R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 36


(πŸ’—His Heartthrob…. πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️



Kenneth paced around his office as he await for someone’s call,

“Why is Fiona not answering her calls??? Kenneth growled

He dialed the number again and it was the same thing,

“Damn!!! He cursed loudly

“I hope she didn’t make a mistake or probably caught?? He thought with fear in his heart

“Think positive Kenneth, think positive

Claire entered her son’s room and find him sleeping

She sat down on the chair beside the bed,

She sighed as she stared at her son who look pale in his sleep

She rubbed his hair with a sad smile on her face

“Just a little more baby,a little more time” and you will be with your real daddy after I got rid of the unwanted in your life”

” Be strong for me baby” she muttered and kissed his forehead making stirred in his sleep.

She stands up and turn off the lights before walking out..


Sweet Jesus!! Fiona muttered and blacked out

“Wh*re!! Yerin cursed and rushed to V who was groaning in pains

” V are you okay?? She asked in concern

” Yerin is it you?? V asked weakly

“Where is your Drug? Yerin asked

“Check the brief case” he stuttered and she ran to where the brief case was

Ransacking through the brief case, she finally found the drug

Picking a pill, she gave it to V who swallowed it at once

“Here have a glass of water” Yerin offered which he collected and gulped down at once

Finally she was ready to deal with Fiona,

Picking up a jar filled with water, she emptied everything on Fiona which brought her back to life”

Fiona groaned rubbing her hurting head,

“How did I ended up on the ground” she thought

She look around and finally her eyes landed on Yerin

” Ma..ma.. she stuttered as she stands up

Of course she could recognize Yerin as V’s fiancee

” Oh! Baby girl how was your short visit to the land of dead”??

” What_ she gulped down nothing

“You know I have always heard about seeing different stars when being slapped but ion believe, so I want to use you as an experiment, Yerin smile innocently

” Ma_

She couldn’t complete her words when Yerin landed a hot and hard slap on her face

Her eyes went blind for a second

” Who turn off the lights?? Fiona asked as tears found it way out of her eyes

“Your ancestors”

How many stars did you see?? Yerin smirked

“No stars” she cried holding her face

“Really?? Then what about this?? Yerin slapped her again

” Jesus!!! She cried holding her face

Truly she saw stars as Yerin said

” How many stars?? Yerin asked

” I couldn’t count” she cried more

“Then re count?? Yerin smirked and raise her hand to slap her again

“Mummy!! Fiona screamed and fainted before the slapped could landed on her face

” Fool! Yerin spatted and face the staff whose face held a shock expression

” Call the police” Yerin ordered

” Ok ma’am” she stuttered and rushed out

“Yerin” she heard V’s voice behind her and she look back immediately

” Mochi, she called running to him

“Are you okay now?? She asked in concern caressing his face

” All thanks to you” if you hadn’t come on time,I don’t know what might have happened” he replied kissing her hand

” Shhhh! Am just happy am here at the right time” Yerin replied

” I love you” he said and She smiled pecking his lips was about to withdraw but V had other intention as he pulled her more closer and deepened the kiss

T. B. C

I know I didn’t type this chapter to your satisfaction but please manage it,my battery is low.

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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