The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 33-34


~By Dolly Writes💅~

🥺EPISODE 33-34🥺



“Anna, you can’t do this,” I screamed to her, or rather the influnce That was controlling her, I mean it was quite obvious that it certainly wasn’t Anna.

She growled and came forward stretching out her claws but rolled over to the other side and she falls.

“Anna I don’t want to hurt you.” I sighed staring deep into her eyes, there was nothing there, it was black, she was fully under their control, she growled again, but this time, I urged forward with force, I was not fast enough to move away and she got onto of me and dragged sharp claws on the neck.

I winced in pain, I was sure there would be a mark there

I was getting angry, I didn’t want to change to my wolf form cause I was scared about what I would do, I didn’t want to hurt her, I pushed her away hardly and stood back on my feet.

“You are weak Karl.” One of the women said.

“You have always been weak, and you will always be weak.”

“Shut the hell up woman,” I scream not drifting my attention, I had to monitor Anna to know what direction she’d jump to and how to dodge her, it was better than turning to my wolf form and hurting her.

“The only mistake your mother made was giving up on her true nature, her sisters, and her clan just to be with your loser Father and give birth to you.”
Another one said.

they were toying with my head, I knew they were but I couldn’t help it, the anger, the memories, the loneliness, everything I had hidden for a long time, all of them came to the surface. I growled

“I said shut up!.” with that, I changed into my wolf form, letting it take over as I lurged towards the witches, I knew I was no match for them, they were strong, much stronger than I was, one of them pulled her hand making me fall in the direction of her hand, I hit my back hard on a tree and groaned in pain.

I try to get up but fall back when a weight falls on me, it was Anna, she was on top of me, her fangs are out and sharp, I pushed her, I pushed her so hard that she landed on the other tree, oh no, what have I done.

To my surprise, she got up almost immediately, is that supposed to be bad news or good news? I can’t tell because in seconds she pinned me to the ground and kept on scratching on my chest fiercely.

I cried out for other wolfs loudly, I planned to call Heedah, Winter, Daniel, and Jasper and I hope it worked, I couldn’t fight back because I didn’t want to hurt her, those stupid witches just stood on the other side of the woods and smiled as though watching a movie.

I turned her over and quickly transformed into my human form, I pinned her down with my hand strong on her neck and held her from using her claws.

“Anna, listen to me,” I whispered but it was with enough energy, hopefully enough to penetrate through whatever spell was cast on her. She still struggled, not to survive, no, to harm me, to kill me, to take out her mistresses order by all means.

“This is not who you are, this is not who Edna wanted you to be.” I stared deep into her eyes still pinning her down, there was still no sign of Heedah and the rest, this was my last resort, if it didn’t work then one of us would have to die, or both of us.

“They are controlling you, Anna, you are stronger than this, you can get past this.” I tighten my grip on her neck.

A song appears in my head, when we were kids, it was crystals bests song then, actually crystal, Edna and Anna, Although she might not remember, I just needed her to get past this, I am a bad singer and I have a very bad voice but I have to try.

“Shalom wolf boy.” the leader of the sisters smiled at me before whispering something to the rest and with that, they joined hands and disappeared, something was wrong.

I tried to remember, it was a song from a movie, an animation movie, I think the name was Moana, they kept singing it constantly.

I smiled when it came back to my head

“I have crossed the horizon to find you, I know your name”.

The cool breeze brushed past us slowly cooling the environment, she stopped struggling and just stared at me, her eyes were still red.

“They have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you.” I slowly let go of her neck and place my hand on her head then smooth it, I had to adjust a bit so as not to hurt her, she was transforming slowly.

“This is not who you are” I whispered lower to her, by this time she had changed fully to human form, her eyes closed and her head fell back but I was fast enough to catch it before it falls further.

“You know who you are.” Tears fall on her right cheek with her eyes still closed, I took in a deep breath.

I did it, I saved her, I stared up as the sound of tires shrilled loudly next to me, it was Heedah’s Car, she came out immediately from the driver’s side and Jasper came from the passenger’s side.

“Anna!” She screamed when she saw us, our clothes were both torn, that’s the disadvantage of changing, she rushed to Anna’s side.

“Bro, what happened to you?” Jasper stared at me shocked, I handed Anna over to Heedah, I’ve done enough for her.

I could feel the blood on my mouth and the pain that covered my body.

“Well done, you came just in time for nothing” I roll my eye sarcastically.

“Jasper help, let’s get her inside the car,” Heedah screams trying to carry Anna, I walk towards the car slowly, my head and vision got blurred instantly and I could see myself falling.

until nothing.

I could see nothing, just darkness.

was I dead?.






~By Dolly Writes💅~




(Next morning)

My eyes opened slowly but closed back when the sun rays hit them.

I was laying on something soft, a bed? I opened my eyes again and turned around, it was Heedah’s bed. I sighed.

I tried to stand up but a sharp pain from my chest and hand stopped me.

“Don’t try to stand up, you are still badly injured”. Heedah says as she walked into the room with a bowl of water and a towel, I didn’t adhere to her warnings, I endured the pain till I was able to change my position to sitting instead of laying.

“Ain’t I supposed to be healing or recovering by now?” I asked taking a look the bandages rolled around my chest and hand, which has been soaked with blood, which means I’m not getting healed.

“Yes, and that’s what makes it strange, then, when I saw your body wasn’t healing itself, I had to make some research and guess what I found” she squeezes water from the towel and walked towards the bedside

“What?” I asked and laid back so she could do what she wanted to do.

“It’s because of Anna, a sire wolf isn’t just any type of wolf, An injury from it is not something your wolf can heal immediately ”

“So? there should be a cure or something we could do?”

” There is definitely” she places the wet towel on my forehead. “But I have no idea what it is, and you aren’t getting any better, If not anything, you are getting worse.” She sighed.

“How worse?”

“The wound is getting deeper, and the deeper it is, the chances of infection, we need to find out what to do and we have to do that fast”

“How is Anna,” I asked when she retrieves the towel found my head, and soak it back inside the water.

“She’s fine, her bruises are already healed up.”

“So fast?” My eyes widened, normal wolves heal at least an hour, hers must have healed in seconds.

Immediately someone fell into the room and landed on the ground.

” ouch!” She winced in pain.

“Anna?” Heedah called out surprised “What are u doing here?”

I crossed my arms and raised a brow at her.

“Um.., I just, I um., we, I….” She stammered stroking her arms repeatedly.

“Eavesdropping?” I rolled my eyes, she wasn’t even good at lying, one bit.

“Um. Karl, can I talk to you for a second? She turned to me.

” one!” I called out.

“What?” She started at me confused.

“You said one second, so times up”

“Karl am serious.” She let out a sigh and I turned to heedah.

“Alright, I will just go talk to the trees or something” she turned and walked away closing the door behind me.

{Annabella pov}

I walked slowly to the corner of his bed stand, his eyes bore into my body, I couldn’t even look at him, I was feeling bad, I can’t believe I did this to him, and from his conversation with heedah, he’s not gonna heal anytime soon.

“How much do you hear?” He spoke up first.

I didn’t want to cry, I tried not to. “Everything”

” look, Anna, it’s not your fault ”

” yes it is, Everything is my fault”

“I’m gonna heal” I roll my eyes, there is no need to get all emotional, I wasn’t even dead. ” beside you have a glimpse of what you are”

She nodded, “but who are those women?”

“Isn’t anyone important you should go check them up, I’ll handle them”

” Karl have you seen yourself, you can’t even stand straight”

” yeah, all thanks to someone”

” I thought we are cool with that, you hate me right? then why did you save me at the expense of your own life?”

“Just because I saved your life, doesn’t mean we are best of friends and it certainly doesn’t mean I will stop hating you, I can’t have my revenge on you if you are dead.” He said bluntly and I felt my heartbreak.

“You are insane!” I screamed at him, and run out of the room angrily, it’s my stupid fault for going to see the devil and expecting a different response.


{Winter’s pov}

I drag Daniel out of the car slowly, okay not slowly, he was reluctant to come with me, I had to convince him to take me to the library so I would monitor the last place I saw miss flora and know what exactly she is looking for and if she truly the one there.

” Come on, It’s only going to take a minute” I pleaded with him still dragging his hand which doesn’t budge.

” you persuaded me to bring you here, not to go in with you?” He glared at me.

” I know, but I mean, what if she decided to get violent and boom ! attacks me, kills me, or kidnap me, it’s gonna be your fault”. I pointed angrily and he rolled his eyes.

“Fine, let’s go”

We stood from a distance to watch the spot miss flora had stood earlier, she wasn’t there anymore, actually, no one was there.

I urged Daniel to come with me so we could search through the books at that particular spot to know if it was going to lead us anywhere.

We went there, they were ancient Books that has to deal with death, rebirth, spells, the life of werewolves, and sacrifice.

“Wait a minute, heedah once mentioned something about a changeling being a creature of sacrifice right?” I turned to Daniel, and he stares around like he was thinking then nodded.

“That’s it, she was here to get the book on sacrifice.”

“Grab it” Daniel ordered and I did, I tried to put it inside my cloth but I’m stopped immediately by a tall figure, a woman probably a library attendant.

“Are u trying to steal books?” She asked in her British accent and crossed her arms to stare at me

” no, I was just um..”

“Cleaning.” Daniel completes. ” She was just cleaning”

” don’t come to this section again, it’s not for public” she orders and grabs the book from my hand. Then shoves us away, we turned and left.

” I have a feeling the reason why miss flora didn’t get that book was because of the library attendant” Daniels turns back

“Then that’s means she will come back for the book and people will get hurt”

“Call heedah, we have a problem here”



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