Pregnant For A Drug Addict

Pregnant For A Drug Addict Episode 3


(…..He Raped me….)
By, Mha Rhy


πŸ‘₯ What??

πŸ‘₯ His woman??

πŸ‘₯ How is that possible?

“What rubbish are you saying?? She seethed her teeth in anger but Jake ignore her

” Since you all know who she is to me, you can take your leave”

” Get lost everyone!! He snapped with a dismissive voice

πŸ‘₯So rude” the reporters commented as they begin to disperse soon they all left.

” What the hell are you doing here? And w

“Calm down feisty, am just here to amend my mistakes” he replied with a smile

” Mr Jake,am Amy, Hazel best friend” Amy wave

“Hi Amy, he winked

“Gosh he just winked at me” Amy squealed earning a glare from Hazel

” I believe you are here for something” Hazel snapped

“Hazel,he said with a sigh and he did something unexpected

He kneel down before her shocking the two ladies

” Mr Jake” she called in shock

“Hazel I don’t know where to begin from, but I want you to know that am sorry,he said with guilt

” Your sorry cannot bring back my lost dignity” she said as small tears came out of her eyes

” I know and that is why I want to rectify my mistakes,he said

“Let’s get married” he said and their eyes widened in surprise

” Huh? Amy and Hazel said in shock

“Mom!! Hansel shouted as he came down from the school bus running to her

” Baby” Hazel smile picking him up

Jake stands from the ground watching them

“Is this her brother? Jake asked Simon and he nodded in reply

“How was school today?? She asked pecking his cheek

” It was splendid mom” he replied with a giggle

” Hi Aunt Amy”

” Hi cute Han” Amy smiled

Hansel eyes landed on Jake and Simon and he frown

“Who are you?? He asked aloud

” Me?? Jake pointed at himself and Hansel rolled his eyes

“Do we have another stranger here” he asked with a sarcasm

” Too disrespectful” Jake thought

” Am Jake, and this is my personal guard Simon

“Why are you here? Hansel asked folding his arms together

” To ask for your mom’s hand in marriage” Jake replied

“You want to marry my mom? He asked and Jake nodded

“What’s your qualifications? He asked and the elders stared at him in shock

” Am the President son” Jake replied

” Who cares about that? Am also my Mom son” Hansel rolled his eyes

” Then what are you talking about? Jake asked in confusion

“Am talking about your job”

“I have different companies, restaurants, hotels_

” It’s enough,I don’t think I ask for a long story, Hansel cut off Jake’s word

“You know any man that wants to marry my Mom must be rich and handsome,

“Since you are rich and handsome though not as much as I am, am in support of the marriage

“She is all yours” Hansel completed and Jake smile

” What? Are you selling me out? Hazel asked aloud

” No I was only trying to save you from being single”he replied and Hazel stared at him with mouth agape

“Isn’t that nice Aunt Amy? He asked facing Amy

“Yeah you are right” Amy replied with a smile

*_”_” _*_*_

Amy came out of the taxi hurriedly after paying the cabman

She was late for her part-time job at the Cafe

She opens the door in a hurry and she ended up bumping into someone

“Gosh are you blind?!! She heard a deep masculine voice which made her look up

She almost gasp as she saw who it was,

It was Vincent Mendez, the governor’s son

” Am sorry, it’s a mistake” she said with a pleading tone

“Why do all pauper act so clumsy like this”? Vincent said angrily eyeing Amy disgustingly

” Excuse me” Amy said angrily

“What?! Afterall am saying the truth, people like you are too clumsy” he said

” And what about rich people like you??” Your sense of humor is as low as the height of your money, she snapped

“Watch your mouth lady! He shouted attracting the people’s attention

“What will you do fool!! She shouted glaring at him

πŸ‘₯ Isn’t that Vincent Mendez

πŸ‘₯ The governor son?

πŸ‘₯ What is he doing here?

πŸ‘₯ Seems like he is having heat argument with the lady

πŸ‘₯The girl is putting herself in trouble”

The people commented bringing out their phones to video them

” Do you just call me a fool? He asked angrily

” Yes I did, and I don’t mind saying it again,

“Vincent Mendez you are a fool,a big time senseless fool” she shouted earning a loud gasp from people

“You filthy pauper! He said angrily and was about to grab her hair when Amy Dodge it and he ended up grabbing her b**bs

Amy stared at his hand on her b**bs and a scream erupted from her mouth

” Ahhhhhh!!! Amy screamed out and in a blink her teeth made a contact with Vincent hand

“Ahhhhhh! Let go of my hand” Vincent shouted in pain as she bite him harder on his hand

“Mommmmmmm!! Vincent screamed in tears as she wasn’t ready to let go earning a laughter from everyone

When Amy was satisfied, she remove her teeth

” That will teach you never to touch a woman at the forbidden area again” she said and kick him at his forbidden zone

” F**k! He cursed in pain falling on his knees

“Fool” she snapped and walked away

πŸ‘₯ Wow

πŸ‘₯He looks ridiculous

The people laugh at him in mockery


The loud laughter of Mrs Mendez could be heard in the sitting room as she watch the news about Vincent and Amy

“Perfect! Just the type of lady I want for my son” she said

“How sure are you that she is not a gold digger like his ex’s” Mr Mendez chirped in

“I don’t need to know because I can feel she is the right woman” she replied with a smile

” Of course you can,madam feel” he teased and she pouted

“Don’t mock me” she whined and Mr Mendez kissed her

” Stop that! You are too old to be doing that” she giggled

“Who said am old,am still young and energetic” I don’t mind showing you” he winked

“Gross” she said and they both laugh

“I love you Mrs Mendez”

” I love you too Mr Mendez” she replied and hugged him

Vincent walked in and met them still hugging

” Pathetic” he muttered shaking his head before walking to his room.

T. B. C

Amy and Vincent πŸ˜‚

Hansel πŸ˜‚

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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