Pregnant For A Drug Addict

Pregnant For A Drug Addict Episode 10


(… He Raped me…)
By, Mha Rhy

Noon,4:30pm πŸ§‘πŸ’™

Jake walked into the dinning room and met Hazel stuffing red velvet cake into her mouth hungrily

“You are eating quite a lot and it’s not doing a great job on you cos you are getting fat” he said which made her look up

” Fat? You just call me fat? She asked in anger

Her hormones are getting the best of her.

“Yeah, especially your boobs,I noticed it is getting quite bigger than before” he replied licking his Lower lips

” You pervert! She shouted and landed a slap on his face which made him blind for a minute

“Why did you slap me?? He asked rubbing his hurting cheek

“I slapped the stupidity out of you” she replied

“Good afternoon house, Camella shouted

” Babe” Jake smile and tried to hug but Camella ignored him and hug Hazel instead

“Hey Camella” Hazel giggled showing her middle finger to Jake who glared at her in return

Jake notice that Camella has been distancing herself from him for the past two weeks and instead, she is being close to Hazel” which confused him a lot.

Don’t be surprised about the two, they became friends since Camella had proven herself to be a nice person and for the couple’s,(*sigh*) they don’t get along at all

” You look much beautiful this morning” Camella said pulling her cheek

“Thanks at least you have eyes and can see unlike the blind man living with me” she said glaring at Jake

“How dare you call me blind!! He snapped

“Shhhh! You shout too much” she replied rolling her eyes

Camella stared at the two with satisfactory smile on her face

“Guess my plans are not in vain” she thought

” Will you guys stop bickering at each other” !! She snapped at them before facing the Jake

“Jake you should understand that she is pregnant and she is tend to have hormones and cravings, she said return her gaze back to Hazel

“And Hazel, for goodness sake, you are pregnant and you shouldn’t be stressing yourself”

” I wouldn’t have stressed myself if not for this gorilla, Hazel hissed

“Gorilla? He repeated loudly in anger

” Oh! Not again” she shouted in frustration and they both kept quiet

“You never told me you are coming” Jake said taking his seat

“Yeah, but I didn’t come here for you but for Hazel, Camella replied holding Hazel’s hand

” Am sure you might have received the invitation for all the conglomerates in the country? She asked and he nodded

“So am here to dress Hazel up since it is tonight” she added with a smile

” Why? It’s not like she is going” he scoffed

“Why won’t she go? She is your wife and it’s a must to bring a date along” Camella said

“Yeah I know it’s a must to bring a date along which is why am taking you as my date” he replied

“That’s Impossible, you are married and you are expected to bring her along” Camella argue while Hazel stared at them with confused Expression

” Are you joking? I can’t take a pauper with no status to that kind of party,i can’t take the risk of ruining my reputation because of an orphan” he replied scornfully which hurts Hazel a lot

“Jake stop!! Camella called with a warning tone while he gave her “I don’t care” Expression

” Haze_

Camella couldn’t complete her words as Hazel walked away trying hard not to cry in front of them


“Come back again” Amy said to the last customer as he walked out of the cafe.

The cafe door open

” Wel_

Amy’s words got stucked in her throat as Vincent walked in

“What are you doing here? Amy asked folding her arms

” What can’t I do here”? He smirked

“Mr Vincent you are here” the manager squealed rushing out to meet him

“Yes, and I need something from you” he said staring at Amy

” What is that, I’ll gladly do it

“I need to borrow her for today” Vincent said pointing at Amy who stared at him in confusion

” Borrow me? Do I look like a book!?? She snapped

“Can I? He asked the manager ignoring Amy

” Yes you can, but please return her tommorow,the manager replied

“Thanks,he winked and drop a bundle of money on the counter

“Thank you sir! Thank you sir! The manager bowed repeatedly in happiness as she stylishly pick the Money from the counter

“Let’s go” he said holding Amy’s hand

” Am going nowhere with you” she jerked off her hand from him

” You give me no choice then” he said and signal to one of his hefty men

” WTF!! Amy cursed in shock as the man carried her

“Hey let me down!! She shouted hitting the man’s back

Seeing that the man wasn’t move by her tantrums she began to scream

” Help me! Am being kidnap” she shouted as she was dropped at the back seat

Vincent got in beside her and locked the car door

“Vincat let me go” she warned breathing heavily

” Vincat?? He repeated with a frown

“Yes is that not your name? Vincat? She smirked

” Whatever,he snorted and rolled his eyes before adjusting properly

“Drive” he ordered the driver

” What! I said am going nowhere with you! Let me out this minutes!! She shouted

“Shut up will you! He snapped in frustration and she kept quiet at once


Jake how could you say such to her?? It’s wrong” Camella snapped

“It’s basically the truth! Jake shrugged his shoulder

“Jake am a woman like her, and I understand how she must be feeling right now,”

” I don’t care! Jake replied simply
“Hello everyone” Stanley greeted walking in

” Hey Stanley” she smiled and hugged him slightly

“Camy ” he winked

” What’s wrong here? Stanley asked noticing the mood

“It’s Jake! Camella replied glaring at Jake

” What did he do? Stanley asked with interest

“You wouldn’t believe, she replied and begins to explain everything to Stanley

“Guy, you shouldn’t have said that” you must have really hurt her feelings” Stanley said as Camella finished explaining everything to him

“Am only saying the truth” Jake replied nonchantly

” Ok then,since you aren’t interested in taking her with you, can I borrow her as my date instead? Stanley begged shocking both Camella and Jake

“What?? No you can’t!! Jake shouted

“He can” Hazel replied from the stairs

“Oh Hazel,he smiled as she climbed the stairs

” Hi” she replied with a smile

” What rubbish are you saying? You are my wife not his” Jake said angrily

Hazel ignored him and face Stanley with a beautiful smile on her face

” Stanley I’ll be your date” Hazel said with a smile

T. B. C

E shock Jake

Where did you think Vincent is taking Amy to?

Jake really hurt Hazel with his words?

Dinner party 🎀

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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