The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 12


~By Dolly Writes💅~




“It’s Winter” I shout and my eyes flew open

“She’s in danger” I screamed and Karl stared at me confusingly, he was holding me, his eyes bore into mine

“What do you mean? How did you know?” He asked

“I can’t explain it, but if we don’t go now, Winter will be taken” I jerk up from the ground and ran towards the road that leads to the school, Karl follows in suit but overtakes me with his car.

“How will you get there on time with your legs?” He motioned for me to come over and i hopped into the car immediately.


It was six o’clock already meaning that no one was still at school, it was technically empty, I called Jasper and Daniel to come over to the school and Anna called Heedah, we needed as many help many we could gather, we’re yet to know how strong these things are, we had to be prepared.

Anna and I bathed into the school, she lead the way and I followed in suit, at first I thought maybe she’d be leading me into a trap because why will she want to help Winter anyway? I mean Winter is one of the girls that made her life a living hell.

“Right here” she pointed towards the detention door, footsteps rushed in on us, it was Jasper, Daniel and Heedah, wait Lydia too, I didn’t call her.

“Sorry, we came as fast as we could” Jasper said breathing heavily, I gave him a look which ask why Lydia was with us and he gave me a pleading look, I rolled my eyes.

“Break the door” Anna whispered to us, her eyes were still focused on the door

“What?” Daniel asked in surprise

“Winter is supposed to be there serving detention”

“Break the door now” she commanded, this time it came out with a scream, I kicked in the door hard with my foot, it fell on the other side.

Winter screamed as we bathed in, someone was holding her neck and dragging her out, something rather.

It stared up at us and snarled, it had a body like reptiles and a tail, its face was covered in bricks, I howled releasing my claws and wolf teeth as others joined, Lydia and Anna curled up in a corner of the room.

Daniel lunged towards it with his claws but it pushed him off with a single wipe of tail and sent him flying across the room and breaking into seats, Heedah and Daniel went together and it flinched them both, they winced in pain.

I growled angrily, my eyes changing it color to red, I ran towards it trying to dodge its long tail, the others were still trying to recover but kept falling back, that’s strange, one good thing about werewolves is their ability to recover fast, to heal rather, they should be healed by now.

“Karl, don’t!” Heedah screamed as I launched forward to hit it on the right face so it could let go of Winter, it caught me with it feet, I struggled to escape but it was too strong, the next thing I know is flying across the room and brushing into the bookshelves.

It stared at all of us, Winter sobbed slowly, it still had her, we were all paralyzed, now I understand why other couldn’t stand, it has some kind of poison in its tail that keeps its victim paralyzed, what I don’t know is for how long.

It started taking Winter away as Winter struggled, I felt my heart burn as I couldn’t do anything to stop it, if it took her away I’ll forever blame myself.

“Let her go!!” I screamed but it came out as a muffled sound.

“Winter!!” Anna screamed, or screeched rather because it was too loud, I shut my eyes tight because I felt like my ears were gonna bleed, the glass windows shattered completely and the creature felt the impact of it because it let Winter go and held his ears before letting running off through the broken windows.

Winter fell to the ground and so did Anna, luckily Lydia was able to catch her and I was able to catch Winter, seems like once the creature leaves those under his venom gets free too.

We all gathered around Winter, she was sweating heavily

“They took her” she coughed out

“Took who” I asked in shock

“They took Miss Flora” and after saying that, she fainted.


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