R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 37


(💗His Heartthrob…. 💗)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️



V feed on her lips hungrily and groped her ass as she moaned into his mouth

They kept kissing not ready to let go of each other lips,it was until they heard someone clearing his throat causing them to disengage

They look behind only to see the police with some staff behind

“Mr V,we heard_

” That’s the culprit on the ground” so do your job and stop talking” Yerin snapped suprising Everyone

The police carried Fiona’s unconscious body

“We are leaving” the police announced.

Few minutes later their parents rushed in
Mom! Dad! They called at once
“Baby are you okay? Mrs Jang asked V caressing his face
” Holy mom am fine, how come you guys are here?
” We saw the news”
” Oh! Bad news spread faster” Yerin

“How could Fiona do such a thing? I never expected this from her” Mr Lee chirped in

“You can’t know everything going on people’s minds” Mr Park added

” You are right,he sighed

“But how did it happen? Didn’t you use your drug? Mrs Lee asked

” Of course I made sure to use it but I started feeling uneasy after I drank the coffee, dad asked her to give me” V replied

“Coffee?? I never asked her to do that” Mr Lee said aloud

“What??” Does that mean she drugged his coffee?? Yerin asked aloud and Mrs Lee nodded

” That bîtch! Yerin seethed her teeth in anger

“Instead of getting angry,I think that the fault is from you guys, Mrs Lee said and the couple look at her in confusion

” It’s because you two aren’t married yet, you gave them the mind to think they still have chance to be with V” Mrs Lee replied

” Which is why I have decided that you two will be getting married in two days” she added



Mr Kang walked quietly in the empty hall trying not to be suspicious as he was going to the underground

Eun ha who was just coming from the garden saw him and furrowed her brow

“Where is he going looking suspicious?? Eun thought and followed him quietly.


Mr Kang walked into the dark room and closed the door behind.

He switched on the light.

His eyes wandered round the room and the unconscious bodies but he noticed that Solar’s machine wasn’t beeping

He rushed to her side and remove the oxygen mask in her nose

He checked her vitals and sighed in relief as he saw that she was still breathing”

” Then what’s wrong? He thought

“I should get the doctor to change the machines” he thought and put the oxygen mask back.

He gave the room one last glance before leaving forgetting to switch off the lights.

The door open again revealing Eun ha, she stepped

Her eyes widened in horror Seeing the unconscious bodies on the bed

Her eyes caught Solar who was lying unconscious and she gasped in shock


She couldn’t complete her words when she was hit with a plank on head and she passed out imediately.




Ga young(Na Na’s mom) came out of the plane with her bodyguards behind her

Everywhere went deadly silent as she walked out of the airport with her hefty Bodyguards

The aura around around was dangerous which scared all most all the people.

She smiled seeing the effect she has on everyone and she loves it

She isn’t a Mafia for nothing”.

“Am back for you Kang seok Jin” she said with a mischievous smile.

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Na Na Mom is back??

Anticipate for the next chapter 💖

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