The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 27


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️? Episode 27❤️?

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️

‘Like she was so shocked!!! She was so terribly shocked to see me sing so beautifully!!’..i said excitedly as I landed on the soft bed.

‘It’s a miracle I heard the King’s plan and it’s also another miracle I found another person to sing on your behalf ‘..Meredith replied and I chuckled a little bit…

‘She thought she could actually get me to leave the competition did she?? You know Meredith there’s a big difference between a beautiful princess and a smart one and when you’re both it’s magical’..

‘Yes your highness and the next agenda of our plan is to get the king to fall in love with you but you shouldn’t make your intentions that obvious to him’..She said and I nodded in acknowledgement of her plan..

I mean what would I do without her??..

What would I do without my darling Meredith by my side??..

King Roland’s POV ♥️

‘You know I never expected such behavior from Princess Nadia, she seems so upright in nature’..Gregory said as he poured the last bit of wine into my goblet..

‘What else do you expect from the female gender?? They do despicable things just to get a man’..I said feeling kind of drowsy and he smiled..

‘Well not only is a man involved in this whole saga dear cousin,power and alliances are also—Roland are you drunk??’..

‘Me?? Drunk?? Hell no I am not drunk one bit I am far from drunk’..I replied and coughed lightly..

‘You are drunk Roland!! You are really drunk!’..He laughed and I frowned deeply..

‘Just shut up and get me another bottle of liquor’..

‘You know I like the drunk you, the less boring you’..He said..

‘Okay I am out of here it’s clear you won’t let me drink in peace even though it’s my birthday’..I groaned and staggered a little bit while trying to stand up..

He is right..

I am drunk..

Hours Later at Night ?
I woke up feeling restless and still drowsy in the middle of the night and still in the mood for something I dragged myself down to the wine cellar ignoring all the drunk guards on watch and then grabbed another bottle of wine which I downed the contents in a gulp…

‘Your highness??’..I heard a female voice call from behind me and I turned around but couldn’t see who it really was but all I knew is that I wanted to kiss the beautiful figure…

‘Come here’..I ordered and when the figure stepped closer I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her mouth with so much passion and hunger that it felt good..

But it didn’t last long…

She ran away into the darkness leaving me void and clueless..

Who the hell did I just kiss??..

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