My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 19-20 Finale

My daughter’s nanny πŸ‘«β™₯️

Season 2, EPISODE 19 and 20

(Semi- finale and Finale)

Anny’s POV

I was so shocked to see him. How did he even know my house? OhπŸ‘ˆ, Isabella.

Did she really get to him so quick?

“Where’s Isabella?” I asked him

“Is that how to welcome a guest?” He asked and I beckoned him to come in. He came inside the house and greeted my mom.

She replied him and took Abby to her room, saying she wants to show her my pictures from when I was a child.

“Anny I want us to talk. Are you really pregnant?” He asked

So Isabella already told him of my pregnancy.

“Are you for reals? Is that what you really care about?” I asked him

“Shouldn’t I care about that? I mean, if you’re pregnant, that means you’re carrying my child” he said

“And what makes you think that it’s your child?” I asked him

“Cause I know you Anny, you’re not that kind of lady. I know I’ve pushed you away but I’m sorry okay? You pushed me” He said

“I pushed you? How?” I asked him

“How? For goodness sake, you didn’t believe me even when I tried explaining things to you” he said

“Did you just expect me to believe you? Just like that? I mean I thought she was pregnant for you. Everything happened when I was gone” I said tears streaming down my cheeks

“Hey, hey, don’t cry” he said wiping off the tears on my face

“Like I said, I’m sorry okay? I love you Anny, and right now all I want is you. Let’s forget about everything that had happened” he said

“I love you too Miguel, and I do want to forget about everything that had happened, but I do have a question though, where’s Jenny and Isabella?” I asked him

“You know about Isabella?” He asked


“Well, Jenny is dead”

“What! How?”

“She got hit by a car while trying to escape”

“That’s bad, I never wished for her to be dead. And Isabella?”

“She’s in prison”

“Prison? Didn’t you believe what she told you?” I asked him

“Of course not, it’s Isabella we’re talking about”

“Babe, I promise you, Isabella is a changed person. She has been the one helping me here” I said

“Well, there’s only one way she can prove her innocence”

“What way?” I asked him


“Evidence? How’s she going to get evidence? It’s been long”

“Don’t worry, where can I charge my phone?” He asked me

Why’s he bothered about charging his phone?

Well, I showed him a spot and he brought out a phone from his bag. But this isn’t his phone.

“Miguel, who’s phone is this?” I asked him

“It’s Dawn’s”

Dawn? His late wife?

“Oh, okay”

“Don’t worry, if Isabella is actually saying the truth, we’ll know”

“How?” I asked

“Just calm down”

Well, we left the phone to charge and switched it on. He typed his name and the phone unlocked. Her password was his name. She really does love him, just that she let work get the best of her…

He entered her gallery and search thoroughly. What exactly was he looking ?

“Bingo!” He yelled

He played a video and I saw Isabella. She was standing with someone.

Wait, this is Miguel’s house in Manilla. Is this the evidence he’s talking about? Just like Isabella had said, they were just arguing. We watched the video till the end.

Isabella was saying the truth all along.

“It was a mistake?” Miguel muttered

“I guess so” I said to him

“We need to get her out of there” he said and I was shocked. He changed his mind so quickly. So all he needed was evidence.

“We need to go to Manilla Anny” he said

“I know, but let’s go tomorrow, it’s late already”

“Can she come with us?” Abby asked

“Who?” I asked her

“Your mum, can she?” She asked

“I don’t think your dad will let…” I tried saying but Miguel cut in immediately

“Of course she can, there’s enough room for her. Besides she can stay with you when Anny goes to work.”

“So no more nannies?” She asked

“No more nannies” Miguel and I said at once

“Well, since that’s settled, you guys better start parking your things” Miguel said

“And can I sleep in her room tonight?” Abby asked

It seems she’s so much in love with my mom.

“Sure baby” Miguel said to her and winked

Naughty guy…



“I want to see Isabella” Xavy yelled at a cop

“Bring your voice sir, who are you to her anyways?” The cop had asked

“Who I am? I am her husband. Can’t I see my wife?” He asked

“Husband? So you’re married to a murderer?” He said

“Watch your tongue officer, I would have punched your face but I’m only respecting the fact that you’re a cop. Now can I see her please?” He said

The cop signalled his colleague to go bring her and within a couple of minutes, Isabella was sitting in the visitor’s room with Xavy.

“Babe” he said

“Hey Xavy” she replied him

“How’re you? I hope you’re doing okay here? I know I’m not supposed to ask that but I’m worried about you” he said and Isabella couldn’t hold back her tears

“I’m sorry Xavy, I’m sorry for not informing you about what I planned on doing. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings” she said and he placed his index finger on her lip, asking her to stop talking

“Hey, hey, even if what you did was selfish, it was still the right thing” he said

“I just hope I can get you out of here real soon” he said

“I’m afraid it’s already late for that”, Isabella said to him

“Huh? Why?”

“Because Miguel has filed a case already, all I’m praying for, is for him to provide the evidence on that day. Cause by next two weeks, I’ll be in court, just get me a good lawyer and someone who can stand for me. Get Anny, beg her to please provide the evidence” Isabella said

(P.S, I’m gonna rush some things)

” I’ll do so baby” he said and pecked her forehead

******THE NEXT DAY*******

The flight was booked already and they were already on their way to the airport when Miguel got a call.

He spent time answering the phone call, then she he came back he looked disappointed.

“What’s the problem babe?” Anny aksed

“Well, I don’t think I can get Isabella out of there anymore”

“What do you mean?” Anny asked

“Well, when I arrested her, I persuaded a friend of mine who’s a cop to help me file a case against her and Dawn and the news getting to me now is that, I have to be in court next two weeks for everything to be settled” Miguel said

“So?” Anny asked

“We just have to wait for the judge to give her a fair judgement” he said

“How? No one believes her” Anny said

“There’s evidence Anny and I think you’re in the right position to present it that day”

“Me?” Anny aksed

“Yes, you, you are the only friend she has right now” Miguel said

“Okay then. We should hurry up now, before we miss our flight” Anny said

Anny’s POV

When we got to Manilla, mom was fascinated by the view, especially when we got to the house.

She was like “Anny is this really where you live? It’s extremely beautiful” and all I did was smile

I’m just happy I’m back, finally I’ve gotten what’s truly mine. The only issue I have now is Isabella, I want her out of there quickly. Miguel had promised to take us to her when we are done unpacking. I can’t wait to see her, who knew my enemy could become my best friend.

“Hey Anny, you’re back” Isabella said smiling

“Yea, I’m back” I said and hugged her

“How’re you doing?” I asked her and she just smiled. A smile which I knew was fake.

“Tell me the truth, you’re not fine right?” I asked her

“Of course I’m fine, I’m fine honestly. I’m fine because I know you’re back and I’m fine because Xavy isn’t angry with me.”

“Xavy was here already?” I asked her

“Of course”

“I heard you’ll be in court by next two weeks and I promise I’ll do anything in my power to help you”

“It’s okay, juts provide the evidence that’s all I want from you. Don’t stress your self and the baby okay?”

“Of course” I said

“I’ve told you to stop crying, you’re acting all soft, and I don’t like it”

“I’m sorry, it’s juts that I don’t like the fact that you’re in here. And I can’t help to feel that it’s all my fault”

“Of course not, it’s not your fault, I’m the one who jealous of my bestfriend- so I’m the one at fault”

“I know but if not for you, I wouldn’t have met Miguel”

“I guess so”

“Hey Isabella” Miguel said walking in with my mom and Abby.

“Ma’am Lucy, Miguel, Abby, I’m sorry for everything” Isabella apologized

“No, I’m should be the one apologizing. I should have listened to you when you tried explaining, we all should have listened to you” Mom said

“Aunt Bell, thank you for helping me get Anny back” Abby said and hugged her

“You’re welcome”

“And Isabella, just like Ma’am Lucy said, I’m sorry and I promise you’ll get a fair judgement” Miguel said

“It’s okay”

(Don’t mind the fact that I’m rushing everything, I just want to post it now that’s why)


Authoress Amy’s POV 🌹

Well, the deal day is here. Everyone was anxious to hear the judge’s decision.

Well, let’s begin with Dan’s own. Since Dan has being involved in kidnapping, blackmailing and partially murder, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. Well, it’s a good thing he wasn’t sentenced to death. Dan was angry with the fact that he wasn’t sentenced to death. He wanted to die, I mean, what’s he living for. Well, he got what he deserved.

As for Isabella, she was to stay in prison for 7months since she threatened someone. For it was against the law to threaten to kill someone. For Isabella, the decision was fair, she deserved everything that was happening.


Scroll down to read the epilogue please πŸ™πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ™


Well, that same week, Miguel proposed to Anny and they should get married as soon a Anny put to bed. Well, Anny was happy, extremely happy. She has gotten what she wanted.

She now has her own fashion company which was growing fast each day. And yes, Abby did return to her school and met with her best friend Angel, the only person she feels save talking to.

Xavy was working hand in hand with Anny and their fashion business moved to a great level.

Isabella on the other hand, stayed in the cell praying each day for time to fly so that she will be out of there. Xavy made sure he visited her everyday and Anny also made out time to go visit her.


Well, as the say time flies, it’s 7months already and it was the day Isabella will be brought out of prison. Anny was very excited to go bring out her best friend from prison but unfortunately for her, she couldn’t go. Her water broke that same day. She was in great pain and was rushed to the hospital.

Miguel was very scared, he didn’t want anything to happen to her. After an hour the doctor came out smiled at him which made him heave a sigh of relief.

“Congratulations sir, you’re wife just put to bed. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl” the doctor said

“Oh my goodness, thank you doctor. Can I see her now?” He asked

“Sure” Miguel couldn’t hold back his joy as he rushed into the room to meet his wife(soon to be though) and his new baby. Anny smiled immediately she saw him. She was now a mother.

Later the newest got to everyone that Anny has given birth and yes, Isabella came to the hospital immediately she heard the news. Friends should be there for each other right? She made sure she helped Anny in doing all her chores.

No one was more happier than Xavy, he was very happy h was able to wait patiently for the love of his life and for the fact that she can now live like a free human.

5months later*******

“Abby go get dressed, you don’t want to miss your parents wedding do you?” Lucy asked

“Of course not”

This is the day of the wedding, Isabella and Anny were getting married the same day and at the same time and place. They both fixed it the same day, they were so close now that no one can even think of separating them.

“Hey pretties” Miguel and Xavy said as they walked into the room where the ladies were being dressed for their special day.

“Both of you should leave, you aren’t supposed to be here” Anny said to them

“You both are ours already, so we don’t care about the law or rules of the wedding” Xavy said

“Is that so? Mum! Mum!” Anny yelled and the guys stared at themselves

“Fine, you ladies win” They both said and ran out of the room

“We are both lucky” Anny said

“Very lucky” Isabella replied..


Everywhere was decorated with flowers, it was indeed a special occasion. Abby was the most excited. Finally ,what she wanted was here.

Miguel and Xavy were already standing on the alter, waiting for their beautiful bride to come.

The huge door Flung open and the ladies walked like princesses down the aisle.

The wedding vows were read and they were now husband and wife(the both of them)

Good things does come to good people. Everything was now in place and old things are now passed away.

During the reception, they Isabella and Anny both threw their flowers and of course it caught by different people. One of the ladies who caught the flower was extremely happy while the other whose face wasn’t seen angrily threw the flower on the floor. Everyone was surprised, they tried talking to the lady, but she pushed everyone and made her way out of the big hall. Everyone was confused on who the mysterious lady was but decided to continue with their celebration.

********7 years later*****

“Lisa, get down from there, you’re gonna get hurt” Abby yelled at her kid sister who never seems to listen

“No, it’s fun”

“But you’re gonna get hurt”

“Fine, you’re such a kill joy”

“Hello” someone else said

“Yna!” Lisa yelled and hugged the girl. It was one of Isabella’s children. I said one cause she gave birth to twins. Yna and Angelo.

“Let’s go to my room and play” Lisa said

“But where’s Angelo”

“There!” Yna said and pointed to Angelo

. obviously the their parents were happy. They had a happy home with happy kids. What more could they have asked of?

(*****Someone somewhere****)

“Jack, these people in this picture are bad”

“But mom they are the parents of my close friends” Jack said

“Well, keep that closeness cause we’re going to need it when we are ready to exact our revenge on them”

“Revenge?” The little boy asked

“Yes son, revenge!!”

Okay; so this is a story of how an enemy became a best friend. And how lovers fell in love with different people ( I mean, if you followed the story well, you’ll notice a twist in their live lives. Isabella who was in love with Miguel fell in love with Xavy who was in love with Anny. So if you understand itπŸ™πŸ™)



I ended it this way cause I feel like bringing another season for this storyπŸ™, so I can still continue this story anytime. So stay tuned!

But for now, we’re sticking with Betrothed which has the highest vote.

Thanks for reading this story, this is the second story I’ve completed in this group. So just get your pop forms ready for more amazing stories.

Now, all I want are long comments on what you’ve learned or what you think of the story. Or how you think the story should have ended…

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