,mom,dad save me”She whispered and two tears drop freely from her face.

“She is crying while sleeping am I too cruel to her”Don said still holding her face softly

He remembered sua words and sigh he knows she would dare not lie to him,Sua is Don childhood friend and she left Korean to Australia to find her prince Charming,

She is the Crazy type and hardworking at Twenty she became the most youngest Doctor ever,She is really smart and beautiful but her craziness is unlimited and right since when she came she has been using every opportunity to tease Don to get married.

*That girl needs to rest for some days she is really weak and she might wake up by tomorrow,she shouldn’t stress herself for now and please try to monitor the kind of food she eat she might have an ulcer soon if care is not taking*

“Gosh!why am I feeling guilty”Don said still staring at her.

“I have always told you guys that that girl is a winch now see what am saying!”mimi one of don maid Shouted angrily.

“Leave her to me she would surely regret herself”The head maid said angrily.

“Did you know if master is making her go through pain inside his mansion you guys are just here splitting nonsense out!”Nikita said walking out of them angrily.

“Don’t you think we should eliminate that badstard” the head maid said smiling evilly.

“Yes I think so”Mina agree happily.

“I know you would later betray me after her you are also going”The head maid said silently,

“Well let silence her and then you would be the one going next”Mimi said in her mind smiling.

“So immediately she is back we would start treating her well so she would think we love her before killing her”The head maid said.

“Who sent you?”Ace ask holding one of his maid neck tightly.

“Hmm please please nobody sent me”She scream in pain.

“If you don’t answer my questions I would make you go through pain before you die and also I would end all your generation! I am Ace King no one dare play game with me so for the last time who sent you”

“It Donald Sir”The maid said shivering,

“Wow nice one I love this game he is playing with me”Ace said grabbing his gun.

He shoot her twice and she groan in pain.

“I don’t want you to die I would want you to tell him I am Ace and no one dare try to play game with me and outsmart me!”Ace shouted to her pushing her away, Unknown to her Ace already add tracker on her hair while holding her neck.

Ace felt really angry but immediately he remembered His Angel and his twins he smile unknowingly,
“So that is everything about my life”Alisa said tears flowing freely from her face.

“Hey it okay You should not cry or feel unhappy that life for you but I promise you everything would be fine”Kaleb advice.

“Thanks so much”Alisa said cleaning her tears.

“You are welcome”Kaleb said smiling

“I would start my job hunting by tomorrow”Alisa said

“Am so sorry for betraying you but no one would dare employ you tomorrow”Kaleb said in his mind staring at Alisa.

“I wish you good luck”Kaleb said smiling,

“Ok it so nice chatting with you I gotta sleep good night”Alisa said yawning.

“Ok Good night dear and sleep tight”Kaleb said smiling and walking out of Alisa room.

Kira continue hitting everything her hands could touch,she felt really angry and hurt remembering Ace and his family.

There dare call her a badstard! That one of the reasons she hated Alisa, How would there try to compare she and Alisa remembering the slap alone it makes her more angry.

“At this point I am ready to give my body and soul to anyone that is ready to betray Ace,all she has to do is come up with a great plan, Yes! She should have think of that for long than feeling angry.

“I think I would just seduce one of his friends then we would drug Ace and he would mistakenly rape me! Boom am pregnant”She scream dancing crazily.

She felt really happy knowing this plan would surely work and the day she would carry out her plan she would make sure reporters are there to announce it.

“It so shocking to announce that ACE KING the cold hearted Trillionaire was caught in an hotel raping miss Kira min”She said smiling,

All she have to do right now is get close to Ace friend and that would surely be xavier!
How much is coffee in your area I think we should start preparing Kira burial? 🥴

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