The Royal Maid

The Royal Maid Episode 26


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 26 ❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️

What is going on??..

How on Earth did— Oh Princess Nadia must have told him somehow..This is so exciting and I’m pretty much sure His highness is going to disqualify her…

‘Okay then I will sing,but if I do and I win then Princess Nadia who I’m sure laid a false accusation on me must be banished’..She replied and I pursed my lips…

Please whoever is up there in the heaven’s don’t let her sing beautifully or else I’ll be in so much trouble…

‘Okay then,everyone take a seat and let’s watch her sing’..Princess Nadia chipped in and after the murmurs of the crowd died down Princess Reana started to sing…


Her voice is beautiful!!..

Wait,what’s going on?!!..

Princess Reana has a very beautiful voice and I can’t believe this!!..

If she has such an angelic voice then why did she want me to sing??..

‘Stop this nonsense!! Stop this!’.. Princess Nadia screamed and everyone turned around..

‘Your highness you can ask the maid yourself!! This is not Princess Reana’s voice I can swear my life on it!! She must have performed some hickory-dickory sorcery to make her sing like this!!’..She added and his highness frowned..

‘Alondria is she saying the truth?? Did Reana tell you to cheat??’..He asked me and I gulped hard looking at the queen who haughtily stared at me..

What should I do??..

What should I do??..

‘Maid,speak’..He ordered more adamantly this time and I finally spoke reluctantly..

‘No,the princess never came to me,Princess Nadia is clearly lying’..The lies forced it’s way out of my throat and everyone gasped…

‘She is lying!! The maid is a liar! Reana has threatened her or done something to scare the poor girl!!’..Princess Nadia pointed and then Princess Reana bursted into a fake load of tears…

‘Your highness I have been bullied by her ever since I came here and she clearly hates me just like the other princesses!! Is it a crime to be beautiful and talented??’..She whimpered..

‘Enough of this!! Princess Nadia! Cheating is never condoned in my castle and you clearly do not have the qualities of a good queen so you are hereby disqualified and banished from this part of the country until your father renders an apology to Princess Reana’s kingdom for the dishonour’..The king pronounced and she chuckled..

‘I never lie your highness and one day you all would realize the wolf in sheep clothing!’..She said aloud and walked out…

I quickly went after her making sure that no one was following me and went into her room..

‘I am really sorry your highness she… she—

‘It’s okay Alondria,I know she put you in a terrible situation and it’s my fault so I should be apologizing’..She cut in and stroke my cheeks..

‘You are one nice princess in as much as I hate to say it your highness and you have integrity which is something most princesses here don’t have,Your absence would be felt’..I replied .

‘You don’t have to worry Alondria and whenever you need help don’t hesitate okay?? Write to me and I’ll come for you’..

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