My Daughter's Nanny

My Daughter’s Nanny Season 2 Episode 12

My daughter’s nanny 👫♥️

Season 2, EPISODE 12

Abby’s POV ❤️

“What!?” I yelled

“Calm down Abby, we’re going to the hospital now to confirm” dad said to me

“I can’t believe you had sex with her” Anny said

“It was a mistake” dad said

“A mistake huh? It’s alright, let’s go”

During this argument, Jenny was buys rubbing her stomach and smiling at the same time. She must be really happy about this, but one thing I know is that she can never be my mom.

We got to the hospital and the doctor took her to the lab to get her checked. Dad made sure he took her to a different doctor no one knows about.

We were asked to wait after the test was conducted.

“Don’t worry Abby, trust me, your sibling will be cute” Jenny said with a smirk on the face and Anny stared at her bitterly.


After some time, the doctor came out with the result smiling. Oh my goodness, don’t tell me it’s true.

“Congratulations sir, your wife is pregnant” he said and smiled

“She’s not his wife” I yelled at the doctor

“Then who’s she to him?” The doctor asked confused

“It’s quite complicated doc” Miguel said and at this point Anny couldn’t take it anymore. She ran out of the hospital crying. Dad and I chased after her, but it seemed she already boarded a cab.

Jenny was sitting in the car, shouting at house to hurry up.

“Please be fast, I want to go rest now. My baby is tired”

Anny’s POV

📱”Hello, mum” I said through the phone

I was already at home packing my things. I can’t seem to bear all these. .

📱” Hello baby, are you crying?” She asked

📱”Mom, I’m coming home”


📱”Something happened, I’ll tell you when I get home”

📱”Okay dear, see you when you get back” mom said

The door opened and Miguel walked in, with sadness written all over his face.

📱”Bye mom, I’ll call you when I get home”

“I didn’t mean to do it” he said

“Miguel it’s okay, but honestly I need to go home please”

“Hear me out please”

“Fine, I’m listening” I said

“While you were gone, I missed you okay? I asked her to go get my drink and when I drank it, I woke up the next morning on the bed. With her by my side naked”

“Are you kidding? Do you think I’m a kid? It’s bad enough that she’s carrying your child, but don’t you ever lie to my face” I said angry

“Fine, I know you don’t believe me, but what about Abby?”

Immediately he mentioned Abby, I burst into tears.

“You know I don’t want to leave you or Abby. But she’s pregnant, she’s carrying your child. I can’t be here, I’ll feel hurt each day I see her”


“Please Miguel, don’t make things hard for me, just let me leave.” I said

“You stayed with me when Isabella was here, so why can’t you stay with me now. I mean Isabella is more evil than her” he said

“You never had sex with Isabella.” I yelled

“And she’s a good person, you all will see it soon”

“Goodbye Miguel” I said zipping my bags

I stared at him one last time, then walked out of the room heading downstairs.

When I got to the living room, Abby was there. She was crying.

“Please, don’t go” she said and I felt hurt. But I can’t stay, I can’t bear this pain. I mean, it’s not like we’re married or something. Everything must have an end, and I’m guessing this is the end.

“Baby, I’ve to go, please” I said to her

“But…” She tried saying and I placed my hands on her lip

“Just let me go, don’t make it hard please” I said and then someone said from behind

“C’mon Abby🤦🏻‍♀️🤣, stop being a cry baby. Let her go”

It was Jenny. I turned and stared at her. I was angry, then I asked towards her, facing her directly now.

“I’m not leaving because I’m a coward, I’m leaving cause it’s the best thing to do. And I’m only respecting the fact that you’re pregnant, if not I would I’ve slapped you”

“Goodbye baby” I said.

“At least let me drive you to the bus station” Miguel said coming down the stairs

“Thank you, but I don’t think it’s necessary” I ssid to him..

“Oh c’mon babe, please” he said..

“Anny, please, at least let us see you off” Abby said and hugged me

“Fine, baby, I’m doing this for your sake”I said to her

“I’ll help you with your bags” Miguel said and carried my bags for me and we got into the car, and he drove off…


We got to the bus station, and I got down from the car.

“I’ll miss you Anny” Abby said to me

“I’ll miss you more baby. I’ll call you, to check up on you okay?”

“Okay. But do you have to go?” She asked

“It’s for the best, something’s are not meant to be. But if it’s my fate to be with you, then I’ll be with you but not now” I said to her

“And be a good girl okay? Ignore Jenny and take care of your dad” I said to her and she nodded. I hugged her and pecked her forehead.

“Take care of yourself Anny” Miguel said and before I could reply him, he hugged me, and whispered into my ear;

“Just know I didn’t plan for all these to happen, and I love you” then he unlocked from the hug and stared into my eyes.

“I love you Miguel” I said tears streaming down my cheeks. I guess it’s for the best.

Then he kissed me

“Make sure you call me when you get there” he said and smiled

“I will”

I got home but mom was not around. Then I decided to go to Xavy’s house, and luckily for me, Isabella was at home. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see me.

“Anny, what are you doing here?” She asked

“Can I come in?” I asked her

“Sure” she said and helped me with my bags

“You mean she’s pregnant?” Isa asked

“Yes” I said

“Hey, it’s okay, trust me, you’ll get over it and I’ll talk to Xavy to employ you in his fashion company”

“Thank you. Speaking of Xavy, are you guys now a couple?” I asked her

“Yes, we are”

“Awww, that’s sweet, you guys…” We were interrupted by a phone call. It was Isa’s phone, then she picked up

📱”What! Are you serious? Thank you, I’ll talk to you later” she said

“Isa what’s the matter?” I asked

“Anny, I think coming back was a bad idea”

“How?” I asked

“Jenny is a killer and I think Abby’s life is at stake”



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