The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 16


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“Let go of me!!” I tried pulling my hands away from his, but as usual he was too strong, way too strong for me to handle, he didn’t even care that i was screaming my lungs out, not even the student that were passing as he dragged me, they just kept doing there sh*ts like as though they couldn’t hear my scream, f*-ked up d*-kn heads.

“Keep screaming and I’d be forced to carry you” he turned to me angrily and I shrinked but still kept my stand.

“Then tell me where we’re f*-king going!” I glared at him but that was all, he didn’t say anything because we were already in the parking lot and he used his free hand to clutch on his car keys.

“Get in” he commanded letting me go

“No!” I don’t know what he was thinking, he was really expecting me to rush into the car because he said so?, he’s pathetic.

“Doll, save me the stress of coming out to grab myself, safe yourself from embarrassment, because if I do, trust me the whole world will hear your name” he crossed his arm and rested inside his car still locking his eyes with mine, also giving me what is it going to be look.

For a bit I wanted to think he was just bluffing, but then I recalled that Karl doesn’t bluff, I rolled my eyes and walked towards the car door, I took in a deep breath before going in.

“So..”. I crossed my arms and stared out of the window “Where are we going to?” I asked

“Don’t worry, you’ll see” he smirked and started the car which jerked back to life immediately.

I sink into my seat tightly, I don’t know what Karl is planning but I’m quite sure of something, none of it is good and I should be prepared for it.

“Chill, you ain’t dying yet, I can literally hear your heartbeat” Karl rolled his eyes and laughed a little.

“Yeah, you’re a psycho, what exactly do you expect me to think?” I glared at him again

“Sweet but psycho you mean” he winked at me, i sneered at him before focusing outside the window again.

I wasn’t in for all these games, at least not knowing he’s with Heedah, he’s trying to cause a fight between Heedah and I, at least that’s what I want to believe, but then he didn’t kiss Heedah, no, quite the opposite, Heedah kissed him, actually I don’t have any feelings for Karl so I don’t really care who kisses Karl or who Karl kisses.

But it’s different when your best friend kisses the guy she warned you to stay away from, I mean, it make it seem like the only reason I was asked to stay away from Karl wasn’t because she cared about me, it was because she loved Karl and didn’t want to see him with anyone, that’s how any sane human would read it out to be, that’s betrayal.

“Um, Karl, can I ask you something?” I turned over to him slowly.

His eyes were still focused on the road

“You can, but it doesn’t mean I’d answer” he replied coldly

“A**–ole” I muttered under my breath when he pulled in front of a building, or no, a mansion rather, maybe his house or something, it was so big, like I mean a really huge mansion, how can someone live alone here?, okay, back to the matter at hand.

“Why did you bring me here Karl?” I swallowed hard before facing him.

“You are following me to a party tonight” he states stepping out of the car and motioned for me to join him.

“What party?, without my consent?” I screamed at him, he was already turning over to my side of car.

He opens it slowly, way to go Mr gentleman

“You’d be my date for tonight, follow me” he ordered and began walking inside the mansion, at first I didn’t want to go with him, but I didn’t want to be lost inside this mansion too, either way, I have no choice.


I walked into the house as she followed in suit, dad had already gone to Las Vegas for mum’s memorial, and practically he wouldn’t be back till next week, I opened the door to our guest room.

“You can stay here, there are dresses for you to change into” I motioned for her and she tilted her hair and kept staring as though I was crazy.

“What the f*-k am I going to tell my mum about not coming back home from school on time?”

“You are good at lying and hiding things, right?, create a lie” I winked and turned away walking back to my room.


I took off my shirt after undoing the buttons, and landed tiredly on the bed, the hatred and memories kept coming back each time I thought about my sister Crystal, the trauma always come back, although she’s dead, it still felt like as though her blood is crying for me revenge.

I couldn’t have thought Annabella was Emily until I witnessed what happened in the woods, with her and the fireflies, everything is strange, I feel like there are too many mysteries to be resolved but it will all start from getting Anna to tell me the truth.

If a werewolf which has the royal blood dies unjustly, his or her blood won’t rest until their deaths are avenged, at times Crystal comes to me in my dreams to be avenged, and sometimes I have nightmares about that night, I’m sure dad does too because sometimes he doesn’t sleep.

Crystal was just five, a five years old sweet girl that didn’t deserve anything that happened to her, something was strange back then and now. When I threatened Anna back then and asked her what she did, she couldn’t remember a thing, all she Remembered was that she was responsible for Crystal’s death and nothing more, same thing now, she didn’t recall anything that happened after the night at that school, two things are involved, either she’s lying all along and she indeed remembered all that happened, or someone keeps on erasing her memory so she doesn’t remember things, and it certainly will be someone close to her, but who?



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