The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 32


~By Dolly Writes💅~




I stared at the calm beach as waves of water hit the seashore and slid back, it’s beautiful, for a reason, I felt kind of connected to this place, I loved everything about it, the way the water danced when there were waves, the way the birds flew over it comfortably.

I was supposed to meet Finn soon and heedah will be expecting me back too. I hated to see the hurt on her face when she figured out I was right and I didn’t have powers, I’m just a human.

Funny enough, they seem to have the idea that I displayed some certain action which I have definitely no idea of. Weird.

It was getting dark already, I sighed and turned over, I’d probably tell Finn to adjust the investigation to tomorrow night, I had a lot on my mind.

I picked out my phone and clicked on Finn’s text.

I stop and look up when some tickling noise tangled up in my ear, my mouth opens in amusement.

“Fireflies,” I mumbled as they fly in my direction, about five of them. it’s been long I saw one, I stretch my hand forward and one flys up to rest on it.

It is getting dark, I have to get back to Karl and Heedah before they loose their minds.

“Follow us” I heard a whisper in my head, I stare at the fireflies, they weren’t five anymore, I couldn’t count, more had joined, they were all flying before me, I stare weirdly at them, that voice must definitely be in my head.

They started moving slowly into a side of the beach, a part covered with trees, they would have come from there, but why?. ain’t they supposed to be scared of humans?. unless Heedah is right?

“No way.” I shake my head negatively, I’m overthinking.

“You want me to follow you?” I whisper towards the swan of fireflies, I don’t know If I was expecting them to reply, talk or say anything, I need to go for a mental check-up, I can’t even decide between Karl and I who needs the checkup more.

To my surprise, the fireflies started moving, I was trying to understand what was going on, after some minutes, I swallowed hard, and the rate of my heartbeat increased.

They formed a word, all of them came together to form a word (YES)

I try to say something but I’m short of words, they disengage and start flying towards the woods, I hesitate a bit, but follow them afterward, deeper and deeper into the forest.


I drove angrily to Finn’s house he has been getting on my nerves so badly these days, I had decided to give him second chance and see if he’d stop toying with what belongs to me, but turns out I was wrong, he always wants to get involved, one way or the other.

I pack my car by the corner of the house and rush in immediately.

“What the….” he stares at me shocked, he was sitting on his couch with a popcorn box and his laptop on his lap.

“What are you doing here?” I couldn’t control the amount of adrenaline that flowed through my veins, I used my speed to grab him by the collar and hit his back hard on the wall causing a visible cracks on it.

“Where is Anna?” my voice is angry and hoarse, my hands still clutching the collar of his red shirt violently.

“What do you mean by where’s Anna?” He stared at me confused, is he for real right now?

“Do you think I’m stupid Finn? maybe a contact on your head with a hammer will bring back your memories.” I smirk.

“Anna and I were supposed to meet, she hasn’t shown up yet ” he defended, I growled to his face showing my fangs.

“Seems like you are forgetting who is Alpha here.”

He tries to struggle, but I tighten my grip on his collar.

“Is it because you love her?” he stared at me and I glared at him, is this idiot so dumb not to know when to say what to say?.

“I told u to stay away from Anna?” I growled.

“No you didn’t, besides it’s obvious that you are just toying with her feelings, I love her, and I’m willing to do what it takes to make her happy.”

“Does it look like I give a damn f*ck about your need and instinct?”


“Anna is mine, I decide what happens with her, last warning Finn, stay away from her if you don’t want to get hurt.” my tune was as intense as it could be, I’m seriously restraining myself from hitting Finn right now, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t.

I let go of him and head towards the door, he was still trying to catch his breath.

“And oh.” I turn back to him, “if by any chance I figure out you have something to do with anna’s disappearance, you’d be dead, a painful slow death.” and with that, I was gone.


I went deeper into the woods until we reached a particular spot where they stopped me. more fireflies came out from their hiding place and formed a circle around me, it was beautiful, and for some reason, I felt safe and this place looks familiar, strangely familiar, it felt like I’ve been here before, or have I?.

I shiver a little as the cold air hits me, the fireflies also had disengaged from their little show earlier. it was fully night, the only thing that gave the deadwood a little light was the quarter moon above us, it was a bit weird because it felt like the moon was growing and its pace and it was almost turning to half, at least that means there will be enough light here to actually find my way back.

The fireflies got a bit too restless, they kept on making tickling noises.

“What’s wrong?” I try to smoothly ask, now I am speaking to insects? what the f*ck is up with me, I hit my hand over my head in disappointment.

The light in the woods lit up a little, with the help of the moon, it was now a complete half

I feel a pain in my chest, a sharp pain that gets me in my kneels, the fireflies surround me again.

My vision was blurry, but there were people around me, women on white gowns with bloodstains, they were five, or no, six.

“W…, who are you? I try to find my breath one of them tries to get close to me but jerks back as though a force pushed her aside, the fireflies!!. they were still surrounding me, keeping me in a mini circle, wait, were they protecting me?.

“You think that your little spirit insects will save you?” one of them echoed.

I closed my eyes tightly, I could feel myself changing, my body changing, I was in deep pain, something popped out from my ass, I turned to look at it, a tail, a fucking tail with scales, I must be dreaming again…

“You belong to us, you need us as much as we need you.” Another echoed, they had formed a round circle aside the one the fireflies. had already formed.

“What do you mean?” I said trying to endure the pains I was having.

“Sisters, let’s show her.” one of them said and expanded her hand, the others did same, their eye color turned to glowing white.

‘El, whisan, El, Whisan, El, Whisan, we take this body today.” The first one said and the rest followed suit and echoed it.

I screamed when fangs grew out of my mouth,

“What are you doing to me!!” I scream, my voice was loud, I was scared, what was happening to me?.

They didn’t reply, they just kept on chanting, the fireflies had their lights blinking off and on, they were losing their strength, one fell from the circle, its light was completely low, others filled the space, their lights were reducing too, they were weak, Why would they sacrifice their lives to save me?..

“Stop!!” I scream when another one falls.

“El, whisan, El, Whisan, El, Whisan, we possess this soul today.” their voice and chants increases, goosebumps grow on my skin, all the remaining fireflies fall miserably on the ground, they came closer I tried going back, one of them got to me first.


“Anna?” I called out with a flashlight as I walked towards the woods, I don’t know why but a firefly was going before me, ain’t they supposed to be scared of wolves? I followed suit, my heartbeat stops when I see a circle of women in white, my dad always told me about them, they were the sisters of darkness, someone was in their middle, I hid behind a tree, my eyes widen when I catch a glimpse of the human changing into a wolf form, but a different wolf form, one of the sisters held her by the chin and kept breathing in some substance into her, no that wasn’t just anyone, that was Anna, she transformed already.

“Anna no!” I scream rushing out from behind the tree.

They all turn to me with a smirk on their faces.

“Too late Alpha king.” the other one said letting go of Anna and she fell on the ground, she was fully transformed now, I have never seen any wolf specie like this.

I try to run towards her but I stop when her wolf roar back to life, the eyes, I was red it was supposed to be blue representing the ocean.

“Anna.” The witch patted Anna on her hair before staring back at me.

“Kill him.” She ordered and immediately, Anna started walking towards me.


What do you think will happen next?

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