The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 32


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 32 ❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Water??’..Marco,the head of patrolling guard asked as he handed a cup of water over to me which I drank like I had been starved for ages…

‘Thank you Marco’..I muttered and he wrapped another blanket around me,and smiled nervously..

‘You know if you need anything just come to me and I’ll be here for you’..He said and I felt something like a tingling sensation in me..

The exact same sensation I got when I kissed the king which I’m so happy that he doesn’t know about…

‘Marco leave the maid alone!! He just wants to get in your pants dear maiden don’t take him seriously!!’..One of the other guards which I don’t know said aloud and everyone roared a hearty laugh leaving my cheeks red with embarrassment…

‘Do not listen to them Alondria,just be comfortable okay??’..Marco whispered and I couldn’t help but smile..

‘The king isn’t back yet where is he??’..I asked glancing around the dark woods..

‘Who knows??’..He replied and I frowned..

‘Should’nt you guys be con—

‘Hey leave the guarding to us maid!! Let men do their thing while you women do yours and what is that?? Ohh the kitchen!!’..The guard who made the stupid joke said again and everyone laughed..

Self control Alondria…

Don’t let him get to you…

‘I’ve had it with women you know?? Some of them think they actually amount to something when the only thing they’re useful for is to warm a man’s bed and bear children’.. another guard added and my grip on the wooden cup tightened…

‘Ohh no you guys shouldn’t say that?? Surely you can’t belittle them like that?? They aren’t weak? They’re just voiceless,useless,fragile and many other words’..Another joked and everyone laughed again except Marco and I…

Okay that’s it!!..

‘Ohh and what do men do actually?? Carry a tail in front of their legs and peeing on innocent trees?? Being egocentric and stupid when deep down most of them are cowardice?! Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves!!’..I yelled as I got to my feet and then silence filled the circle..

‘What gives you the right to—

‘Ohh shut up!! You think I don’t see you going into the women’s wash room to steal underwear?! And you—You think I don’t know how you run out of your bed every night cause you have nightmares and how you always tell the sky that you don’t even want to be a guard but rather a tailor??’..I got in and they all gasped..

‘You puny little—

‘Woman?? Just one more deregatory statement and I’ll reveal your secrets one by one!”..

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