R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 42 Finale


(?His Heartthrob…. ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




“Wait for me Mark, a five years old girl shouted behind a six years boy as he walked into his parents Mansion

“Why are you following me around Garam?? Mark asked angrily removing the headset on his head

” I just feel like and moreover you look yummy today, she said with a smile and Mark frowned

” Do I look like a food??? He snapped

” You are dumb than I expected, she muttered

but anyways I still like you, she added beaming

” Yo_

“Mark you are back?? Yerin asked coming out from the kitchen

“Yes Mom,

” Good afternoon Aunt, Garam greeted cheerfully

“Garam you are here??

” Of course I should be here since it’s your 7 years anniversary, she replied

“I just hate her” Mark muttered

” Mom am going to my room and you,he said pointing to Garam

“Don’t dare to follow me” he warned sternly and left for his room.

” He is so cute”

Wondering who Mark and Garam is??

Mark is V and Yerin son while Garam is V’s business partner daughter and also Mark’s classmate.

And today is the seven years anniversary of the couple’s (V and Yerin).


Laughter and cheers could be heard from the living room,

The living room was filled with friends and family, Mr and Mrs Park, V’s parents, Garam parent, and a lot more as they were all around to wish the couple’s

“Can’t believe it’s already seven years you two are married, Mrs Jang said

“Yes it is, and I can’t help but to love her more, V said and kissed Yerin on lips

” Awwwn, everyone gushed.

“Happy anniversary to you, Mrs Jang said and brought out her gift

The rest wished them and gave them gift as well.

“Here is my anniversary gift”

“Open it, she smiled and V did as told

His eyes widened as he saw what was inside

” You are pregnant??? He asked and everyone eyes widened

” Am two weeks gone, she replied happily and he hugged her

“Thanks baby, thank you”

” Congratulations to you both, they all said at once.

” Thanks everyone” V smiled

“Uncle, aunt” I have something to tell you” Garam said standing up

” Yes Garam, Yerin replied with a smile

” I want to marry your son” she smiled

“What??? The elders shouted in shock

” Now it’s confirmed, you are really not normal” Mark said shaking his head.


Finally our story has come to an end, it’s all thanks to you Mha Rhians ♥️

Your best scene?

Happiest scene?

Saddest scene?

Funniest scene?

I hope my comments will be much more than before.

Appreciate Mha Rhy ♥️

Buckle up for our new story?


(? Undecided
Emotions ?)

The continuation of Raped by a Billionaire, but it’s all about Mark.

Good morning Mha Rhians ♥️

Have a wonderful day ?.

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