The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 13-14


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“You sure you are okay?” Heedah asked and kept starring at me weirdly, actually everyone has been acting weird towards me like I am supposed to remember something.

“This is the fifteenth time you asking me that question, is there something I should know?” I turned to her and folded my arms, the reaction was getting out of hands

“I . Um…huh?…no, nothing”she gave a nervous laugh and walked out.

I rolled my eyes, this town is weird enough for me.
“Bye am off to history class” I waved at her and she smiled.
Aside the headache that kept on banging my head I was quite good.

Heedah’s POV

“Your sure she doesn’t remember a thing?”Karl asked as I approched him, after yesterday’s night incident, Anna had fainted and same with Winter but the difference is that Anna couldn’t remember a thing from yesterdays night, Winter was still trying to get better. At this rate, we aren’t sure is she’s traumatized because of the incident or due to other things, but she was having a fever and it was quite severe.

“She doesn’t recall anything from that night, I don’t know if it’s part of the effect from using her power”

“It’s still confusing, I mean, something strange happened in the woods where I found her, I need her to remember” he sighed.

“Jasper and Daniel said to meet them up at the school library, Lydia got a book concerning all the creatures that has been before us and our forefathers, hopefully we can find some creatures there and how they operate”I stated.

“Keep an eye on Anna, although she saved us, I still need to know what she’s on and what she’s capable of doing, until then I don’t trust her”

Karl’s POV

If there’s anything Dad thought me as an Alpha, is not to be quick to trust, if Anna is very powerful, then there a high chance our enemy would use it against us.

Maybe it’s a good thing she doesn’t remember, its way better it stays that way, as long as am concerned, there’s something she’s hiding and I’ll find out.

I sighted her around the locker room, a smirk escaped my lips as I walked over to her, she gave a frown when she saw me and tried to turn to he opposite direction, silly girl! I got to her and spined he so fast before she could even say Jack, don’t be shocked am a wolf.

“What do you want from me?”she asked, my hand pressing her body across the locker and my body in front of her, off course everyone was stealing glance at both of us, I couldn’t care less.

“Ever considered calling me a sweet name?” I raised an eyebrow and she squeezed her face.

“Yes, pain in the a*s” She winked trying to break free from my hand, still a silly little girl!

“If you keep rubbing yourself off me like that, then you have a lot more to take care off.” I gave her a smirk, she was literally rubbing her body on me, since I was close enough to her, she stopped shaking for a bit, then stared at me, her eyes trailed down to my trouser and her mouth dropped open when she saw the huge bulge in my di*k area.

“Are you fu*king insane?” She screamed, or whispered rather, she really doesn’t know how to control her mouth.

“Why don’t I show you how insane I am, beside action speaks better than words, ain’t it?” I winked at her and stared at her lips, when she realised what I was about to do she turned her face to the other direction, she pulled her face back to face me and I brought my lips closer to hers.

“Karl, think about this, with everyone her, rumors will definitely start. Just let me go” she shrikes.

“Who said I care, beside how false are those rumors”I winked and barged my mouth into hers.
She fought, tried to push me off, but I captured her hand and banged them above her head on the locker, restricting it with one hand and still kissing her. Her body was opened to it me, I traveled my other hand to her thighs upwards, she actually stopped fighting, she gave in, I could literally smell her arousal, she was horny, I could feel all eyes on us.

Anna’s POV

There was no need to fight him off or pretend I wasn’t enjoying what he was doing, I know people where watching but strangely it increased my need and desire

After some seconds of intimacy, Karl disengaged and smiled at me, brushing my hair with his hands before walking away, leaving me stuck to the locker breathing heavily with literally all eyes on me, this was definitely part of the bullying, that stupid idiot!

“What the fu*k are you all starring at? You’ve not seen teens kissing before?”I glared as I walked past them. Anger filled me when I saw two girl at a corner, whispering to themselves and giving me stupid looks. I walked up to them angrily, they straightened up immediately they noticed I caught them
“Keep my name of your mouth and keep you damn mouth shut.” I warned them and they both nodded in fear, I rolled my eyes and walked away so fast.

Oh God, I am doomed now.

My phone buzzed, it was an Twitte**r post alert from our school gist account my eyes enlarged immediately I saw it, it was the video, someone uploaded it, someone fu*king uploaded it! Oh God!
I covered my face with my books as I walked passed the school hall, everyone was watching the videos on thier phones some laughing and others starring at me.

“Ouch!”i exclaimed as I bumped into someone, when I looked up it was Heedah, I let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God, I thought I was going to faint for all the eyes on me” I let out a sigh, she wasn’t smiling.
“Why did you kiss Karl?”, She asked her face looked hurt or maybe angry or both.


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~By Dolly Writes💅~



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I stared at Heedah in shock, to be honest I wasn’t expecting this reaction from her, it was strange.

“I didn’t kiss Karl, he kissed me” I was already getting confused.

“You could have pushed him away, or I don’t know, maybe you could have used your almighty powers or something”she attacked.

I stared at my best friend in shock

“Heedah what the h*ll is wrong with you? Why are you being so hard?”

“It’s nothing!” She growled and pushed past me, I stared at her as she left, what’s wrong with her, or wait.. did she have a crush on Karl? No it can’t be possible, she said Karl was bad news and to stay away from him, but then why was she acting like a fr*-king jealous lover?.

I sighed and grabbed my book close to my chest, that’s enough for today, Karl is definitely gonna pay for this, I’ll make sure of it.


I stared down throughout the literature class, of course I could feel everyone’s eyes directly on me, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that obviously they were angry, jealous or I don’t even know

arhhh, this is not how I expected today to be, Karl!!, that obonivious piece of shit, if that word even meant anything.

I groaned under my breath.

“Miss Annabella” Mrs Wendy called holding her books close to her chest as I stared up at her


“Does anything seem to be the problem?” She asked and I shook my head negatively

“Not at all” I sighed

“She’s still replaying the kiss in her head” a student from the corner of the room stated and the entire class burst into laughter, I rolled my eyes and kept my head down.

“Let’s try not to get distracted” the teacher took a last look at me before going back to the front of the class.

I sighed and I checked on the clock, she still had five minutes before the bell would go off for recess, I had to talk to Karl, I needed this madness and leave me the f*-k alone, I don’t know what I did to him, I mean aside our past of which I know he has no idea about, besides it’s not like what happened was my fault, I was drugged, and if it’s about me kicking his balls when we met at the hallway, he totally deserved it.

But what if I try to talk to him and tries something stupid in front of people again?, no, no, I can’t afford that kind of risk, what do I do now? I kept on rolling my pen inbetween my fingers nervously.

Maybe I can take him to a private place and we can talk, I can make him promise not to touch me in anyway, I smiled when the idealist perfectly in my head, I’m a genius.


I search around for a Heedah, she’s still nowhere to be found, she was supposed to be in here too, was she still angry at me? Maybe I should talk to her and explain things better, I had nothing with Karl, and he has no feelings for me either, he just wanted to make my life miserable, I feel like I have put our friendship at risk.

I dug out of my chair immediately I heard the sound of the bell.

I had to search for either Heedah or Karl, I had to talk to both of them and clarify myself, then I can finally find peace in this God forsaken school.

I rushed out from the class to the hallways, but there was no sight of Heedah and Karl, although I think I saw Jasper and Daniel at the hallway, would have asked them for Karl but nah, they are d*-heads and would just spoil my entire mood and vibe.

I went towards the school field, my legs came to halt when I saw them, there’s no need searching for them individually because they were together, Karl was hugging Heedah, stroking her back, and after some seconds.

Heedah disengaged from the hug and pulled his collar down to herself, then kissed him.


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