Pregnant For A Drug Addict

Pregnant For A Drug Addict Episode 13


(… He Raped me…)
By, Mha Rhy


“Ahhhhhh!! Hazel screamed out closing her eyes as she felt the tip of the knife on her stomach

She was expecting the worst but nothing happened, she felt no pains which confused her alot

She opened her eyes slowly and she was welcome with the shock of her life,

He didn’t stabbed rather he stabbed himself on arm

“Jake! She gasped in shock seeing his bleeding arms,

She tried to hold his hand but he stopped her.

“Get lost now before I lose my mind again” he growled

” I can’t go anywhere until I help you treat your arm”

” Am warning you now Hazel, get out!! He threatened

“No! She snapped

” Do you have death wish! He shouted pulling out the knife from his arm and blood spluttered out

“Get lost now while I can still control myself!! He growled pointing the bloody knife at her which got Hazel angry

” You are insane” she seethed her teeth in anger and he started laughing confusing Hazel

“Yes you are right! Am insane! Infact am going crazy! He laughed like a maniac throwing the knife aside

” The fact that he is back got me more crazy, and I can’t help but to think,who is next pretty might be? Who is gonna fall into his trap??

“And now he got his eyes on you” he muttered in fear sitting on the ground

” What are you talking about Jake? She asked in confusion and concern sitting down beside him

“Hazel? He called

” Huh*

“He is only here for revenge, he is gonna use my past to hunt me,he sniffed shocking Hazel to the core

“Jake why the tears? She asked almost in tears as well

Instead of replying,he rested his head on her shoulder

“I never wanted to become like this but this is the only way to forget the past” he muttered sleepily.

” There are other ways to forget your past rather than taking hard drugs, you can stop it now ”

“I wish I can but it’s impossible,am fuckin addicted to it and taking it makes it easier for me to sleep without having a nightmares about her

“Her? She repeated but instead of getting a reply, she heard his soft snores and she sighed seeing that he was asleep

” I just wish you can tell me what is hunting you” she muttered sadly


Amy groaned lightly as she heard her phone beeping signifying a message

She picked her phone to check the message

Her eyes widened in fear as she saw who the message was from,

It was from her Mom

She gulped down nothing as she opened the message

📩 You have one hour to be at the mansion” your betrothed is waiting for you together with his dad and don’t you dare think of disappearing and make sure to look beautiful”

Tears threatened to fall from her eyes as she finished reading the message.

She knew she was betrothed though she didn’t know who her betroth is but she never expected it to be soon.

“God! Why was I born into this family?? she thought as she stands up from the bed running to the bathroom immediately.


Amy came out of the taxi as it stopped at the front of their Mansion.

She stared at their castle like Mansion which was the biggest in the estate

Little introduction about Amy.

(Amy Rolland the heiress of Rolland empires, the biggest company in USA shocked?
The reason why she hid the fact about being a Billionaire will be know soon)

Amy walked in looking nervous as ever, she saw her Mom discussing with two men whose backs were on her

“Mom, she called announcing her presence

” Oh princess you are here? Mrs Rolland asked with a smile and she nodded

“Come here and say hi to your in law” Mrs Rolland said and Amy walked to them.

She saw a farmiliar elderly man with a young man who she predict to be her betroth

She couldn’t see his face cos he was busy typing on his phone

” Meet Harry Tim, your father in law to be, Mrs Rolland pointed at the elderly man

“Good morning sir,Amy bowed

” Morning daughter, you are really pretty just like your mom said” Mr Harry said with a smile which she returns

” And this is Ben, your betrothed” Mrs Rolland said pointing at the guy who raised his head from his phone

Amy eyes grew wide in shock as she saw who it was

” You?? She gasped in shock

” We meet again” Benedict said with a smirk

T. B. C

Una say wahala be like wetin again 😂

Who did you think Jake is talking about??


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