The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 31


~By Dolly Writes💅~





I pace around the room nervously, it was getting late, and still no sign of Karl and Anna, I had told Karl to pick up Anna because I felt like if they were close enough they’d have enough time to get close.

I am not stone, it hurts so bad now I was finally willing to let Karl go, I don’t think I can ever terminate this pain I feel right now, but I think it’s for the greater good.

I let out a sigh of relief when Anna and Karl walk in.

“Where the heck have the both of you been?” I groan.

“Ask Karl.” Anna eyed Karl before going to the fridge to take water.

“What?” Karl crossed his arms when I gave him a suspicious look.

“Dumb as-s” I mumbled under and breath and went to meet Anna. “Are you ready?” I asked and she stared at me for some seconds before nodding.

“Remember the deal, if after the practice and it turns out I don’t have powers, we’d both drop the discussion.” She reminded and I nodded.

Anna had powers, it was obvious, but of course, she wouldn’t believe it because she doesn’t even remember what happened that night.

My eyes went towards Karl, he was staring at her, he was smiling, the flashes came to my mind, he stared at me, in the same manner, years ago, we were once happy.

I could feel the tears colliding in my eyes.

“I have to go.” I gave anna a fake smile and ran towards the toilet, she wanted to say something but I didn’t let her, I closed the door behind me and the wave hit me, the sadness, rejection, loneliness, the tears ran down my cheeks.

I relaxed on the wall for support and slide slowly to the ground.

“It hurts.” I held unto my chest.

“Mum, it hurts so much.” I clamp my hand over my mouth tightly so they won’t hear the sniffles. More memories of Karl and I came up in my mind.

“I’m… I’m not okay.” More tears spring free, I clamp my hand tighter to my mouth

It f*cking hurts, my heartbeat increased with every flash that came to my mind.

Is it selfish of me that I want Karl back so bad?, is it selfish of me that I want to rewind to those times.

I still love him, I love him more than I love myself and it F*cking hurts, I wish it wasn’t true.


“Are you just going to stand there and watch me?” I glare at Karl, we had already gone to the field heedah had prepared for the training.

“I don’t see any reason why I should not.” he folds his hand and relax back on his car, his eyes still focused on me.

“Feed your eyes weirdo” I mumble the last word tho, the last thing I need now is for Karl to get all touchy here.

*You gonna act like you don’t want that* A tiny voice in my head whispers and I blink it away.

“I sure will, P.S still fantasizing on those lips on my di….”

“Karl!” I Interrupted him.

“God!, right here??” I gave him a cold glare and he just laughs.

“By the way, where is Heedah?” I stared around, it was already getting late and I had an appointment with Finn.

“Right here” she waves coming out from the house. “Let’s begin.” she smiles.


“I swear it, I saw her, I mean, she got her back turned to me but I can recognize her any time, anywhere,” I argue trying to match up Daniel’s steps.

I had gone to the town’s library earlier to check for possible books that can be of help to Anna and Heedah consigning figuring out if she was really a sirewolf.

But then I got a glimpse of someone, Miss Flora, the female teacher from that day, I mean the one that had a weird vibe and has sent me to detention the same day that Changeling attacked and tried to take me but took her instead.

“You are hallucinating Winter, there’s no way she’d be back, she was taken, like the rest.” Daniel turned over to me sharply.

“Are you trying to say I’m insane?” I glared at him.

“Who knows? there’s a possibility.”

“Look, we are in a world where anything is possible, it’s possible that she was one of them, maybe she just pretended so no one will know she’s actually one of them,” I explained when Daniel sat on his sofa and I joined him.

“Okay, let’s say you are right, where is your evidence?” he looked weirdly at me. “Do you even have one?”.

“No, but I have a feeling like I already had a bad vibe towards her from day one.”

He stares at me then scoffs. “Look, Winter, don’t get me wrong, but Karl already has enough to worry about before principal Draven gets back from his trip, he has a lot to sort out, telling him this will just add to his worries, even if we are to tell him, there must be solid evidence.”

“Then help me get it, let’s find out why she was at the library and what she was looking for.”

“If she was at the library.” he corrected and I hissed, I would have said something sarcastic but not when he has agreed to help me.

Honestly, the real reason why I want to find out if Miss Flora was really the person at the library was because I was scared, I was scared she’d come for me, I mean we aren’t exactly on good terms.

“Now can you leave so I can breathe in peace?” Daniel motioned for the door and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Can’t you just be nice for once.” it was more like an accusation than a question.

“No thank you.”

“Whatever,” I mumble under my breath before Exiting.


“Face it heedah, I don’t have any powers,” Anna said in between gritted teeth, her breath was heavy and she was on the ground.

Heedah had tried everything for the past one hour to activate her powers but to no avail.

“But that’s not possible, you do, I swear it, I saw it that day, we all did.” the confused look on Heedah’s face is terrifying, she tried everything, but none of it worked.

“Heedah, we already agreed on this.” Anna gave her a tired look.

“Maybe we should try again, maybe we didn’t get it right before.” she paced around with her little jotter in her hand.

“I need a break, I’ll go for a stroll at the beach, later guys.” she sighed standing up from the ground and cleaning her hands on her jean trouser.

“You have to be back in five minutes.” I chipped in, we needed Anna back before the half-moon, that’s the only way we can help her.

“Yes zaddy.” she rolled her eyes sarcastically and walked away.

I let out a sign and walk towards heedah who was still battling with the disappointment.

“What went wrong?, it should have worked, it ought to work.” her brown eyes stare into mine, I rub her arm to comfort her.

“We will find other ways to activate it, don’t let it bother you.” I smile at her and she takes in a deep breath.

(One hour later)


I kept on checking my watch, it has been an hour and still no sign of Anna, she had to be here by now, we had just two hours to the half-moon.

Karl had already gone, I picked my phone and dialed her number, he said he was going to the beach to look for her, I ended the call with relief.

What other way can I activate the power in someone, today was frustrating because I knew Anna had powers, but I can’t even convince her she does.

I wish she would just believe me.

If anything happens to Anna, I would never forgive myself, after losing my mum and sister In that accident and of course my dad, I wasn’t ready to lose any other person, I had a new family, I was adopted but still remember my original family.

Don’t get me wrong, my adopted parents are the best, but due to the business trip they all went to with Karl’s dad, Daniel, and Jasper’s dad as well, I have to be alone for the main time.

I jerk up when I hear Karl’s car stop in front of the house, I ran outside but he came out alone. I raised my brow to ask the obvious question

“I didn’t see Anna, she ran away,” he said.

“We have just an hour to the half-moon, what do we do?.”



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