Pregnant For A Drug Addict

Pregnant For A Drug Addict Episode 2


(He Raped me…..)
Mha Rhy



Hazel eyes snapped open as she heard the shower running

The memories of last night resurface and tears welled up in her eyes

She couldn’t believe that the virginity she is keeping for her future husband was forcefully taken away

She tried to stand but the soreness couldn’t allow her nevertheless she didn’t stop and finally she was able to stand on her feet,

She picked up her clothes and was shocked to see that it has been torn beyond recognition

Her eyes landed on his shirt and she pick it wearing it at once

She left the room immediately not bothering about the pain in between her legs

Jake came out of the bathroom dripping wet

He was suprise to find the bed empty

“When did she leave? He asked no one in particular

Hazel came out of the taxi in tears after paying the cabman

She walked to her apartment barefoot ignoring the stares from people

Entering her apartment,she met Amy her best friend feeding Hansel

“Mom you are back” Hansel squealed but Hazel ignored him as she ran to her room

“Aunt Amy what’s wrong with Mom? He asked in concern

” Don’t worry Han, Mom must be stressed out” she said and he nodded

” Eat up, you are almost late for school”


Amy walked into Hazel’s Room and was Suprised to see her in tears

“Hazel, she called running to her side

” Hazel why the tears? She asked in concern, instead of replying her,

” Amy” she called in tears

” Yes baby, tell me what is wrong? Amy said in concern

” Amy” she hiccupped

“Yes baby”

” I was Raped! She shouted in tears and Amy eyes widened in shock

“Jake Dante Raped me!!!

” What???


” You insolent child! How could you?? Do you plan on ruining us forever?

“First you are a drug addict and now you are being tagged as a rapist, what the f**k is wrong with you!! Mr Dante snapped angrily at Jake

Somehow the incident got out and now everyone is aware of it*

“Am sorry,he muttered

” You are sorry? Sorry cannot change anything nor can it retain the girl dignity” he snapped

“Calm down honey” Mrs Dante chirped in

” I can’t calm down, this boy is trying to ruin our reputation,he replied angrily

“I know, but please take it easy because of your health,am sure he will find a way out” she said glaring at Jake

” It is better he finds a way out or else”! Mr Dante said in threatening voice

“He will surely find a way out” she chirped in

“Get out of my office! He ordered and Jake walked out

Jake came out of his father’s office and met Simon outside with a file

“Do you find out anything? He asked

” Yes sir, Simon replied and gave the file to him

He opened the file and check

” Good,he nodded

“You know her address right? He asked

” Yes sir, Simon replied

” I wanna pay her a visit right now” he ordered and walked out with Simon behind him

“Hazel please eat something” Amy said to the Hazel who shake

” Hazel” please you haven’t been eating very well for the past few weeks and you look pale”

“You don’t get it Amy, everyone in the country now know that I was Raped” she cried

” I_

Amy’s words were cut short as they begins to hear commotion from outside

“What the hell is happening?? Amy said in confusion

They both ran outside and was surprised to see a lot of reporters

πŸ‘₯ She is here! One of the reporter said

πŸ‘₯Miss? Could you please tell us your relationship with Mr Jake

πŸ‘₯Is it true that he forced himself on you? Or you gave yourself willingly to him

πŸ‘₯I don’t think Jake can ever force himself on a pauper like her

πŸ‘₯ Maybe she was the one who forced herself on him”

Hazel eyes became blurry because of the different flashes

“What rubbish are you all saying? You should all leave now or else I’ll have no choice than to report to the police!” Amy threatened but they ignore her

πŸ‘₯Miss answer us”

πŸ‘₯Is it true that Mr Jake force himself on you?

“What answers do you need to know? They heard deep masculine voice behind and they all turn back to see who it was

Their eyes widened as they saw Jake

πŸ‘₯ It’s Jake

πŸ‘₯ What is he doing here?

Jake ignore their comments and walked to Hazel who stared at him in shock

“You? She called in shock

” Hi sexy” he winked and pulled her more closer to his body

” You want to know her relationship with me? He said

“She is my woman, and the future daughter in law of Dante conglomerates” he added and everyone gasped

πŸ‘₯ What??

T. B. C


Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

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