Pregnant For A Drug Addict

Pregnant For A Drug Addict Episode 5


(… He Raped me…)
By, Mha Rhy


Mrs Dante, Mrs Mendez and Amy paced around Hazel’s ward as the doctor was busy attending to her inside and it’s been two hours since he is inside

Please Ma’am, can you help me to stay with Hazel,I have to pick her brother up from school” Amy begged

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll ask Jake to pick him up, the first lady said bringing out her phone to text Jake

Thanks Ma’am, she bowed

” What’s the name of the school? The first lady asked

“Melody kiddies school” Amy replied and soon the first lady was done.

Few minutes later the doctor came out with all smile

” Doctor how is she? Amy asked in a hurried

“Calm down Ma’am, she is fine” the doctor replied with a smile

“If she is fine then why did she passed out!! Mrs Dante snapped

“The reason why she had passed out is a thing of Joy,the doctor replied

” Thing of Joy? Mrs Mendez repeated and the doctor nodded

” And what is that?

“She is pregnant” the doctor announced

“Really??. Mrs Mendez asked

“Yes ma’am,the doctor replied

” Wow! They all shouted happily hugging each other

” My daughter in law is pregnant” Mrs Dante squealed happily jumping around

The doctor couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched the two ladies

Who could have thought that the first lady could be childish like this


Jake was drinking with his two friends, Vincent and Sternly when he received the message from the first lady

Sternly is their third friend and also the ex president son

Jake opens the message and furrowed his brow

πŸ“© Pick Hansel up from school (Melody kiddies school), Hazel won’t be able to do that cos she is in our family hospital” he frowned as he finished reading the message

“JK are you okay? Sternly asked noticing his quietness

Instead of replying, Jake showed them the message

“Why was she hospitalized? Vincent asked lighting a cigarette

” I don’t know, Jake replied gulping his drink at once before standing up

” Are you going to pick the boy up? Vincent asked puffing out smoke from his mouth and nose

“Yeah,he replied

” We will go as well” Sternly said standing up with Vincent

” Ok let’s go then” Jake said and they all walked out with bodyguards behind them



At the sound of the closing bell, students begins to rush out of their different classes

Among them was Hansel, he was excited that Hazel Will be waiting at the gate

But to his disappointment, she wasn’t there

“Why is Mom not here yet? He muttered

” Hey Hansel” he heard a farmiliar voice from behind and his body shook in fear

“It was James, the school richest kid, his Mom Jenn is a popular model.

” Hey James,

“Why are you still here? James asked with a tone of mockery

” Am waiting for my mom” Hansel replied

” She won’t come, am sure she doesn’t want to disgrace you because she has no car to pick you up with

“Don’t call my mom a pauper! Hansel warned

” What will you do if I call her a pauper? Hansel mom is a filthy pauper”

“Stop calling my mom a pauper! Hansel said angrily and pushed James to the ground

James burst into tears attracting everyone’s attention

” James are you okay? Jenn, his mom rushed into the scene

” Mom he pushed me” James cried pointing at Hansel

“What! How dare you? Jenn shouted and pushed Hansel hardly to the ground

Hansel burst into tears

” How dare you touch my son??? She asked and scratch Hansel cheek with her nails

“He called my mom a pauper” Hansel cried loudly

“Then he is right if called your Mom a pauper!_

Jenn’s words became a muffled as six luxurious cars drove into the school compound

The first three cars opened revealing the blue agents

They all ran to the other three cars

A gasp escaped everyone’s mouth as Jake, Vincent and Sternly came out of their respective cars

πŸ‘₯ it’s Jake

πŸ‘₯ Vincent is here as well

πŸ‘₯ Sternly is also with them

πŸ‘₯ What are they all doing here?

πŸ‘₯ Today is such a lucky day

Jake eyes landed on the crying Hansel and frown

“Han,he called loudly and Hansel look up from the ground

” Daddy!! Hansel called standing up from the ground and ran to him

Vincent and Sternly choked on nothing as Hansel called him dad

πŸ‘₯ Daddy???

πŸ‘₯Is Jake his dad?? People commented staring at them in ultimate shock

Jenn heart summersault countless times in fear as she heard

“Champ why the tears? Jake asked wiping the tears as he carried him up

” Daddy, she pushed me and scratch my cheek” he replied touching the place where Jenn had scratch him

” Who dares lay a hand on my son!!! Jake thundered and everyone’s body shredded in fear

T. B. C

Are you feeling the vibe?

Jake and Hansel

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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