My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 8

My daughter’s nanny 👫♥️

Season 2, episode 8

*****The next morning*****

Miguel’s POV

I woke up the next morning tired. I had a very bad headache, I opened my eyes and I found someone sleeping beside me.

I stared at the person’s face and it was Jenny, Abby’s nanny. I tapped her and she woke up. Immediately she saw me she smiled. What’s making her happy?

“Good morning my love” she said beaming with smiles

“Are you out of your senses? Who’s your love?” I asked her

She removed the duvet which she wrapped around her body and that was when I discovered that she was naked. What the hell happened?

“Why are you naked and in my room?” I asked her and she laughed

“Didn’t you remember what happened last night. You made me scream your name” she said and laughed real hard. What was funny? I never trusted this lady for once.

“Get up from my bed right now” I said

“Aww, baby, you want me to leave your room so soon?” She asked coming close to me

“I want you to leave my house” I shouted

“Now, take it easy, you don’t want to wake up little Abby. You know how mad she’ll be if she sees us this way. And I’m not leaving your house” she blurted out

“I didn’t give you a choice, you just leave”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll go, but once I leave here, I’ll tell everyone what happened between us, including your dearest Anny” she said and stood up.

Why can’t I remember anything?

She put on her clothe and was about to leave my room when I called her back

“Jenny, fine, you win. But please don’t tell anyone about what happened, I beg you.”

“Our secret is safe darling” she said and left

Shit! What kind of a mess is this? Did I really sleep with this lady?

Anny’s POV

Mom gave me Xavier’s address, I’ve been in his house for the past one hour waiting for him. I need to confirm things for myself.

If Isabella is really here and she met my mom, then there’s a big problem.

“Ahh, Xavy, stop it, you’re too playful” I heard a lady said

I heard steps on the stair, it seems they’re both coming downstairs. I sat on the sofa waiting patiently to see who it was, and to my greatest surprise, mom was right. It was Isabella.

“Isabella!” I yelled and she was shocked to see me, extremely shock.

“Anny, what are you doing here?” Xavier asked but I ignored his question

“Xavier, do you know that she’s a killer? What are you doing with a killer?” I asked him

“Anny, please let me explain” Isabella said

“Explain? Go ahead and explain, I’m all ears”

“Please sit” she said

Isabella narrated everything to me and I was shocked.

“Wait, you mean it was an accident?” I asked her

“Yes” she said bitterly

“Then why didn’t you tell us, why did you run away?”

“Cause nobody will believe me. You all hate me, everyone hates me, but when I met your mom and Xavier, I knew there’s still hope to find love”

“Isabella, I’m sorry I misjudged you”

“It’s not problem, no matter what, I’m still to blame for all these, if I had not threatened her with the knife, she would’ve not been dead by now”

“I’m sorry Anny, I’m sorry for how I treated you, I’m sorry for everything, please forgive me, so I’ll stop feeling guilty”

“Isabella, it’s okay, but honestly speaking, I’m not the one you should apologize to, you should apologize to Abby and Miguel.”

“I know, I’m just looking for a perfect time to do that, and I’m ready to face any consequence” she said

She must be truly sorry for what she did and honestly speaking, she looks good together with Xavier.

Abby’s POV


Where’s this stupid nanny of mine? I walked downstairs looking for her and I saw dad already dressed for work.

“Dad!” I called out and he was shocked.

He looked sad, what’s bothering him?

“Baby” he said and I could feel he was hurt. The way he talked he sounded hurt

“Dad, what’s the problem?”I asked

“It’s nothing, I just have a lot going on my mind”

“If you’re thinking of her, it’s okay, I miss her too, she’ll soon be back”

“I hope so baby”

“Where’s my nanny”

“You…your nanny? I haven’t seen her today” he said.

“That’s weird, I’ve been looking for her all around the house and I haven’t found her”

“Maybe she went out”

“Without your consent dad? That lady is becoming something else”

“It’s okay, let’s go, I’ll drop you off at school”

The ride to school was boring. Dad was unusually quiet. He didn’t say anything throughout the ride. Something must be bothering him cause he was just thinking and I must get to the bottom of it.

“Bye dad” I said and I didn’t get a reply

“Dad!” I yelled

“Oh, baby, did you say something?”

“Yes, what are you thinking about? Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked him

“Of course baby. Have a nice day at school, I love you” he said and pecked my forehead

“Love you too Dad, drive safely” I said and got down from the car

Angel was waiting for me at the school gate.

“Hey Angel, how’re you doing?” I asked her

“I’m fine, I know we just met yesterday but I’m pretty worried about you and your family”

“Why?” I asked confused

“The lady that picked you up yesterday, I saw her”

“And so?”

“Isn’t she Jenny?” She asked

“Yes, how’d you know?”

“Is she your nanny?”

“Why all the questions” I asked her

“Please just answer me”

“Yes, she’s my Nanny”

“You need to be very careful dear. That lady is dangerous”

“And how’d you know?”

“She was my nanny, she did something very bad, I can’t tell you but you need to be very careful”

“Please tell me what she did”

“It’s late already, just be careful. We should head to class”

Isabella’s POV

Anny is really a nice lady. I should have made friends with her from the start.

We all went out and it was fun. She promised to talk to her mom for me. And also try to beg on my behalf, so that they can all forgive me.

Then, she got a call from someone and decided to go answer it.

“Do you think they’ll forgive me?” I asked Xavy

“Of course babe, why not? If Anny forgave you, then they can all forgive you”

Then Anny came back but the look on her face was different. It was as if something had had happened

“What Happened?” I asked her

“I got a strange call”

“From who?”

“I don’t know. But the person said something was going on. That Miguel is seeing someone else”

“That’s a lie, I know Miguel and I know he loves you” I said to her

“The caller said I should come back before it’s too late”

“Then I guess you’ve to go today then and here’s my number, just call me if anything is wrong okay? I’ll help you”

“Thank you dear” she said and hugged me

Miguel? He can’t right?



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