The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 15


~By Dolly Writes💅~




I let out a sigh and turned over, guess my assumptions were right, Karl and Heedah were actually seeing each other, I felt more bad, I don’t know if I’m angry but Heedah lied to me, Karl didn’t lie since I never asked, but if I did would he have said the truth?

I rolled my eyes and increased my walking pace, it wasn’t my problem and it certainly didn’t concern me in any way.

I went back to my locker in the locker room to exchange textbooks for my next class, and I have it with Karl, well, I’m staying the h*ll away from him, and he should do the same too.


The class was already filled up, sadly I came a bit late, I sighted Karl, the j*-kass was early to class today, good for him, there were two empty seats, one was next to Karl while the other was next to Finn, the guy that drove me home that day.

Karl’s eyes bore into mine, was he really expecting me to sit beside him? Funny id*ot, I turned over to the empty seat by the left where Finn was seated, I smiled at him and he returned the smile.

“So, you’re aware Karl is stabbing you with his gaze right?” Finn stole glances towards the back

“I don’t care, he should focus on himself” I gave a fake smile and faced the board, I want a free and calm life, but then this is what I get, pathetic.

“Um okay” he said awkwardly and adjusted his seat

“It’s fine, you don’t have to talk to me if you’re scared of him” I motioned my head towards Karl’s direction so that Finn would understand, he chuckled a little.

“No, I’m not scared of him, I am just worried about you” he placed his hand that was on the table above mine slowly, gladly we were in the far end of the class, so the teacher couldn’t really see us, unless she really wanted to.

I didn’t have to look back to feel Karl’s burning rage, but what was all these for?, he kept acting like he owns me, I need to make him understand we ain’t a fr*-king couple and he didn’t own me, in any way or means.

“Why would you be worried about me?” I disengaged from his touch, don’t get me wrong, not because of Karl, no, it was because of my dignity, I felt slightly uncomfortable, I don’t like people touching me.

“Just that, Karl is very dangerous” Finn stares at Karl’s direction

“For the fact that you ain’t hurt or broken yet is maybe because he’s still having mercy or pity on you”.

“What do you mean? Is he violent?” I asked

“Violent?, no, no way, he’s just insane and his bad qualities is much higher than his good qualities” he sniffed

“Why are you telling me all these?” I crossed my arms and faced him, I don’t need to know these things, actually I don’t care, the person these informations should bother more is Heedah.

“Because I care about you and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt or broken” this time around he stares deep into my eyes, it was weird, I blinked it off and faced the teacher.

“Thank you” I gave a fake smile. “But you’re giving information to the wrong person, i have nothing to do with Karl” I corrected hoping the issue dies there, I didn’t want to make this more awkward than it already was.


I could feel my rage increase by the second, what did the fool think he was doing sitting next to Anna, I felt like ripping him apart, limb by limb.

I am not jealous, actually quite the opposite, I don’t have feelings whatsoever for Anna, I just don’t want her to do anything, anything at all, I was going to break her, so bad that she can’t be fixed again, if she thinks I’m kissing her and trying to touch her because I love her, then she is out of her fr*-king mind, she has just unlocked another part of me, a part of me that wants to do anything within and outside my power to make her regret it, regret everything she has done, from when we were kids till now, she’s going to pay for it all, I assure you Emily.


“Be careful and pls don’t touch anything” I glare at Jasper who was already trying to hold the golden jar cup next to the book door in my house, none of us had extra classes so we decided to make the research on the other creatures.

“Yeah right” Jasper rolled his eyes and drop the cup

“You sure we’ll see what we’re looking for here?” Daniel crossed his arms, I was still trying to remember the passcode to the library, it’s been long I came back to this aspect of our house.

My dad is a philosopher, meaning he gathers all informations on all creatures that has once existed, is existing and about to exist, don’t ask me how, I’ve got no idea, I just know it’s one of his gifts.

“You sure you still remember the pin?” Jasper raised a brow staring at me, I remember dad was obsessed with putting my birth date as pin in almost everything that belongs to him.

I entered my birth date and the huge door gave way for us, we entered into the mighty and giant bookshelves, somewhere you might need a ladder that has a height of an actual skyscraper to reach.

“There are billions of books in here, how the heck are we gonna know the exact one?” Daniel asked touching the books and with the tip of his fingers

“Probably some old worn out books” I replied from the otherside of the library

“Literally everything here already looks worn out” Jasper rolls his eyes

“Then look for the one that is more worn out”

“I think I’ve got it” Daniel screeches bringing out a large dusty book from the shelf and dropping it on the table.

I walk towards the table and examine it, he was right, that was the book.

“Let’s start searching then” I smiled at them and they nod

“Wait a minute, what exactly are we looking for?” Daniel ask staring at both of us.

“Any creatures that looks like the one we saw at school that day, the one that attacked us”.


The bell went off again which stated end of classes and time to return home, trust me I’ve never been more excited to go home till now, at least I would have time to actually breath, no Heedah, no Karl, just me, myself and I.

I hung my cross bag across my shoulder but a strong arm clutched my arm tight and began dragging me towards the exit of the class, it was Karl.



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