My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 13

My daughter’s nanny

Season 2, EPISODE 13

Anny’s POV

“I don’t understand you. She’s a killer?” I asked Isabella confused

“You said Abby mentioned something to you about a girl named Angel right?” Isabella asked

“Yes, but what does she have to do with this?” I asked

“Well, it might interest you to know that I’ve found out the reason the Angel girl is so afraid of her”

“Well?” I asked anxiously

“Well, Jenny killed the little girl’s brother. From my source 🥺, he said that Jenny kidnapped Angel’s brother and when the parents couldn’t provide the full amount of money, she got angry and killed the little boy. And the funny thing here is that, Jenny actually told them she’s behind it, but she ran away though”

“Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?” I asked.

“Well, I guess you have to go back”

“Go back? No I can’t. I don’t even have prove and Miguel will probably think that I’m jealous”

“I guess you’re right. Okay then, call Abby and tell her to totally avoid Jenny. And also, she should be careful, cause Jenny isn’t working alone”

“I’ll do just that. Thank you Isabella, you’re really a great friend”

“I know, just be fine”


Miguel’s POV

Got home late, I can’t seem to come back home early. I mean, the only reason I’m coming back to this house is because of Abby and the fact that I can’t let my unborn child become fatherless while I’m alive. My conscience would not let me.

I seriously miss Anny, she’s the only one I can love. Why’s everything being so difficult. And what annonys me the most is the fact that I can’t even remember if I had sex with her or not. But it can’t be mere coincidence right?

“Baby, welcome. Why are you home so late?” Jenny said as I walked into the house

“It’s my life Jenny. Why are you not asleep?” I asked her

“Well, your baby misses you, and I’m no longer comfortable sleeping in that room,I want to sleep in yours.” She said

“Are you out of your mind?” I asked her

“Are we not going to get married soon? I mean you let Anny sleep there”

“You are not Anny” I yelled

“And who gave you the idea that we’re going to get married?” I asked

“Are we not? I mean, we already have a child together, so the earlier the better” she said and walked away.

She’s kinda right. I mean, I can’t let her give birth to my child without getting married to her. It will be inappropriate. God! What sort of mess did I get myself into?

Anny’s POV 🌹

“Anny, I didn’t teach you to give up” mom said to me

What does she mean? I can’t fight for what won’t be mine.

She’s already pregnant for him, I just need to focus on my life now. Luckily for me, Xavy has agreed for me to work in his own fashion company. I was so close to having mine, but Jenny just had to ruin everything.

“Mom, there’s nothing I can do” I said to her

“Of course, you can do something. Do you love him?” She asked me

“Of course, I do.” I said

” Then you should have stayed and fight for what is yours”

“I guess it’s late now.” I said..

“It’s not my dear” she said

“Mom, please, let it be. Besides i need to go to bed… I’m tired and I have work tomorrow” I said to her

“Work?” She asked

“Yes, Xavy employed me”

“Xavy? I don’t think that’s a good idea”

“Mom, just let it be.. Goodnight”

Authoress Amy’s POV 🌹🔥🥵

Well, everyone decided to move on with their lives. Miguel learned to live with Jenny, since she’s carrying his child. It’s been a month now and everyone has moved on.

Well, except from Anny and Abby. Anny has turned everyone who wanted to date her down. She tells herself that she doesn’t need a man in her life. She keeps on lying to herself when we all know that she just wants Miguel back.

Abby on the other hand has vowed never to call Jenny “mom”, or to accept the idea that her dad will be getting married to Jenny.

Jenny Tommy was bigger than normal. She’s pregnant for just a month but her Tommy seems to show otherwise.

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and everyone was busy in their own way. Isabella left the office with the excise of having a running stomach. She went home directly, where she decided to call Abby.

📱”Hello Abby?” She said through the phone

📱”Yes, please who’s this?” The little girl had asked

📱”Who I am doesn’t matter okay? I need you to do something for me”

📱”If you can’t tell me who you are, then I can’t talk to you” she said..

📱”Fine, you won’t know me, but I’m Anny’s friend” Isabella said..

📱”Seriously? How’s she? It’s been long I heard from her? Is she there with you” the little girl asked excitedly all at once

📱”No she isn’t. And she’s fine, she’s actually at work”

📱”Please tell her to call me, I miss her so much”

📱”I will dear. So tell me, is Jenny at home?”

📱”No, she’s never at home. She always goes out without letting anyone know where she’s going to”

📱”And what about Miguel?”

📱”Well, dad doesn’t stay at home anymore. He’s always at the office and comes back home only at night”

📱”Good. Jenny, does she go out with a car?” Isabella asked

📱”Yes, but ma’am, why all these questions?” Abby asked

📱”Do you want Anny to come back to you and your dad?”

📱”Yes, more than anything”

📱”Good, then I need you to do something for me”

📱”Tell me, I’ll do anything”

📱”Good. It’s actually an easy task. But a little bit difficult and dangerous. Abby, your dad isn’t responsible for Jenny’s pregnancy”

📱”What!” Abby yelled

📱”Lower your voice dear”

📱”How’d you know?”

📱”I’m Anny’s friend. So I helped her find out”

📱”If she knows, then why has she refused to come back”

📱”She doesn’t. Now, what you have to do, is to look for a way to follow Jenny, with your phone. I repeat, with your phone. Tell her, you’re going to Angel’s house, then sneak into the car she goes out with, and record everything. I mean, everything” Isabella said

📱”No problem, I’ll do it perfectly”

📱”I trust you Abby. I’ve seen you do more”

📱”You’ve seen me? Do I know you?”

📱”Don’t worry about that. Just get me prove, okay? And make sure she doesn’t suspect a thing”

📱”I will. But what’s your name?”

📱”Just call me Bell” Isabella said

📱”Okay aunty Bell, bye, seems someone is coming in”

📱”Okay dear, I’ll keep in touch with you”

📱”Thanks Aunty Bell”


Isabella’s POV

Good. Now, the first phase of the plan is in progress. James had call me earlier and he told me everything, that Jenny is already three months pregnant and for a guy she always goes to see. He’s her boyfriend and they planned everything together. Though, it seems she’s liking Miguel these days and forgetting about her plan.

So the earlier I execute these plans, the better. I know you guys are wondering why I haven’t told Anny, but I think it’s for the best. Anny will ruin the plan by going back, so it’s better she doesn’t know. The only person I need now is Abby and I just need to be Aunty Bell for now. If she finds out it’s me, Isabella, she won’t go on with the plan.


Short? I know


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