My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 16

My daughter’s nanny 👫♥️

Season 2, EPISODE 16❤️🌹

Anny’s POV❤️🌹

I can’t believe Abby and Isabella are working together. Isabella could have informed me about all these long ago. I would have called Abby and talk her on what she should do.

I don’t want her to be in trouble. Well, I’m just glad Jenny isn’t pregnant for Miguel, at least now I have something to fight for.

Miguel’s POV🥵🔥

Today I’ve decided to drop everything I’m going to do today and follow Jenny. I need to find out where she’s going to. Today is Saturday (weekend) and everyone is at home, but Jenny is all dressed up, seems like she’s going somewhere.

“Dad, are you going somewhere?” Abby asked

“Uhm, yes baby, I’ll be back soon” I said to her and she smiled. Why’s she smiling?

“Are you spying on Jenny?” She said still smiling

“Hey, no, why would I spy on her?”

“Come of it dad, I know you’re spying on her. I’ve been watching you since, and if you are spying on her, I would love to follow you”

“But why?” I asked

“Like I said, Jenny isn’t who she claims to be. So I also want to discover who she really is”

“Is that so?” I asked

“Yes, so what’s the plan dad?” She asked me

“I want to follow her today” I whispered to her ear

“You mean us?” She asked me

“Of course not, it’s too dangerous, I don’t want you to get hurt”

“Dad, I’ve done something worse than that, please let me go with you”

“Fine, okay then… But you have to be very quiet, okay?”

“Yes dad, detective at your service” she said and laughed

We got into the car and followed her silently. First she stopped at a supermarket and came out with someone.

Abby brought out her phone and took pictures of Jenny and a guy she came out with.

“Why are you taking pictures?”I asked her

“Evidence” she said

“Evidence? Of what?” I asked

“Don’t worry dad, you’ll need it very soon” she said

Jenny and the guy got into the car. Where are they heading to? And with my car?

“Dad, let’s go with them, please”

“Of course baby, I don’t have any other thing to do today. But why are you so interested in Jenny’s case?” I asked her

“Don’t worry dad, you’ll know very soon” she said

“Okay, someone’s being mysterious” I said

“Let’s just go” she said and I followed the car Jenny was driving

We finally got to where Jenny parked the car… It was an uncomplicated building, I parked my car far from hers so that she won’t suspect.

“Dad, let’s follow them”

“Huh?” I asked

“What’s huh? Are you scared? Let’s go, let’s follow them into the building”

“Are you insane Abby, hell no, it’s too dangerous”

“Really, so what are we going to be doing? Wait here for them to come out? I’m going in” Abby said and got down from the car

“Abby” I tried called her but she didn’t listen and she walked into the building

Oh my goodness, what does she think she’s doing? She’s going to get into trouble.

I got down from the car and trailed behind Abby, we got into the building and saw them kissing.

Abby was filming everything that was happening.

“Babe, when are you going to leave that house?”

Did he just call her babe? Are my ears deceiving me? No, I clearly heard babe.

“Soon baby” she said

“Soon? You’ve been saying this for long, do you really want to leave that house?” He asked her

“Dan, I don’t think I want to leave the house. I’m beginning to feel comfortable there as if it’s my home” she blurted out

She’s such a bitch

“Are you kidding me right now?” He asked her

“Just wait till I get married to him, then I’ll file a divorce 😩 and inherit most of his properties” she said

“I can’t okay, I’m giving you two days to leave that house or else I’ll show up there myself”

“But what about the money?” She asked

“We’ll look for another way to get the money from him”

“Just leave that house Jenny, don’t upset me!” He yelled

“Fine Dan, I’ll leave the house”

“Thank you, I just want to have you all to myself okay?” He said and kissed her

Abby’s hand accidentally hit a metal bucket and it landed on the floor and made a very loud noise

“Who’s there?” Dan shouted

I beckoned Abby to come and we ran away from the building and I drove back home.

“That was close” I said

So Jenny is seeing someone? I’m I even the one responsible for the pregnancy?

Abby’s POV

I was getting close. I wanted them to spill the fact that dad isn’t responsible for the pregnancy.

I sent the picture and video to Aunt Bell immediately. She needs this as part of evidence. I wonder why Anny hasn’t called me since. I missed her calls and I’ve been trying to get to her since, but she isn’t picking.

Dad was thinking, he just say on the couch thinking.

“Don’t worry dad, very soon you’ll know the whole truth” i said

“What truth?” He asked

“Just wait till the day after tomorrow, all secrets will be out”

“What if she leaves before then?” He asked

“Oh dad, haven’t you notice that Jenny is dumb, she won’t leave. She loves money even more than she loves that guy, so just wait for everything to fall into place” I said to him

“Hello? What are you guys discussing?” Jenny asked walking into the house

“Where are you coming from?” Dad asked her

“Such a way to welcome your future wife” she said

Dad wanted to say something but I stared at him. He understood what I was saying; he shouldn’t expose everything just yet.

“Anyways, I went to the hospital to check on our child” she said smiling. Her actions are just so irritating.

“Okay, and how’s the baby?” Dad asked

“Oh, fine, very fine” she said

“Excuse me” I said and walked away

I went to my room and called Aunt Bell

*******ON THE PHONE***********

“Hello, Aunt Bell, did you see the video and pictures I sent you”

“Yes darling, I did, but that won’t be enough”

“Don’t worry, in the next two days the truth shall be revealed”

“If that’s the case, I’ll call my friend who’s a cop to come over to your house that day and arrest her”

“Thanks Aunt Bell, for everything”

“You’re welcome, bye”


I decided to call Angel, I need to help her family, and at least they should be my plan B, if my plan A fails

*******ON THE PHONE*********

“Hello Angel, after this call I’ll send you my address” I said to her

“Really, what made you change your mind?” She asked

“I really want to help you get justice for your brother, but I do have a condition though”

“What’s your condition?” She asked..

“Good, you guys shouldn’t come to take her, till the day after tomorrow”

“Fine, I don’t have a problem with that, as long as she’ll be out behind bars”

“Thank you, bye” I said and hung up

Authoress Amy’s POV

“Jenny your end is near” Abby said

“Oh Jenny, prepare for your Doom, I’m going to help Anny with her relationship, your end is near”

“Jenny, your end is near, I’m going to fight for what’s rightfully mine” Anny thought

“Jenny, I may not know what Abby is trying to say but I do know you’re not a good person, your end is near”



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