The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 19-20


~By Dolly Writes💅~




I stared at Karl, actually everyone in the room stared at karl, Anna walked out anyway.

“I didn’t do it, I swear” he said confused, his hands were shaking.

Karl might be as**–ole, a bully or whatever you want to call it, but he wasn’t capable of doing something like that, not in the 10 years of knowing him.

“I believe you”. I take a deep breath, “But we have more issues at hand, will Anna believe you?” I stared at him and same with Daniel and Jasper

“Let’s get who did this.” Jasper furrowed his eye brow angrily,someone was trying to frame Karl.

I take in a deep breath as I rush out of the room to se Anna, she wasn’t there, and with the environment, I don’t think Anna has gone through this route.

Considering the behavior of kings bury high students,this place would have turned to a Market place and this room only has one door,so that means she’s still indoors.

I can trace her scent, I rush back into the room. “Karl,you touched Anna’s phone didn’t you?” I asked and he nodded


“I want to use her sent to trace where she is, seems like she’s still in the building”. I take up his right hand and sniff on it a little, so I would get both their scent mixed up.

“I think I have it” I rejoice happily and run out of the room, I sniff the air and get a familiar scent, i know where’s she is.

“Heedah, ” a voice calls from the other side of the hallway, I turn around to see Winter, my eyes opened in shock.

“Ain’t you supposed to be resting, you are still recovering yunno.” I point out

“Yeah I know I heard there was a party and I was invited,how can I not come.” she rolled her eyes sarcastically

“Great,” I fake a smile, “Go and party then”. I turn over to continue searching for Anna, just because I tried to help her with her attack in the school detention room, didn’t mean we were now best friend or whatever, I still hated her.

“Where’s Anna?” she called out again and I rolled my eyes before turning back at her.

“None of your business” I glared

“Hey,you don’t have to be harsh okay?, i just what to help.” she crossed her arms and stared at me.

“When have you ever helped anyone Winter?, as a matter of fact,the only thing I always recall you doing is adding gas to the fire and making it worse I snared.

“Is this all about Karl?”she arches a brow and I felt the urge and need to blow her face but restrain myself.

“It has nothing to do with Karl and I have nothing to do with Karl too,so with all due respect, leave. ” I glare again before turning over to get Anna,I wasn’t going to lose my best friend.

{Anna’s pov}

I wrap my arms over my folded legs and hug them close to my chest as I let tears drop.

I couldn’t hold them back any longer, I am just 18, I don’t deserve all this pain, I really don’t.

A fresh waves of tears flow through my cheeks for the fourth time, my entire body was shivering, I wasn’t cold no, I could just feel it shivering.

I felt like there were lot of things wrong ,but I couldn’t pinpoint it, a part of me tells me it might not be Karl’s doing, but then who?.

It’s certainly Karl,he’s a ruthless, idiotic, foolish Alpha snort.

If only I knew I would have slapped him with a chair and not my hand, now I would probably be labelled as a slut that let Karl have his way with her body.

More tears roll down,I don’t even know where go from now or what to do next

“Anna” Heedah’s voice came across the room,she tried opening the door but of course,I bolted it.

“I don’t want to talk to you!” I screamed back at her.

She didn’t stop banging at the door,this time around,she kicks it so hard that it goes crashing in the restroom floor

“Go away” I snare at her when she comes in, i keep on cleaning my eyes I don’t want her feeling pity for me, heck, I don’t want anyone feeling pity for me.

“Anna, I…..” she stammer,I can see the tears circulate her eyes, did she care for me.”

“Why are you here?” I glared at her standing up

“I’m sorry, for everything I didn’t mean to be harsh on you then, I didn’t….”

“You didn’t mean to kiss karl too?” I fire at her cutting her statement short.

She stared at me ,she was speechless.I scoff as the expression on her face change, she must probably be confused on how I knew.

“Anna,I’d explain everything to you,I promise,everything.” she pleaded, tears drop down het eyes.

No matter how much I wanted to hate Heedah right now, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, to be honest, seeing her cry breaks me, the thought that my statement made her cry affected me more.

“Heedah. ..” I took a deep breath .

“I know I haven’t been the best of friend to you,but trust me,I’m willing to make things right between us,I won’t let Karl destroy our friendship.” She pleads and I drag her close and hug her tight, no one was going to separate us,not ever again.

I disengaged from the hug slowly and she held my hand and look towards the door, I stared back at her reassuring eyes.

“You can do this, you gonna go out there and show them who is boss.” She tapped on my shoulder as I nodded and followed at outside, she held my hands tightly.

When we got to the party room, everyone already had their phone in their hands and where all staring at each other and talking,some cussing.

Heedah squeezed my hands and smiled at me,I returned the smile and walked in the view of everyone,this time they all gasped.

“Such a sl””t”

“You where with him for him to use your body, stu**pid f*ol”

I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from,everyone was talking,everyone was pointing, i couldn’t see clearly, my eyes were watery.

“Stop it you f**ols!” someone came from behind in anger, I turned over, to my surprise it was winter.

What!, Heedah said she was sick

“Winter” I called out cleaning the tears that rolled over,she smiled at me and faced the crowd

“Can’t you all see how shameless you are, especially the girls, “she gestured towards the girls. “Ain’t supposed to be protecting her?, which of you haven’t had sex here?, tell me you haven’t fingered or done more than she has, or because you weren’t caught?, ass**les”
she rolled her eyes at them and motioned for me and Heedah to go.

“Anyone that talks bout that again, would be my next target, I’d dig your eyes out.” She concluded before joining us outside.







~By Dolly Writes💅~





I wrapped the blanket around my body hugging it tight, I couldn’t stop staring at my room’s window, I was waiting, for who exactly?, I don’t really know but i was just waiting, I wanted someone to tell me Karl didn’t do this, I needed him to do it, I felt like an outcast in all these, many things were wrong, everyone was keeping secrets, everyone, I had bad feelings towards everyone, Heedah, Winter, mom, every single person, to be honest, the only person I didn’t exactly have a bad feeling about is Karl, I don’t know why, actually he should be the first on my list, but surprisingly he’s the only one I feel safe around.

I hit my head profusely, it can’t be true, I’m just getting ahead of myself, I repeat in my head thousands of times, I can’t have myself thinking that I feel safe with Karl for any reason, if not anything, he’s the major problem I have right now.

I relax on my bed, it wasn’t bedtime yet, I just wanted to be indoor, just for tonight, I needed space, from Karl, from King’s Bury High, from everything!, from the world, today, it’s just going to be my ghosts and I.

I relax my head on the wall and let out a heavy sigh, it felt good, it felt way too good.

“Do not drink the pill”

I jerked up when I heard a low whisper, I searched around with my eyes but no one was there, goosebumps gather around my skin as I clutch onto my bedsheets tightly, what was that?, my spirit almost escape my body when a knock came through my door almost immediately.

I walked slowly towards the door and, my hands were shaking, I take in a deep breath and turn the handle of the door.

“Honey” mom called in front of me, I let out a sigh of relief.

She stares at me with worry in her eyes, I couldn’t help but rush into her arms and hug her tight, I needed a hug, I needed a tight hug, I needed reassurance, I was going through a whole lot and I couldn’t tell her, how exactly do I tell her that her daughter’s fingering clip got leaked by the perfect Alpha that everyone speaks so highly of?

I don’t even know when the tears started to drop, but i know that immediately her hand started caressing my back, the tears flowed freely.

“It’s fine my darling” she pats my back slowly and reassuringly

I disengage from the hug and clean my face

“Do you wanna talk about it?” She ask softly

“No” I clean my tears “I don’t think so” she nods and leads me to the living room where I sat on a couch

“You almost forgot your night medication” she sighed and brought out the pill and a glass of water.

I smile a little and take it from her, she stands in front of me and motions for me to drink, I put the pill in my mouth and placed the mouth of the cup in my lower lip, then it hit me.

I remembered the voice back in my room and coughed out the drug immediately hitting on my chest as the drug falls to the ground, I’ve been taking this pill every night, “what was different now?”

“Umm, Anna” mum stares down at me

“You threw up your drug”

I swallowed hard

“I’m sorry, that was a mistake, can I just take it tomorrow night?” I sigh

“No Anna” she shakes her head and move over to the cupboard to bring another pill

“You’d have to take it regularly, it’s the doctor’s prescription, your health comes first” she hands me the pill and sits close to me.

I fake a smile and put the pill into my mouth, what exactly am I doing?, why am I obeying a voice I don’t even know anything about?, I swallowed it and mum pat my head slowly.

I stood up and went back to my room, I rushed into the toilet immediately to get it out of my mouth, I had it in a corner of my tongue but the drug was already melting into my mouth, I washed my mouth thoroughly making sure not even a tip of it got through.

Now what next?, I sighed and went back to bed.


I couldn’t sleep, I had to find out who leaked that video, thankfully, my house had security footage everywhere so it should be easy catching the person.

“You’re sure we can get him by doing this?” Jasper yawns a little and I glared at him.

“He’s right though, I mean there are thousands of cameras in your house, how do we know the exact one he came in through?” Daniel adds

“We have to guys, if there’s a traitor, we need to know” I sigh at them and go back into searching

“You’re sure this has nothing to do with Anna?” Jasper crosses his arms

“The f*-k! Bro are you forgetting Billy’s still trapped in all these somehow?, who knows, this can be somehow linked to what has been happening”.

I state and they nod, then get back to work, everything was getting f*-ked up, dad left the pack with me in full hope that I’d take care of it and now all these all these are happening, maybe I’m not fit for all these, maybe I’m not supposed to be an Alpha, I take another deep breath, who was doing all these?, what was their motive?.

Heedah said the creature that attacked us was a Changeling, then that certainly means something, they need Billy and the rest for sacrifice, but why exactly would they need a sacrifice?, and all sacrifice requires blood, does it mean they’ll kill them?, if they haven’t already, I let out a deep sigh.

There are times I actually need a hug from my mom or reassurance from my little sister, but both of them are no more, and was all my fault, I wasn’t able to protect them, I wasn’t able to protect Billy and others, heck! I can’t even protect myself, what do I think I’m doing?.

“Karl, there’s an issue” Daniel calls out still staring at his computer’s screen, I bend over to his screen and Jasper did same.

“There’s clip 52 and 53, then after that there’s no 54, it goes straight to 55, it looks like it was tampered on” he states.

“That means someone deleted clip 54, but who?” Jasper placed his hand on his chin.

“Someone that knows every nook and cranny of my house, probably someone close to me” I stare at them both as a name comes to my head.

“Winter!” They both said.



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