The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 23-24


~By Dolly Writes💅~




I sighed as I walked faster into the girls restroom,at least that’s the only place I’d have peace of mind without people staring at me and giving me foolish remarks about that video.

The restroom is just behind the passage after the looker room, i can stay there all day, it’s better than having to face all those idiots or talking to Karl and his werewolf crew, i can’t believe that they can be that selfish, like for real, if it was Winter’s clip that was leaked, definitely, everyone will be looking for the suspect, but when it comes to Anna, they do other things that’s more important.

Silly wolves with with selfish interest and their stupid packs.

“Hi Annabella” i turned to see Finn, he was behind me, a smile crossed my lips.

“Finn..” I called out and he walked closer to me.

” I didn’t see you since after that night at the party” I stared at him, it was true though after we had seen the video, i didn’t get a chance to see Finn again and i hardly saw him at school too, although that wasn’t his fault our classes rarely corresponds so it would only be on some circumstances that we’d meet.

” well, i saw how angry you were at all that was happening so i decided to give it space” he sighed sadly and i rubbed his arm to assure him that i was fine, although deep down i wasn’t.

“well, what’s done is done, Karl is a monster, it’s confirmed now” i sighed.

” you sure it’s Karl? ” he raised a brow and i stared up at him.

” i mean he’s the only suspect i have for now, so yes, i think it’s him, he just keep on pretending it’s not him, he has been wanting to destroy me for years now, i’m just so mad at myself for giving him the perfect opportunity”

” Does Karl admit to it? he said he was pretending, if he was, then i don’t think it’s Karl” he folded his arm.

“What do you mean? ” i asked confused.

” Karl never pretends, he’s the alpha and he isn’t scared of anyone, if he really did it, trust me, he’d take full responsibility of it” this time around he sounded like he was way too sure.

“So you think because Karl is the almighty Alpha then he doesn’t lie?, pathetic!.” i murmured under my breath and tried to turn over angrily but Finn clutched my hands slowly making me to turn back to him.”

” I’m sorry” he said softly, “I didn’t mean it that way.”.

” yeah, you certainly did, are you one of Karl’s fan too,? i thought you were going to be on my side to find the person that did this.” i glared at him purposely letting his hands remain on my arms, I really don’t know the reason though.

“No!,God, I’m not supporting Karl, look as much as much as i want him to be the one doing this so you can stay the hell away from him, it’s sad to say but he might not be the one, i want you to get the culprit, the real culprit.” he held my two arms this time, he was looking into my eyes.

” How will I know the real person?” I asked loosening up a bit.

” I’d help you, but you’ve got to trust me.” He rose up an eyebrow more like asking if I agreed, I swallowed before nodding.

” let’s start tonight then” he smiled.

Honestly, I instantly regretted what i did next but i had to, i grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him for some seconds before disengaging from the kiss, he stared at me shocked.

“Thank you.” i whispered to him and turned over then start walking into the girls restroom with a smirk on my face, I did that because I saw Karl, he was there, he was watching and I know how bad that’s going to hurt his pride, the perfect comeback just the beginning though.

I washed my face profusely as I stared at myself in the mirror, thankfully no one was at the girls bathroom so I was alone there, they all had classes, I did too, but I’d rather skip a class than hear those students talk trash.

Thankfully, Finn was willing to help me without judging or getting involved in things of more interests to him, I still strongly believe Karl has a hand in this, like I mean, if he didn’t he should also be trying to help right?.

I turned over quickly when I heard the door of the restroom twist, it opened slowly,.

“what the fuck do you want?” I glared angrily, Karl stood there, he looked more angry than I was, in seconds he was in front of me pinning me hardly to the wall, his stupid werewolf abilities.

“This is the girls restroom you moron”. I screamed at him but he just smirked

“ and that makes it more fun Doll.”

Fear creeps into my chest, normal Karl is something I can control, but an angry Karl isn’t.

“ what do you want from me?” I tried to break free from his hold on me.”

“Do you want to see Finn dead so much?” he rose a brow and stared at my lips I gave him an angry stare.

“who I associate with is none of your damn business!”.

“maybe I need to remind you doll of your manners while talking to the Alpha and who the hell you belong to. “ he twists my hand in a slightly painful manner, I grinned in pain a little.

“fu-k you” I scream at him.

“oh, you will, you definitely will” he smirked.





~By Dolly Writes💅~



(Anabella’s POV)

I stood shocked staring at him, who does he think he is?

“What do you mean?” I say all in one breath trying not to show him I was scared, all these bullies want is for you to show them little weakness and they’ll gain more energy and their will to break you strengthens.

“You’ll see” He winks at me as he pulls my hands into one of his forcefully and pins it to the wall when I try to struggle away from his hold but it’s almost impossible, I think I forgot to mention that this idiot is broad and well built, like as though he lives at the gym or something, how can someone of just nineteen Years be so well built and of course cruel.

“Just let me go Karl, if you do I wouldn’t have to……”

“Report me to the school?” He completes it cutting me off. “Go ahead Doll, hopefully this time not just the fing*ring clip will be leaked” He glared at me.

“What do you mean”My eyes widen, was he the one that leaked the video?. “You did it didn’t you!” I tried hard to push back the tears that were rolling out, I can’t let this fool see I’m crying

“Don’t be silly, that’s too childish for me I’d take my revenge on you little doll, but certainly not with something as childish as this.” He smirks as he brings his head slowly to my face, his finger caressing my cheek and his eyes staring straight up into mine like he was looking for something inside them.

“What have I ever done to you?” I ask slowly but this time, I couldn’t hide the tears anymore, I could feel them run down my cheeks, slowly and freely all my emotions pouring out in front of the wrong person.

I’ve been through too much so far but I hid it in, I try not to cry over it, I sniff but I am shocked when I look into karl’s, eyes, there’s something there, not anger like he came in with, no, it lossened up a bit but this time it was more like it was soft but in a swift moment it went back to hatred

“What have you ever done to me?” He tilts his head to the side as though asking me if I’m crazy. “Your entire existence annoys the fu*k out of me”

I close my eyes and try to blink away the tears that came more, how stupid of me to think there’s any humanity inside this monster……..

“You want me dead so bad?,why not ki*l me then, I mean you’re the Alpha right?, so kil*ling me won’t even have you questioned.”

“No doll, kill*ing you would be too easy there’s no fun in that” He winked at me

“You are a lunatic!” I screamed to his face, I released my hands with all my might and began punching at his chest really hard screaming and cursing at him.

He took hold of my hands again and barged it to the wall, my hair was scattered and my face looks untidy but who cares, I don’t want to look beautiful for this fool.

“You’re mine Anna!” He glared at me bringing his face close to mine . “And just so you know I don’t like sharing my things” He stared at my lips.

” I belong to no one!, what the fu*k is wrong with you?” I screamed at him, what’s with this ideology that human beings are pets?

“If you don’t want to see Finn dead tonight don’t hang out with him” He winks and let go of me to turn over and leave, he’s st*pid, he’s so fu*king crazy!!

“I hate you Karl, I can never be yours” I screamed at him as he tries to pull on the door knob, his hand freezes, I swallow deep , why isn’t he leaving?

“Oh really?” He whispers without facing me. “Let me show you a glimpse of what I mean ” I could see him smirk as he turns over to my direction.

In seconds he was on me, this time around he pinned both my hands over my head and he used his other hand to make his way to my shirt, his claws came out which he use to tear off the buttons on my shirt, I gasp as I try to hold them together

“W……….what do you think you are doing?” My heart beat increase in shock when I finally get my voice back.

” showing you who you belong to” He smirks and barges his lips to mine kissing its vigorously with all energy, I try to push him away, I try my best, his left hand fumbles my thigh and rubs it slightly taking it upper, I can feel butterflies in my stomach, this guy needs to stop, he needs to stop touching me now, my body was dancing to his tune, it was letting him have his way,

I could feel my lips giving him access and my thighs separating themselves for him.

He reaches his hands to my butt and carries me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, I could feel his hard big di*k pressing against my wetness, my back was still on the wall as he made his way to my br**st after opening the shirt, his hot tongue travels it’s way down to my neck, he places soft kisses on it and goes down to my br**st top, the bra was still intact.

“Say you are mine” He ordered, I couldn’t. Although I was certainly not in my right senses though, I just couldn’t say it

“I can’t Karl I …….” He interrupts me with a bite, soft enough to pain a little but hard enough to leave a mark, I was in cloud 9 he was rocking my waist across his hardened d**k, for some reason he hasn’t gone down yet or tried to f*ck me yet.

“Say it” He groaned and I closed my eyes trying to surpress a moan.

“Don’t stop…….” I moan out, he was still rocking his hips on my panties which were already soaking wet.

“Say you’re mine Anna, that’s the only way I can save you” He commanded, but this time it was more intense.

I don’t know what exactly came over me, I’ve got no idea because after some seconds, I found my self shaking my head negatively,

“I can’t” With that, Karl tore my bra apart and captured my right nipple inside his mouth as he caressed my thigh with the other.

The door opened with force we both started towards the direction.

“Anna” Heedah stared at both of us in shock, tears collided in her eyes and she ran out of the rest room.


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