My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 6

My daughter’s nanny 👫♥️

Season 2, EPISODE 6❤️

❤️ Isabella’s POV ❤️

I held him tight as I hugged him, at least I have someone who I can trust now.

“You do believe me right? That I didn’t mean to kill her, it was all a mistake” I said and he looked at my face, and stared into my eyes.

“I believe you. But what I don’t understand is, why fight over a married man, when they are many men in the world”

“I…I..don’t know. Maybe it’s because I felt that no matter how hard I tried, no one seems to love me. Even my own mother left me, so I thought the whole world was against me” I said crying

“Hey..hey, I’ve told you to stop crying okay? I’m here for you and I love you. Honestly Isa, if I don’t feel anything for you, I won’t be here with you right now. I totally understand how you feel cause I’ve also been turned down” he said

“You…love me?” I asked

“Yes, I love you Isa, I know it’s too early but honestly speaking, I don’t mind it, I know what I feel”

“Xavy? Thanks for being with me, you’re the first person who has shown me this kind of love”

“It’s okay. Well, it’s late I should get going” he said and stood up

“You’re leaving?” I asked

“Yes, it’s late and I need to go to work tomorrow” he said and pecked my forehead

“Ooh, okay”

“Don’t you want me to leave?” He asked

“Well, I don’t know. You said you’re going to work right? So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Isa, if you don’t want me to leave, just tell me and I’ll stay. If staying here will make you happy, then I’ll”

“You will?”

“Yes, just say the word” he said

“Okay, Xavy please stay ” I said and he chuckled

“Your wish is my command ma’am. I’ll stay, then I’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning”

“I’m okay with that”

“And tomorrow, we’ll go and look for a good spot to open a restaurant for Lucy”

“Okay then” I said and hugged him

“And we better go talk to Lucy, she’s very worried” he whispered to me ear and I nodded

❤️ Lucy’s POV ❤️

So Isabella is a killer, I’ve been living with a killer all these while. And she wants to use her money to startup a restaurant for me? I’ll ever accept it. What type of friend is Anny keeping.

“Lucy?” Someone called out and it was Isabella

“What do you want?” I asked her

“Are you mad at me?” She asked

“I’m I mad at you? Are you seriously asking me that question? Won’t you be mad at yourself I you were me?” I asked, by the look on her face, I could tell she was confused, Xavier too was.

“Ma’am if I did anything wrong, please just tell me” she said calmly

“How did I end up like this? Why will I house a killer?” I asked myself but they heard it and her face changed immediately

“Ma’am Lucy please keep your voice down” she pleaded

“Are you scared? You’re scared and yet you killed someone”

“It was a mistake, please calm down and I’ll explain to you”

“Calm down? I’m calm, I don’t need your explanation. And you know that plan you have for me? Keep it to yourself, I don’t accept gifts from murders” I said to her and she burst into tears

“That’s enough Lucy” Xavier said

“Are you taking her side now Xavier? So you want to be in love with a killer?’ I asked him

“Well, I was already in love with her before I knew she was a killer and since your daughter turned me down, I took you like a mother. Whenever I bring someone here, you say the person isn’t good enough for me and I listen to you. But this time around, I won’t okay? I love Isa, and if you feel like Isa won’t stay here anymore 🥺, then I’ll take her to my house” he said

“Are you being serious Xavier? I only did that so that you can still be with my daughter” she said

“Sorry to inform you but your daughter is already dating someone else, I need a girlfriend and you’re holding me back”

“Then fine, take her with you, I do not want to see you both here anymore”

“And you won’t, Isa pack your things, we’re leaving”

“Where exactly are we going to?” Isa asked him

“Just go pack your things”

After some time, Isa came out with her bag and stared at me

“Sorry ma’am, thank you for everything, for housing me, honestly speaking, you did a lot for me and I’m sorry about all these” she said and I didn’t reply her

“And whenever you need my help, just call me and I’ll be here” Xavier said to me

“Just get out, you ungrateful beings” I said to them and they left

Isabella Is actually a nice person but she killed someone. There’s nothing that can change the fact that she killed someone.


❤️ Anny’s POV ❤️

“Babe, Abby said you scolded her because of Jenny”

“I only told her to stop being rude that’s all.” I said

“But she was in our room”

“So was I, on my first day”

“Wait you were in my room? ”

“Yes, I even pushed the button which triggered the alarm”

“Wait, what! How come I didn’t know about it?”

“Cause Abby kept it as a secret from you, with the condition that I help her do her assignment”

“Abby” he said and chuckled

“Guess she liked you from the start” he said and I smiled

“Just make sure she’s not hurt”

“Of course” I said and he kissed me

The kiss got intense and he whispered to my ear

“I need you”

Then he unbutton my dress and laid me down on the bed.

He then kissed me again. He kissed my neck and almost all the parts of my body.

“You’re beautiful” he said and I covered my face, then he chuckled

He grabbed my br**sts and squeezed them. Then he used his tongue to move around them.

After that he licked my body down to my abdomen and then to my v area. It was incredible, it was as if I was in heaven.

He got naked in front of me and then inserted his d**k into my v area, and thrust in and out of me until her reached climax and then he fell on the bed and slept off.

My phone rang and I picked up my phone to check who was calling and it was my mom. Why’s she calling me this late?


“Hello Mom” I said

“Anny, how you doing?” She said and from her voice I could tell she was crying.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked her

“Anny, it’s your friend” she said

“My friend?”


“What friend?”

“Anny, this isn’t something we should discuss on the phone, please come back home tomorrow”


“Anny please, come back home tomorrow”

“Okay Mom”

❤️ Xavier’s POV ❤️

“Xavy, where are we going to?” Isa asked me

“To my house of course, I can’t bear to see you hurt”

“I feel so bad, we shouldn’t have left Lucy that way”

“She needs time Isa, time”

“But do you still love Anny?” She asked

“Of course not, Isa I mean every word when I said I love you, I’ve gotten over Anny a long time ago and I’m just glad that she’s happy”


“Please believe me Isa”

“I do believe you”

“Do you love me?” I asked her

“I don’t know yet Xavy, I’m totally confused right now” she said

“It’s okay, understand, there’s a lot of things going on in your mind, so I won’t rush you”

“Thanks for understanding”

“It’s okay, we’re here”

“Is this your house?” She asked


“I know to some extent I’m rich but your house is very huge and beautiful”

“Thank you, it’s our house now. Let’s go in”

She trailed behind me till we got inside

“You can pick any room of your choice”

“I want to stay with you” she said

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m very sure”

“Fine, it’s okay, and about your work, you’ll follow me to my company tomorrow, I’ll put you in charge”

“Are you serious?” She asked excitedly

“Damn serious” I said

“Thank you” she said and hugged me

“You’re welcome dear”


❤️ Miguel’s POV ❤️

I woke up and I saw Anny sitting on the bed thinking. It’s late and she should be asleep

“Babe?” I called out but got no response

“Babe?” I called again and tapped her, and she was shocked

“Is there a problem?” I asked her

“Uhm, its my mom”

“Your mom?” I asked and sat down on the bed

“Yes, she sounds worried, she said she wants me to come back to Manilla tomorrow”

“Come back?”

“Yes, but I promise I’ll be back” she said and I kept quiet

“Babe, please try and understand, it’s my mom”

“But, what about Abby and me?”

“I’ll be back”

“What if she doesn’t let you come back?”

“Why won’t she? She will, I’ll spend like two weeks there with her and I’ll come back, at least to make sure everything is okay with her” she said

“Okay then, I’ll make preparations for you to leave tomorrow, but you have to tell Abby”

“I will, thank you babe, you’re the best” she said and kissed me

“You’re welcome, now get some sleep” I said and she laid on the bed and so covered her with the duvet and cuddled her


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