The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 21-22


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“Okay, this is crazy, why would Winter want to disgrace Anna? I mean she saved her life.” I crossed my arms and pace around anxiously

“But it kinds of makes sense though, I mean Winter is in love with Karl and she’d probably be jealous seeing Karl with Anna and wants to spoil everything.” Daniel points out.

Okay somehow, he was right too, but everything is so fucked up.

“We have to find out if Winter really has a hand in all these and until then, no one say anything about this to Anna or Winter.” I warned them fiercely and they nodded.

I let out a sigh, things weren’t exactly turning out how we all expected. It was going beyond my power, as much as I didn’t want to suspect Winter, all evidence kept on pointing to her.

I had to figure out if I was really right. I took in a deep breath and prayed so tight that I am wrong and all accusations about Winter are all wrong too.


“Wait for me”. I scream as Edna runs under the table to hide. Crystal was already calling number one to ten, so she could start searching, for us. we were playing hide and seek in my house.

“I am coming now”. Crystal giggles as I tried to squeeze myself next to the dining chair without being seen.

I gasped when I heard her footsteps coming closer to where I was squatting. Edna my elder twin sister shushes me and glares.

“Hide, hide, wherever you are.” Crystal sang slowly as she kept on walking past us. she didn’t see us, and I rejoiced in my heart.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” her voice became faint as she walks towards the basement. I giggled. She was far away from us.

“Um, Emily I think we need to stop her from going into the basement .” Edna said looking at the basement way, worry in her eyes.

She was right, mum and dad always warned us about going to the basement. Dad always told us stories about demons waiting there and how they’d take control of our bodies if we go there that was before he left, before he left mom, Edna and I.

He ran away from us.

Come on, let’s go. Edna drags my arms in a rush as we move towards the basement area.

“Ahh.” We heard Crystal shriek she was running and bummed into us all. We fell on the ground, tears filled up on her face, she was scared.


I gasp up immediately as heavy breathes comes in and out. I was sweating heavily.

“What the hell was that?” I whisper to myself, still confused. Thankfully, it was day break. I didn’t have to go back to bed, anymore. I let out a sigh and came out of my bed to prepare for school.

Whatever happened, whatever leaked, I didn’t care , honestly everyone wants to see me broken, everyone wants to see me sad but I’d show them what it means to survive bully all through kindergarten.

I go into the shower and then the memory hit me, what was that dream about?, one thing was sure. Those memories certainly didn’t belong to me. I have my entire memory from when I was born, everything was confusing. Is there more to werewolves than just shapeshifting and probably mating?, Did it include casting illusions on people’s minds?

Whatever that dream meant It didn’t concern me.

I bang my head furiously with my hand as water rained down on my body cooling my head, I think I should keep taking my pills so I don’t run totally mad. How stupid of me, to stop taking my health pills just because an invisible voice says so.

How stupid am I really?, I rolled my eyes and stepped into my robe.

I had to keep taking my pills so I won’t run completely mad. I have been taking that pills since I was 5 and now I am 18 and I am doubting a pill that is keeping me sane. How crazy of me.


“Remember, no one talks to either Anna or Winter about this.” I warn Daniel and Jasper for the fifth time, we entered the school hall. They both nodded tiredly. I didn’t care anyway, I just wanted to make sure they didn’t ruin this for me.

I take in a deep breath when we reach the locker room, everyone was gossiping or saying something stupid, they stopped immediately, of course they would, unless they want punishment.

For the fact that I could hear things from a thousand miles away, sadly I haven’t been able to use my powers for a while now. Dad gave me a red card in using them after what happened to Mrs. Hurdy. I took out my literature text book from my locker and headed to the class.

I stop when I see Winter with Lydia and Anna, wait why are they together?

Where is Heedah? I look around but no sight of Heedah. They were standing together beside Winter’s locker.

I furrowed my brows, time to find out the truth.

I went to where they stood, Anna’s heartbeat increased as I came closer. I could hear it beating, good for her i wasn’t after her this time.

“Karl Wavering King” Winter smiled when she sees me. She’d made a good seductress.

“Follow me,” I ordered and I made sure that she saw how furious my tone was, at first she was reluctant but she followed suit.

I could feel Anna’s eyes on me when we got to an emptier and safe arena. I dragged her and pinned her on the wall, my two hands clutching her arms and pining it on the wall.

“Yo, tiger, calm down.” She screamed surprised. I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t here for games.

“Look I am going to ask you a question and you must answer sincerely or I’ll crack your neck here trust me, I’d would be the last thing, I will be the last thing, you would ever see.”

“And what is this about Karl?.” She asked staring at me.

“Are you the one that leaked Anna’s tape?” I asked bluntly and she scoffed.

“And why would you think that I would do that?” She glared at me.

“Don’t give me that look Winter, we both know aside the boys, you are the only one that knows the inside and outside of my mansion.”

“Yeah, I do, so that means I woke up in my sick bed to your house to spy on you, are you fucking crazy?.” She spiked

“Mind your words, young lady. ” I pushed her across the wall harder this time.

“Besides, why would I do that to Anna, she saved me, although it seems that she doesn’t have any idea of it.” She rolled her eyes.

“How much did you tell her?” I let out a I sighed.

“Nothing, when I figured out that she didn’t remember, I dropped the issue.” She folded her arms and i smiled a little

“If I find out that you are lying to me and you are actually the one who leaked…”

“Karl, you are an Alpha. Listen to my heartbeat and tell me if I am lying.” She cut me off, though she was right, her heartbeat was slow, which means either she was telling the truth or she was really good at lying.

“I will keep an eye on you.” I gave her a warning look before letting her go.

“Maybe you should monitor Anna’s lover boy too.” She rose an eyebrow, and I stared at her confused.

“Guys, there is a problem, a huge problem.” Heedah ran up to us, she looked like someone who had just run a marathon race.

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“Billy and the rest are back.” She stated.


I’m feeling better now





~By Dolly Writes💅~




“Billy and the rest are back” she states, her breath still unsteady.

“What?!” Winter and I screamed at the same time.

“But they were taken, how come?” My eyes burst wide open in shock.

“Follow me” Heedah ordered as she leads the way.

It was in the detention room, she opened the door and to my surprise there was no Billy or the others that were taken, just Anna, she stared at me shocked and I stared at Heedah.

Firstly she shut the door and bolted it, then turned to us.

“Well sorry guys, there’s no Billy, I’m sorry I needed all of you to actually come together and this is the only way to do it”

“Heedah! Are you crazy?” I screeched at her.

“I’m sorry, but we need to actually come together to know what’s going on, lots…” a knock interrupted her, she smiled and unbolted the door, Daniel and Jasper rushed in.

Great, just great.

“Where are they?” Jasper asked staring around anxiously.

“Sorry guys, there’s no Billy and the rest, Heedah brought us here to talk” Winter said sarcastically.

“Oh God!” Jasper hissed as he stared at Heedah like he wanted to rip him apart.

“What?” She screeched at him raising her eyelids.

“I was about to c*m, d*mn it!” He growled angrily and everyone burst into laughter.

“So what’s this about?” Daniel crosses his arms immediately bringing out his serious face.

“I was making a research last night in my dad’s library, I found more books that explained things to me” she took out a little jotter from her backpack and we surrounded her as she opened it, there were diagrams of some creatures there, one looked like a werewolf but in a bigger form.

“This”, I pointed on the picture. “What is it called?”

“A sirewolf” she replied placing a dot on top of the picture, we all stared at her in shock, I tried hard to stay focused on the book and try not to monitor Anna’s expressions, I had a feeling she knows things, probably things that could help us but for some reasons she decided to keep quiet.

“Haven’t heard that before” Jasper stares at Daniel.

“Yeah, it’s a specie formed from an intercourse between a werewolf and a mermaid” Heedah replied and turned over to show the pic of the mermaid and a werewolf, it’s more like a diagram.

“So, what does all these have to do with anything and searching for who leaked the video?” Anna asked and stared at us confused, it was obvious she was uncomfortable with me around, that’s her problem though.

“Well Anna, I think there’s something you should know about yourself too, I mean, you totally lost all memories of what happened that night with Winter” Heedah turned to Anna who was staring at her like she was crazy.

Anna scoffed “look, I don’t know what y’all keep saying, no offense to any of you but you see all these werewolf craps?, it doesn’t concern me in anyway”

“Anna..” Daniel called out but Anna shook her head in warning.

“I am a human okay?, if y’all have werewolf problems, fix it, and from now on, no more craps about this to me, if y’all ain’t going to help me get the person who leaked the video, I’d do it myself” she glared as she stormed towards the door and outside the room.

“Anna” Winter and Heedah called and tried to follow her but I folded my arms and used my power to halt them, they both stared back at me in shock.

“Don’t..” I shake my head, “let her go”

“But she’s in danger” Heedah screamed back, tears colliding in her eyes, the others stared at her with shock.

“Danger?, what type?, how?” Winter spoke up and I released my powers hold on them, I think they are in their right senses now.

“The thing is, from research, I think Anna is a sirewolf”

“What?” Jasper gasps.

“How is that even possible?” Winter crosses her arms.

“Well, from her past events, it turns out her powers corresponds with that of a sirewolf, with the scream back then and the fact that she was able to see what would happen, and also her ability to sense danger, I believe there’s more to what she can do, but she has to accept it first.

“How sure are you Heedah?, yes we have confirmed now that she has powers, but assuming what exact creature she is will be risky” I spoke up calmly.

I had a feeling that Heedah might be right, considering the fact that when she was small, her mum had a big swimming pool at the back of her house, so probably her mother was the mermaid?

But again we might be mistaken, and the swimming pool might just be for fun, I mean, my mum liked swimming at some point but that didn’t mean she was a mermaid, she was actually a witch, and yeah, that’s how I got my powers.

“Well, at least 60% sure, and if I’m right, then she’s in real danger, tonight is not safe for her” Heedah sighed and sat on one of the empty chairs.

“What do you mean by tonight is not safe for her? Is anything going to happen?” Daniel asked and Heedah nodded.

“Just like how we loose control on the day of full moon, sirewolfs does the same on the day of the half moon, and since she still has the gene of a wolf inside her, she’d probably become a wolf with blue eyes, furs and scale on its tail” she explained.

“But it’s been long since we had a half moon?” Winter placed her hands on her cheek in a thinking manner.

“Yes, but today, the half moon will come today, tonight to be precise and Anna’s soul is still empty, she hasn’t accepted her true form yet, that’s the danger” Heedah sighs, I now understand her perfectly.

“So she’ll be empty and other demons from different realms will try to take control of her soul, then try controlling her” I stated and she nods.

“So the half moon makes her vulnerable?” Winter asked and Heedah nods again.

“We have to save her” this time around Heedah’s voice sounds hurt, as much as I hated Anna, I figured it might be actually better she was in her right state of mind to take my revenge than under some demon’s control.

“Alright, I have a plan” I crossed my arms and everyone’s attention drifted towards me.



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