The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 29

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 29

By: Faith Lucky

Getting home, Ximena had decided not to eat but practice. She only took a bath and proceeded to the backyard to train with her stick as that was the only thing she had.

Ema came up behind and watched for sometime and her entire thoughts were on the strange guy that had come visiting the previous day. Why would someone that handsome come for someone like Ximena who was actually a stranger in Obeddon? And to think they had both gone out?

The whole night, she found it difficult falling asleep as her entire thoughts had been filled with him. She didn’t couldn’t even tell what exactly her thoughts were about – him visiting Ximena or the fact he was actually handsome.

When she was done staring at Ximena, she retired to the house for some rest.

Ximena felt terrible with the way she trained and at some point, she had to take a break.

She couldn’t continue that way – she thought. Badly, she needed someone to coach her, a more experienced person to train her that way so she could be better. But, how does she achieve that when she had no one and the rest of the trainees were all acting grumpy? Although…Ciri was different and friendly, but she felt it’d still be out of the line asking her for some coaching when they were in a competition. No one would do that.

Seated on the ground, she placed her hand on her jaw and dived into so many thoughts. Why was she even training with a stick when she needed to train with arrows? According to Ciri, Alpha Nir would be going hunting the next morning and she needed to use that opportunity to achieve her aim.

Definitely, she couldn’t just walk up to him and stab him – of course, his guards wouldn’t allow that. But since he would be out in the open and the forest would be a wide space, she could hide anywhere and take a shot from afar. So, she needed some bows and arrow. But, where does she get them? She didn’t have any money on her and wouldn’t know her way around the market. What could she possibly do?

“Alpha Nir cannot be killed. Do you know how many times his enemies has attacked him? Poisoned him? Stabbed him? He can’t be killed and that’s the top factor that makes him so feared and respected” Kyya’s words suddenly rang in her head.

For a moment, they had almost gotten to Ximena, but she rolled her eyes and debunked it. No way; she was never going to believe that guy was Immortal. As far as she was concerned, he was only a cheap murderer who was only known for inflicting pain. She didn’t believe in the supernatural and didn’t believe he couldn’t be killed and that was a fact she was going to prove the following morning.


Just like someone had bursted out of her thoughts, she felt a presence behind her and was a little startled when she turned and found the river-guy. She ha been startled ’cause she wasn’t expecting anyone and worst, anyone like him.

“H… Hey” Her voice cracked as she stood up from the ground and dusted her butts, scrutinizing his appearance. As usual, he was dressed simple but like a gentleman. “How long have you been standing there?”

“For as long as you have seen me” he said with a sigh, his voice sounding as calm as always.

There was just one thing Ximena couldn’t comprehend about him – although, he was always acting and looking calm, she uncannily felt there was an unseen fire behind him.

Nir, on the other hand, was trying so hard to keep his cool. Heeding to Ahiga’s advise, he had decided to go after her, just one more time and see if she’d be more flexible. If she still acted funny, then that would definitely be the end of it.

“So, uhm ..” Ximena cleared her throat while trying to get her head straight. “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you accept visitors?” She found her eyes locked in his when he asked that question. He always looked calm, yet his words were mostly swaged.

“Of course, I do. I just …” She paused and chuckled, staring down at the floor. “I just wasn’t expecting one – considering the way you left yesterday” .she turned away from him, picked up her stick from the ground and faced the tree.

Nir took in a deep breath, trying to hang on to the slightest thread of Ahiga’s words.

With his hands crossed at his back, he took a step forward. “It wasn’t intentional; I had to leave ’cause I had something pressing to attend to”.

“Really?” Ximena glanced at him and scoffed ridiculously. “I was eating and talking and the next minute, you just stood up and started walking out the door. You didn’t even think it was necessary to tell me you were leaving until I had to run after you and ask. You’re actually lucky you already paid for the meal before doing that” She rolled her eyes and struck her stick against the tree.

She took another strike, then another and another until she was beginning to wonder if the strange guy had left already.

“Your left leg should be in front; not the right” her fingers grew cold when she heard his voice.

She lowered her stick and turned to look at him but when she did, she didn’t even know what to say. She simply gave a short stare at him before turning back to the tree and setting her legs like he had advised.

“And your left hand should be above the right when holding the stick” His calm words came again from behind, but this time around, Ximena didn’t turn to look at him.

She simply positioned her hands like he said, and when she took the next strike, she felt a huge difference. Wow.

She chuckled in a gasp and turned to him,

“You a fighter?” She asked, her brows wearing her amusement. “Why am I even asking? I shouldn’t be surprised considering the way you had gripped me at the hotel” .

Sarcastic – Nir thought.

“Let’s just say I have some experience” He shrugged and that very instance, the thought struck hard at Ximena.

“Hold on; are you also good with arrows? I mean, being an archer?” She asked with beaming eyes as she moved closer to him.

The question took Nir some time to give a reply. “Why asking?”

“Just answer the question. Are you good at it? And can you train me on it?”

It took Nir enough time to ponder more on an answer.

“It depends. I could be good if I want to. But as for training you. ..”

“Please! Just do it!” Ximena shrieked. “I promise if you do this, I’ll forgive and forget all the terrible things you’ve done to me. We’d become friends just like you’ve asked. Please!”

The desperation in her eyes. was new to Nir. But the reward was satisfying.

“Hmm” he sighed. Maybe, then. We could start…”

“Now!” Ximena cut in. “I want us to start now. Please!”

It made Nir arch his brows. “Why would you want it right away? You still have plenty of time”

“No, please! I…” She paused and gulped hard. ” I really need to learn it now”.

She turned away and began walking towards the tree while Nir watched her back.

“You need to tell me why you urgently need it, else, I might not be able to help” he stated brusquely, making Ximena turn to him with a frown.

“Fine” she rolled her eyes, displeased. “I need to learn it now because tomorrow morning… I have to go hunting”

The realization hit hard at Nir as swiftly, his eyes dimmed.


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