The Alpha's Favourite Toy

The Alpha’s Favourite Toy Episode 11


~By Dolly Writes💅~




For some strange reason, being in the woods isn’t frightening at all, as a matter of fact it was quite the opposite, it was welcoming, it almost felt like home, almost.

Tree trunks covered and shielded from entering the woods, it was quite cool and refreshing.

I took in a deep breath as I relaxed on the ground near a tree trunk, what was really going on, maybe before it was just a guess work, but right now, it was different, I could literally feel it, something was not right, it hurts me to say but mum was pretty suspicious too, maybe I should try getting to the root of all these too.

I turned over when some fireflies flew towards my direction, maybe five or six, they were in constant movement so I couldn’t really count, but that’s strange, fireflies are night creatures and it was barely night, well this town is strange enough so this can be just as normal as the werewolves are.

More flew in, like another batch, bigger than the ones that came in first, they were beautiful, I felt this little connection to them, I smiled, just seeing them fly around made me feel safe.

All of a sudden, they all came in front of me, not at me, no, just close enough for me to see them, fireflies are supposed to be unharmful right?

They were making ticking noises, like as though trying to form a rhythm, or a song, it sounded familiar, but I don’t have any memory of knowing the song, although deep down I know I have heard it somewhere, I was just not sure about where exactly.

After some minutes, they stopped moving around, everywhere was silent, dead silent, I stared at them confused, then looked around to see if anything scared them off or something, there was no one else.

Immediately, they started moving around again, but this time around, they were not singing, they were arranging themselves in certain order, like as though they were trying to do something, or say something rather because when they stopped screeching, they had used themselves to form words on the air.

I gasp when I saw what they wrote
“Run Emily” air came from the left side of the woods and they disengaged and wandered off.

This might just be another dream, insects speaking to me and knowing my real name?, no, it’s not possible.

Anna wake up this isn’t real, none of this is real! I slapped myself across the face hard enough that it actually hurts.

“Lily…” a faint voice echoes on the deeper side of the woods, I looked over slowly, no one was there, the inner part was definitely more dark and deep than any other part of the woods.

“who’s there?” I screamed and it echoed, everywhere was silent, no noise, no cracks, no whisper, I must be dreaming.

I turned over to walk away, probably back to town.

“Don’t you worry” the voice came again, I turned with full force, there was a woman standing there, she was dressed gracefully in white and blue, her hair was black and smooth, she stretched out her hands to me with a smile on her face

“Just follow me” she said slowly

I stared at her, too stunned to speak, I couldn’t even speak

“Who are you?” I asked staring up at her, still amazed, her long white and blue designed gown was playing around like there was an invisible air force pushing it around, her hands were still out.

“Come, I’ll show you” she whispered again, I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t control myself, I could just feel my feet striding towards her direction slowly, it felt like I was mesmerized by her presence.

“How did you know my name?” I asked stopping myself from going closer, no one knew me as Emily, at least not since I left this town.

“Follow everywhere I go, I’d give you everything you’ve been dreaming of, just let me in” she stated

“You can give me what I want?” I took in a deep breath “I want answers”

“Everything you want, it could be the magic story you’ve been told, but you’ll be safe under my control, just let me in” she stared at her hand, then back at me.


“I don’t trust Miss Flora” I report to Lydia while we were taking our books out of the locker room

“She seems pretty normal to me though” she crossed her arms

“Yeah, probably because you ain’t the one going to detention after class instead of going home” I rolled my eyes.

“Is this all about the detention?” Lydia laughed and I glared at her

“No silly, it has nothing to do with the detention, it’s called wolf instincts, my wolf doesn’t trust her at all”

“Ohh come on Winter, not like she’s one type of a werewolf eating psycho”

“Or maybe she is” I crossed my arms thinking deep, I had to tell Karl and Daniel just in case Miss Flora tried to do anything to me at the detention room.


“What do you want Winter?, we do not have time for this” Jasper sighed and and Daniel rolled his eyes, they really did not believe me

“I’m being serious, I feel like she’s a bad person” I crossed my arms

“There’s no evidence Winter, besides two people had already gone missing before Miss Flora care to teach here” Jasper said and I took in a deep breath, something was wrong, I could literally feel it.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re scared because of the detention, it isn’t that bad” Daniel laughed

“Yeah f*-k you!” I pointed at him “Both of you” with that, I stormed to the detention room where Miss Flora was already seating and waiting for me with a smile on her face, that little b*-ch!.


“Just let me in” she whispered again, but this time around I was already close to it, very close as o brought out my hands slowly to entwine with hers, it seems like I didn’t have any other choice.

“Anna, no!” A voice came from behind and jumped on me pushing me down, the woman’s face changed angrily into something unimaginable, a demon, she screeched but disappeared.

I looked up, it was Karl, he was still looking at the demon vanish, he was breathing heavily and so was I.

“Arhh! I covered my ears tightly as an ear piercing scream came through.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?” He asked trying to shake me off whatever trauma I was having but I knew what was wrong, I don’t know how I knew, I just did.

“It’s Winter, she’s been attacked, we need to go, now!!!” I screamed


What do u think is gonna happen next?

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