The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 17-18


~By Dolly Writes💅~




I sighed as I searched through the big book, Jasper and Daniel had already gone, it was getting late already, I relaxed on my bed, there are thousands of deadly species of beings in this book except werewolves and all were dangerous, but I still didn’t see any creature that looked what we encountered that day, although I still had a long way to go, this would take all night literally.

I closed my eyelids for some time l, when I recalled all that happened back at school with Anna and Karl.

I feel like a bad friend, I shouldn’t have acted so harsh towards Anna earlier, it wasn’t fair, the worst thing that can happen is when two best friends are fighting over a guy, I’d probably apologize to her tomorrow.


I paced around the room Karl had assigned to me earlier, it was stocked with clothes, undeniably beautiful clothes and the view from the window of the room was perfect, the stars and the bright moon.

I took in a deep breath and relaxed back on the bed, what exactly did Karl want with me, he kissed Heedah, or maybe Heedah kissed him but it doesn’t matter, the keyword is that they actually kissed, which of course doesn’t concern me, all I’m saying is, Karl should just leave me the f*-k alone, and focus on himself and whatever is going on between him and Heedah.

Or maybe I should just show him how much I would like to get rid of him.

Yeah whatever, I still have to change into a dress, I searched through the wardrobe and picked out a black dress, it was short and it fitted perfectly, I smiled.

I pulled off my school shirt after undoing the buttons, immediately the door handle clicked and opened, I covered my breast with my hand immediately, I was with just bra.

“What happened to knocking before entering a room?” I glared at Karl angrily as he stared at me, he leaned on a side of the door and crossed his arms, his eyes going up and down from my head down to my legs, a smirk appeared on his face.

“Humm..” he mumbled “sexy”

“Hello” I waved to his face “I’m right here you fool” I rolled my eyes

“I can see that” he focused his eyes on me and began coming closer, I swallowed really deep trying to stay calm and not sure how my legs are shivering.

“W.., what are you doing?” I stammered slowly when he gets too close

“You’ll see, I love surprises and you should too” he winked, okay, I have finally confirmed that Karl was crazy, and I’m pretty sure know one would want to be in a room with a crazy person.

I began to move backwards slowly, my hands still clutching my breast trying to hide it, I feel a pain down there like as though I revived an old wound, I stared at it, there was indeed a carve at the top of my right breast area, mark like a symbol, a star symbol, my eyes gets wide open when my back hits the wardrobe, dead end, f*-k!.

“You’re gonna act like your body isn’t yearning for my touch?” His deep, calm voice fills the room as he approaches me.

“What the f*-k are you saying? Who will ever want any of those?” I glared at him angrily, what does he take me for? A slut?

“Hmm” he mumbled placing his hand under my chin

“Why not check and see?, let’s see how wet that pu*-y of yours will be for me, shall we?” His hand trailed down from my chin to my shoulder, I could feel my walls quiver a little, d*mn!, why can’t I be in control of my body for once.

“W…, what are you doing?” I couldn’t even recognize the sound of my own voice, i was scared, but not because Karl was touching me, it was the way my body reacted to his touch that scared me the most, Karl is a wolf and if I get h*-ny, he’ll literally be able to smell my ar*-sal and he’d go in with whatever he’s doing.

“Giving you what your body kept asking for” immediately, he lowers his mouth to my neck, traveling it all around my collar bone, his hot breathe sending shivers down my spine, I was wet, I was so d*mn wet, I closed my mouth tightly so that a moan won’t escape my mouth.

“Let..let go of me” I said, I wish i didn’t say that because technically it came out as a m**n, he chuckled with his mouth still in contact with my skin.

“You sure you want that doll?” He asked placing his hands on my waist, and drawing circles on my lower back, his eyes still hovering the top of my breast.

I gasp when I feel my bra hook loosen and my skirt too, he did both at the same time, the skirt dropped on the ground leaving me with my pant, which was soaked already by the way.

I let out a moan and grabbed his shoulder, digging my finger into it when his left hand hovered around my p*-sy, and with the other hand, he pulls my bra away leaving my small sized bo*bs out and my hard nip**les for him, he lets out a satisfactory m*oan, I could feel his d*ck harden because he was drastically pressing on me, and he was so big down there, ain’t gonna lie.

“Karl…” I tried to say but was cut off mid sentence when his lip claims mine in an aggressive manner, I almost forget he’s the Alpha sometimes, his tongue invaded my mouth and something stirs in me, I don’t know why or when but I kissed him back, with the exact energy.

His d*ck this time around is harder than rock, he presses it on my p*-sy surface, he’s still fully clothed but it felt like his trouser was about to rip off.

Desires and wants flows through our bodies as his lip disengage from my mouth, which of course leaves me breathless, he mutters some words under his breath and carries me up, he wraps my legs around his hips, his erection pressing against me.

“You want me, don’t you?” He ask me with a smirk, I don’t know what I did but I knew it was a positive answer, did I just tell the devil I want him to ruin me?

He groans and slips his finger beneath my pant, his hand in contact with my bare flesh, I pulled my head backwards and close my eyes as desires flows through me, I shiver when he brushes his hands through my wetness, then he inserts one of his fingers inside me, I screamed in both pain and pleasure, the expression of his face changes and he stares at me.

“You..” he stammers, “you’re a virgin?” he asked staring deep into my eyes, his finger still inside of me, but not moving anymore, I nod my head silently.

“F*ck!” He cussed under his breath like he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.





~By Dolly Writes💅~




“She’s a virgin?” Jasper gasp out after I told them, I took in a deep breath, the entire arena was booming with music and everywhere was filled up with students, all were drinking, having sorts of fun you can name it.

“I can’t still believe it, like for real, this is a massive game changer” I sigh and Daniel stares at me, I am scared of commitment, I cannot be committed, not now, I might be harsh, a bully, whatever you seem to think of, but I know when to be responsible, if I take her virginity, it’ll be like a bond and she’ll be mine, I’d protect her, how will I protect someone I have no pure intentions towards?

“So what are you going to do now?” Jasper crosses his arms

“You gonna let her go?” Daniel chirped in.

“No, this just make everything more interesting” I smile a little as an idea pops in my head.


I took a sip of canned drink in my hand, I don’t really see the need of Karl bringing me here, I was all by myself, literally everyone was having fun, the only person that made me feel comfortable and safe wasn’t here, or if she was, I haven’t seen her yet.

If it was up to me, I’d totally ditch this party but of course, Mr psycho Karl with his stupid werewolf scent will get me.

Come to think of it, he acted really weird, like for real, after finding out I was a virgin, his entire mood changed, he legit told me to dress up and went back to his cold stupid nature, smh.

I rolled my eyes when I sighted him with Jasper and Daniel, probably talking about girls and sh*ts, I take in a deep breath, what the f*ck is wrong with me? I keep on dancing to his tune and doing what he wants me to do, I kept getting weak before him, it’s going back to be like when we were children .

I came back to this town as a new person, a bold, strong and smart a** girl, and that’s how it’s going to be from now, no more bending to Karl’s rules, although my stupid body may try to betray me at a point, but I don’t care, I will avoid going to any private place that could make me have any physical contact with Karl.

I trained for five years for this, I’m not going to let some stupid hormones come in the way of my peace of mind.

I take in a deep breath and straighten up my dress, time to have real fun.

Like according to Crystal Lee, my favorite author, who gets horny for a crazy person?, Karl you’re going to regret this, I’d make sure if it.

“Um, hi” a male voice says behind me, I turned around and gave him a broad smile

“Finn” I called out, he takes my hand in his and kiss on it gently

“I didn’t really picture you to come to a party like this” he gave me a surprised look and motioned towards the crowd who were already getting wasted

“Oh really?” I giggled “well, you might be right, parties ain’t typical definition of my fun”.

“Unless..” he stares around like as though he got no idea of something, maybe a bit of explanation

“Did someone force you to come? Perhaps Karl?” He curved an eyebrow

“Well, who knows” I winked at him before taking a sip of my drink again.

“Do you wanna get out of here?” Finn asked when the environment got more heated up

“That would be excellent, it’s as though you’re reading my mind” I smiled as he grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd, did Karl see us?, maybe or maybe not, did I care?, certainly not.

I laughed more when we were finally outside and we were able to successfully pull through the crowd.

The night was cold and the environment was calm, the music was still playing but this time, it wasn’t as rowdy as it was in there.

“So..,” he started talking after clearing the leaves on the public bench for us to sit

“..tell me more about yourself”

“Myself?” I replied in shock

“Well there’s nothing interesting really, my life is pretty boring” I sighed before looking up at the stars too, this night, it was more full and bright than every other night.


“You got the creature?” I asked Heedah again, she had called to me she figured out what the creature that attacked her was, I had to tell her to come over to the party venue, so we could all see the creature and know our next move in rescuing our friends.

“Yes” she nodded in response to my question.

She came into one of the empty rooms Jasper, Daniel and I were staying, it was less noisy.

“Here it is” she motioned for us to take a closer look at the creature drawn on the book, she was right, it looked alike.

“It is the creature” Daniel nodded his head

“it is called Changeling” Heedah explained

“Changeling” we all repeated in shock

“Yes, a creature of sacrifice, in the ancient times, they used it to make sacrifices to the gods to strengthen their army..”

“Wait, are you trying to say….” Jasper says but covers his mouth midway.

“Yes, I believe that Billy and others were taken to be used as sacrifices.

I fell back on the bed I was sitting on, was it too late to save them?”

Our phones get a beep at the same time but we all ignored it, I guess everyone was devastated as I was.

I stare surprisingly as someone opens the door to the room where we were in forcefully, it was Anna, her face looked like she wanted to murder someone.

She walked up to me in a thump and immediately slapped me, my anger raised, I stood up from the bed immediately, everyone was shocked.

“Are you out of your fr*-king mind?” I glared at her.

“I hate you Karl! I f*-king hate you!” She screamed showing me her phone, it was a clip of me fingering her back at the house, everyone in the room checked their phones, it was sent to them too, it was sent to everyone.


😁what’s going to happen next?


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